Times we didn"t act like ourselves can be helpful in the long run, study finds

When we reflect on our past behavior and decisions, we can normally identify both occasions where we have been true to ourselves, i.e. acted authentically, as well as times when we have done things in a way that doesn't align with who we believe we a.....»»

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Memes About COVID-19 Helped Us Cope With Life in a Pandemic, a New Study Finds

Does a meme a day keep the doctor away? Not quite, but it looks like it might help, according to one recent study. From a report: Researchers with Pennsylvania State University and the University of California Santa Barbara found that memes helped pe.....»»

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A Math Teacher is Putting Calculus Lessons on Pornhub

An anonymous reader shares a report: It's safe to assume that few Pornhub visitors are looking for hour-long calculus videos (by a fully-clothed instructor), but Taiwanese math teacher Changhsu puts them there anyway. His channel is filled with over.....»»

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Novel eremophilane sesquiterpenoids with immunosuppressive activity isolated from Parasenecio albus

Plants of the genus Parasenecio have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for invigorating the circulation of blood, relieving rheumatic ache, and for the treatment of injures from falls. Previous phytochemical investigations on Paraseneci.....»»

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Experiments confirm a quantum material"s unique response to circularly polarized laser light

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down experiments at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory early last year, Shambhu Ghimire's research group was forced to find another way to study an intriguing research target: quantum mater.....»»

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Shipping estimates for Apple"s Polishing Cloth pushed into January

Demand for Apple's new Polishing Cloth continues unabated, with estimated shipping times for the sold out accessory now dragging into December and January.Introduced on Monday as an adequate cleaning tool for Apple displays like Pro Display XDR, the.....»»

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Apple"s M1 Max GPU is at least 3x faster than M1, Metal benchmark shows

Supposed M1 Max benchmark results reveal the chip's GPU is at least three times faster than the first-generation M1 included in 2020's 13-inch MacBook Pro.An unconfirmed Geekbench post on Wednesday shows an M1 Max with 64GB of unified memory clocking.....»»

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Apple"s record-breaking holiday quarter financial streak is in danger

Apple's series of record-breaking quarterly earnings may be broken as supplies of nearly everything it sells — including the iPhone 13 — are constrained, leading to long delivery delays.The new iPhone 13 in (PRODUCT)RedJP Morgan analyst Samik Cha.....»»

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Apple"s "iPhone SE 3" may be based on iPhone XR, and be last LCD model

A new industry report says that the "iPhone SE 3" may have more of a chassis redesign than expected, bringing Touch ID to a side button, and being Apple's last-ever LCD iPhone.Apple has long been reported to be working on an "iPhone SE 3," which is e.....»»

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Johny Srouji says Apple"s hardware ambitions are limited only by physics

The Apple Silicon chips in the new MacBook Pro are just the latest result in Apple's years-long plan to control every element of its products, says Johny Srouji in a rare interview.Johny Srouji during Apple's "Unleashed" eventAs Apple's senior vice p.....»»

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DaVinci Resolve now works up to five times faster on new MacBook Pro

Blackmagic Design announces the availability of DaVinci Resolve 17.4, making the software significantly faster on the new MacBook Pro models that feature Apple's M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.DaVinci says that overall, the Resolve 17.4 update improves the.....»»

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Internet Service Providers Collect, Sell Horrifying Amount of Sensitive Data, Government Study Concludes

An anonymous reader shares a report: Over the last few years the justified fixation on the bad behavior of Google, Amazon, Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants has let the abuses of the telecom sector fly under the radar. But a new FTC report sho.....»»

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Male mice exposed to simulated deep space radiation experienced impaired spatial learning

A team of researchers working at multiple facilities in the San Francisco area has found that male mice exposed to radiation similar to that encountered by humans on long space missions experienced problems with spatial learning several months later......»»

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Historical analysis finds no precedent for the rate of coal, gas power decline needed to limit climate change to 1.5C

Limiting climate change to the 1.5°C target set by the Paris Climate Agreement will likely require coal and gas power use to decline at rates that are unprecedented for any large country, an analysis of decadal episodes of fossil fuel decline in 105.....»»

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Unravelling fungal spore release mechanics

Researchers have shed light on a long-standing mystery concerning how fungal spores are released and dispersed......»»

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Microorganisms are sensitive to large-scale climate change in Antarctica

For a long time, scientists assumed that microorganisms, due to their broad distribution patterns, were much less affected by such climatic changes than plants and animals that often present very limited distribution areas. By examining fossils of An.....»»

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Media consolidation takes toll on local news but doesn"t necessarily bias coverage

When big conglomerates buy up small news outlets, local news takes a hit. But the parent company may not influence the political agenda of its stations as much as some have suspected, finds a new CU Boulder study of TV goliath Sinclair Broadcast Grou.....»»

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Subconscious bias drives negative attitudes toward snakes

Snakes rank among Americans' top animal phobias, and are among the most disliked animals globally. A new study from North Carolina State University finds that the dislike of snakes is subconscious and, to some extent, learned......»»

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When and why did human brains decrease in size 3,000 years ago? Ants may hold clues

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Now, a new study has brought us closer to understanding some of its evolution. It shows that human brains decreased in size approximately 3,000 years ago. By studying ants as models to illustrate.....»»

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Steak Knife Made From Hardened Wood Is Three Times Sharper Than Steel

Scientists have used a new form of hardened wood to create a steak knife that is nearly three times sharper than a stainless steel dinner table knife. It can even be washed in the dishwasher! New Atlas reports: This hardy new form of wood is the hand.....»»

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Vinyl Is Selling So Well That It"s Getting Hard To Sell Vinyl

"Vinyl was nearly at death's door not that long ago. After CDs came out, the predictions of vinyl's demise were an every day occurrence," writes Slashdot reader smooth wombat. "And for a time it looked like the vinyl record, something which had been.....»»

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