Tines develops Cases to optimize automation and improve operational efficiency across the enterprise

With Tines Cases, security and IT teams can manage and track incidents, investigate security breaches, and manage response activities. The new solution extends the strength of the Tines platform by empowering teams to collaborate on anomalies and bui.....»»

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The best iPhone 15 cases in 2023: our 10 favorites so far

The Apple iPhone 15 has had a big makeover, and it's the most desirable upgrade in years. Keep your new iPhone 15 safe with the best Apple iPhone 15 cases......»»

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Review: Nomad’s new iPhone 15 leather cases remain the best on the market

iPhone 15 is now here, and shoppers looking to pair their new handset with a leather case are going to be out of luck – at least if they plan on bringing home an official one from Apple. But why would you want to anyway, when Nomad is back with ano.....»»

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Apple pens memo to retail teams on how to manage FineWoven complaints: ‘A luxurious microtwill’

Apple’s new FineWoven cases for iPhone 15 are looking like a surefire flop so far. Now, in response to the blowback, Apple has sent a new memo to its retail employees with guidance on how to address customer questions on things like FineWoven’s d.....»»

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Iron-based molecular switch improves reaction yield by modulating zeolite catalyst acidity

A molecular switch, or molecule that changes in response to varying environmental stimuli, has successfully modified the acidity of a zeolite catalyst to improve the yield of paraxylene from methanol in heterogeneous catalysis, or a reaction where th.....»»

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Research team develops new way to target cancer cells

Researchers from the University of Arizona Cancer Center have identified a new method of activating specific molecules to target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed......»»

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ChatGPT’s new upgrade finally breaks the text barrier

The AI brand announced on Monday it will be making its images and voice features available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users......»»

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Automatic weighing method for broiler chickens is faster and less stressful to flock

In the process of commercial broiler production, bodyweight is one of the important indicators to measure the production efficiency and the health of a flock. Currently, broilers are mainly raised in cage-free condition, and are primarily manually we.....»»

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Apple weaved itself into a fine mess with the awful iPhone 15 FineWoven case

Apple’s new FineWoven cases for iPhone 15 are a huge swing and miss. They suck. Apple should remove them from sale and refund everyone who’s already bought one. You could pretty much stop reading the story at this point, but I’ll offer a few pi.....»»

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Invasive alien species are a serious threat to the planet: Four key messages for Africa

Climate change has negatively—and irreversibly, in some cases—affected ecosystems around the globe. Sadly, though, it is not the only phenomenon that's altering our natural world......»»

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Best iPhone 15 cases now available for purchase [Updated for delivery day]

Our 2023 roundup of the best iPhone 15 cases is now ready to go for Apple’s latest handsets. This year’s list of the best iPhone 15 cases is headlined by Apple’s latest collection for folks who love the brand’s in-house covers, including the.....»»

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Super thin iPhone 15 and 15 Pro cases by totallee now available

Totallee is the leading manufacturer of super-thin cases that provide everyday protection without adding bulk. They are now shipping their popular cases for all the new iPhones, including the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. If you.....»»

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iPhone 15 Plus takes the crown in battery life test, beating all previous iPhone models

Following the iPhone 15 release on Friday, the first battery test results are coming in. Apple touted the efficiency of the 3nm A17 Pro chip, so anticipation was high for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max to take the top spot. Indeed, the Pro Max out.....»»

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GitLab fixes critical vulnerability, patch now! (CVE-2023-5009)

GitLab has fixed a critical vulnerability (CVE-2023-5009) in the Enterprise Edition (EE) and Community Edition (CE) of its widely used DevOps platform. The flaw may allow a threat actor to abuse scan execution policies to run pipelines as another use.....»»

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Mitek partners with Equifax to improve consumer identity protection

Mitek announced a strategic partnership with Equifax, a global data, analytics and technology company. The agreement will add Mitek’s biometric-based identity verification and liveness detection technology to Equifax’s digital identity software,.....»»

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Apple FineWoven case review: Not the leather replacement we were hoping for

During Apple's iPhone 15 event, the new FineWoven cases were held up as an example as an environmentally-friendly alternative to leather — but they fall short in actual use in many ways, and we can't recommend them.Apple FineWoven case reviewApple'.....»»

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AI could innovate parts purchasing

Artificial intelligence could improve the auto parts purchasing process, making it quicker and more efficient for automakers and suppliers still grappling with supply chain shortages......»»

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Optimizing Metal: Ways to improve code made for Apple"s graphics framework

There is a vast array of ways to optimize your Metal graphics code to get top performance. Here's how to get started getting your code into better shape for the Metal framework.Apple GPU architectureApple GPUs are Tile-Based Deferred Renderers - whic.....»»

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iPhone 15 giveaway: enter to win Apple"s new smartphone & Speck MagSafe accessories

AppleInsider and Speck have joined forces to give away a new iPhone 15, along with three cutting-edge cases and three MagSafe-compatible accessories, for a combined value of over $1,000. Be sure to submit your entry today for a chance to win.Excitin.....»»

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Why the new AirPods Pro 2 are needed for Apple Vision Pro lossless audio

Alongside adding USB-C charging to the AirPods Pro, Apple also updated them to provide lossless audio, and now explains exactly what was needed to achieve that.AirPods ProTo distinguish between the old and new charging cases for the AirPods Pro, you.....»»

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Grab everything you need for your iPhone 15 - cases, cables, chargers, and more

Grab all the things you need for your brand new phone with our list of the best accessories for the iPhone 15 line.Best iPhone 15 accessoriesApple's iPhone 15 lineup is now available, which means you're going to want to pick up some accessories to ge.....»»

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