Tiny lasers acting together as one: Topological vertical cavity laser arrays

Israeli and German researchers have developed a way to force an array of vertical cavity lasers to act together as a single laser—a highly effective laser network the size of a grain of sand. The findings are presented in a new joint research paper.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgSep 24th, 2021

Cyprus aims for Mars with X-Ray rock dating instrument

Tiny Cyprus aims to join the global space exploration drive by developing a compact, X-Ray instrument capable of dating Martian soil and rock samples relatively accurately to potentially reveal more about the Red Planet's geological history and offer.....»»

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Photon-counting distributed free-space spectroscopy

Remote sensing of atmospheric gas plays an important role in the fields of greenhouse gas monitoring, toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive gasses, and biochemical weapons early warning. With the advent of quantum mechanics and lasers, precise spectra.....»»

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A traffic light for light-on-a-chip

Integrated photonics allow us to build compact, portable, low-power chip-scale optical systems used in commercial products, revolutionizing today's optical datacenters and communications. But integrating on-chip optical gain elements to build lasers.....»»

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Chip-based optical tweezers levitate nanoparticles in a vacuum

Researchers have created tiny chip-based optical tweezers that can be used to optically levitate nanoparticles in a vacuum. Optical tweezers—which employ a tightly focused laser beam to hold living cells, nanoparticles and other objects—can be us.....»»

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New Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands trailer shows off ‘Stabbomancer’ class

Ever wanted to be a Brr-Zerker or a Stabbomancer? Tiny Tina's Wonderlands will let you do it......»»

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Quantum material to boost terahertz frequencies

Topological insulators conduct electricity in a special way and hold the promise of novel circuits and faster mobile communications. Under the leadership of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), a research team from Germany, Spain and Russ.....»»

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Trapped in amber: Fossilized dinosaur-era crab bridges evolutionary gap

Discovery pushes back when crabs came to land, freshwater to 100 million years ago. Enlarge Once upon a time, during the Cretaceous period, a tiny crab wandered out of the water onto land and somehow got trapped in amber, whi.....»»

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How Airborne Microplastics Affect Climate Change

Like other aerosols, these tiny particles scatter and absorb sunlight, influencing Earth’s temperature -- Read more on»»

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Scientists discover how bacteria use liquid protein droplets to overcome stress

Scientists have revealed how bacteria make tiny liquid droplets from proteins to help them survive harsh environments and thus reduce their chances of being killed by antibiotics......»»

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Microplastics May Be Cooling—and Heating—Earth’s Climate

Tiny bits of plastic are swirling in the sky, and a new model suggests they could be subtly affecting the climate......»»

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New FCC Rules Could Force Wireless Carriers To Block Spam Texts

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Engadget: Under Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, the Federal Communications Commission is seeking to create new rules targeting spam text messages. Like another recent proposed rulemaking from the agency.....»»

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Using laser-stimulated fluorescence to learn more about how pterosaurs flew

A small international team of researchers has used laser-stimulated fluorescence to learn more about how pterosaurs flew. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their study of the ancient flyi.....»»

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Lucy’s solar panel hasn’t latched—a problem for a mission powered by the Sun

"The team is analyzing data to determine next steps." Enlarge / One of the Lucy spacecraft's solar arrays, with a human for scale. (credit: NASA) NASA's Lucy spacecraft launched safely into space early on Saturday morning from.....»»

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Ultrafast magnetism: Heating magnets, freezing time

Magnetic solids can be demagnetized quickly with a short laser pulse, and there are already so-called HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording) memories on the market that function according to this principle. However, the microscopic mechanisms of ult.....»»

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Creating and studying radioactive molecules advances nuclear structure and fundamental symmetry studies

An international team performed the world's first measurement of how the size of the radium nucleus modifies the structure of molecules containing different radium isotopes. The research used a combination of lasers and ion traps at the Isotope mass.....»»

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NASA investigating possible issue with Lucy spacecraft hours after launch

NASA says its engineers are currently investigating a potential issue with its Lucy spacecraft where one of its solar arrays may have failed to lock into place......»»

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Greening the gray: Fighting floods with restoration versus riprap

When Hurricane Ida roared to shore in Louisiana last month, a system of flood gates, levees, and pumps largely kept the water out of New Orleans. Natural barriers such as wetlands, islands, and even oyster reefs also played a role by acting as "speed.....»»

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Cooling radio waves to their quantum ground state

Researchers at Delft University of Technology have found a new way to cool radio waves all the way down to their quantum ground state. To do so, they used circuits that employ an analog of the so-called laser cooling technique that is frequently used.....»»

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Ultrafast optical switching can save overwhelmed datacenters

EPFL and Microsoft Research scientists demonstrated ultrafast optical circuit switching using a chip-based soliton comb laser and a completely passive diffraction grating device. This particular architecture could enable an energy-efficient optical d.....»»

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Seminal Michael Faraday paper digitally stored in fluorescent dyes

The dyes are cheap to make, but they can't be read without a special microscope. Harvard researchers have developed a data-storage approach based on mixtures of fluorescent dyes that are printed onto an epoxy surface in tiny spots. The mix.....»»

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