Tiny Aerosols Pose a Big Predicament in a Warming World

Fossil fuels are rapidly heating the planet, but their aerosols also help cool it. Just how much, though, is a major uncertainty in climate science......»»

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Report: Much of the world was drier than usual last year despite La Niña

The World Meteorological Organization has published its first State of Global Water Resources report in order to assess the effects of climate, environmental and societal change on the Earth's water resources. The aim of this annual stocktake is to s.....»»

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Chasing future biotech solutions to climate change risks delaying action in the present. It may even make things worse

The world is under growing pressure to find sustainable options to cut emissions or lessen the impacts of climate change......»»

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Flexible strain sensor enabled by carbon nanofibers can "read lips"

Wearable, flexible strain sensors unobtrusively monitor tiny vibrations of human skin in real time and with great accuracy, thanks to innovative fabrication techniques using composite materials. High sensitivity and a wide working range are key param.....»»

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New dinosaur egg species helps crack mystery of Cretaceous ecosystem in Japan

Giant skeletons aren't the only evidence that dinosaurs left behind. Tiny eggshell fragments can reveal aspects of Mesozoic ecosystems that fossilized bones and teeth fail to capture, especially because the skeletons of smaller animals were less like.....»»

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We all know the Great Barrier Reef is in danger, and the UN has just confirmed it again

You might be forgiven for thinking it's Groundhog Day reading headlines about the Great Barrier Reef potentially being listed on the World Heritage "in danger" list. After all, there have been similar calls in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017......»»

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Hiring stars on the field or at the office can pay off, study finds

While most of the world has been fixated on the upsets, political drama and on-field heroics at the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar, it's also been the perfect time for players to impress scouts from major clubs with holes in their rosters......»»

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gym leader guide: best order, leveling, and team tips

Now that the game is open world and you can challenge any Gym leader you want, you might want to know what the best order is in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet......»»

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Crypto Founder Tiantian Kullander Dies Unexpectedly At 30

Amber AI Group co-founder Tiantian Kullander died unexpectedly last week, leaving behind a multi-billion-dollar company. Here is his legacy in the crypto world. Ambe.....»»

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Streaming music is fair to both consumers and artists, says competition watchdog

Composers and musicians have long argued that streaming music treats them unfairly, with smaller artists earning tiny sums. But a UK competition watchdog has ruled that the streaming music industry is fair to both artists and consumers … more….....»»

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Model Mainframe

With how important desktop and laptop computers are to the world today, it’s hard to imagine that, not too long ago, they used to be the size of refrigerators and entire rooms. However, Nicolas Temese has found a way to keep the memory o.....»»

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Erupting Hawaii volcano spurs warning for people to prepare

Waves of orange, glowing lava and smoky ash belched and sputtered Monday from the world's largest active volcano in its first eruption in 38 years, and officials told people living on Hawaii's Big Island to be ready in the event of a worst-case scena.....»»

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World"s largest volcano erupts in Hawaii

The world's largest active volcano burst into life for the first time in 40 years, spewing lava and hot ash Monday in a spectacular display of nature's fury by Mauna Loa in Hawaii......»»

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Great Barrier Reef risks "in danger" World Heritage listing

Australia's Great Barrier Reef should be added to a list of "in danger" World Heritage sites, according to UN experts who warned the fading wonder has been "significantly impacted" by climate change......»»

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Europe falling behind US and China in industry transformation, says VW brand CEO

Fundamental changes happened in the global industrial landscape in recent years as electrification and geopolitical conflicts arose. Volkswagen brand CEO Thomas Shafer raised a concern that Germany and the EU are losing competitiveness on the world s.....»»

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App Store Awards 2022: BeReal, GoodNotes 5, and Gentler Streak are among the winners

Apple just announced the best apps and games of 2022 that won the App Store Awards. By spotlighting 16 applications, the company says they “inspired users to engage more deeply with the world, expand their imaginations, and stay connected to fr.....»»

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Cybercriminals are cashing in on FIFA World Cup-themed cyberattacks

The hype and popularity of the FIFA World Cup has attracted audiences from across the globe. And this, in turn attracts a variety of cybercriminals, who want to exploit the varied fan following, and the organizations participating, to make a quick bu.....»»

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Apple announces the winning apps and games in the App Store Awards

The winners of this year's App Store Awards for apps and games have been announced, with 16 titles singled out for their excellence and cultural impact.Each year the App Store's editorial teams from around the world jointly spotlight a series of apps.....»»

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Asus launches world’s lightest 14-inch laptop with monster battery life

Computer brand Asus just launched its latest flagship business laptop, the ExpertBook B9, which happens to be the lightest of its kind for sale right now......»»

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Hands-on w/ Chargeasap Zeus: The World’s First and Smallest 270W USB-C GaN Charger [Video]

Having a capable and fast-charging brick with multiple ports is an absolute MUST in today’s world. Most people carry more than one tech device with them, especially while traveling. People bring one or more smartphones, a tablet, a laptop, and mor.....»»

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Hawaii"s Mauna Loa erupts, officials warn people to prepare

Waves of orange, glowing lava and smoky ash erupted Monday from the world's largest active volcano and people living on Hawaii's Big Island were warned to be ready should debris threaten communities......»»

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