This Week in Apps: Instagram restricts teens’ accounts, Elon Musk criticizes App Store fees, Google Play’s new policies

This Week in Apps: Instagram restricts teens’ accounts, Elon Musk criticizes App Store fees, Google Play’s new policies.....»»

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ExpressVPN Employees Complain About Ex-Spy"s Top Role At Company

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: When a senior executive at virtual private network company ExpressVPN admitted to working on behalf of a foreign intelligence service to hack American machines last week, it stunned employees at his n.....»»

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Google Seeks Search Deals For TikTok and Instagram Videos

An anonymous reader shares a report: If you've ever tried searching on Google for one of those TikTok or Instagram videos all your friends are gushing about -- such as sea shanties or the Renegade dance -- you'll notice something. The videos don't sh.....»»

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Apex Legends Seer guide: How to play, abilities, and lore

Seer's strengths have only just begun to be recognized, so let's go over his lore, abilities, and how best to use this stylish legend in combat in Apex Legends......»»

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NBA 2K22: How to upgrade Evolution Cards in MyTeam

Evolution Cards in MyTeam are a dynamic way to play NBA 2K22 and build a sick custom roster. Here's how to tackle challenges and upgrade your Evolution Cards......»»

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Google could bring back the ultrawide selfie camera with the Pixel 6 Pro

Ahead of Google's Pixel 6 launch, a software leak details Google's plans for the upcoming flagship's camera, ranging from new modes to an ultrawide selfie......»»

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All-female crew in water-tank spaceflight study

This week 20 women are tucking themselves in a waterbed for five days as part of a dry immersion study to recreate some of the effects of spaceflight on the body. The campaign kicked off yesterday with the first two subjects at the Medes space clinic.....»»

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China may control mineral sources for new energy cars

China is likely to decide on policies for controlling sources of mineral materials used in EV (electric vehicle) batteries, according to media reports......»»

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Eternal expects steady shipments of silicone materials for September

Taiwan-based PCB material supplier Eternal Group forecasts steady shipments in September as demand grows before China heads into its week-long National Day holiday at the beginning of October......»»

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Highlights of the day: AMD, MediaTek reportedly in JV talks

AMD and MediaTek are said to be seeking to form a joint venture that will develop notebook applications integrating Wi-Fi, 5G and high-transmission technologies. Other chip vendors in Taiwan are also hoping MediaTek to play a leading role in the loca.....»»

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Systems approach helps assess public health impacts of changing climate, environmental policies

A team co-led by a Washington State University scientist offers an alternative way to understand and minimize health impacts from human-caused changes to the climate and environment in a new study published in the journal One Earth. .....»»

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut review: More fun, just as divisive

This extras-packed release is the one to play—if you're onboard with Kojima's crazy ideas. Sam's Odradek acts as a sensor for BTs. Death Stranding's re.....»»

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New report suggests Texas’ grid was 5 minutes from catastrophic failure

It comes with a long list of recommendations for avoiding a repeat. Enlarge / HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 18, 2021: Dialina Ganzo, 29, rests on a bed while taking shelter at a Gallery Furniture store that opened its door and transformed into a warmin.....»»

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Android to take an “upstream first” development model for the Linux kernel

Google stops by the Linux Plumbers Conference for an Android update. How Linux gets to a phone: the Linux LTS kernel gets forked by Google for the Android Common Kernel, then that gets forked.....»»

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Hackers Leak LinkedIn 700 Million Data Scrape

A collection containing data about more than 700 million users, believed to have been scraped from LinkedIn, was leaked online this week after hackers previously tried to sell it earlier this year in June. From a report: The collection, obtained by T.....»»

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Elon Musk says Inspiration4 crew had "challenges" with toilet, vows for bathroom upgrades

The private space flight, SpaceX, completed a historic mission with the first all-civilian flight crew last weekend. The four members of the Inspiration4 crew raised $200 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and helped prove SpaceX foun.....»»

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How Google Spies on Its Employees

At Google, a seemingly innocuous action can earn an employee the attention of the company's corporate security department. The Information: For example, when Google wants to find out who has been accessing or leaking sensitive corporate information,.....»»

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Tech Firms" Nightmare: Vanishing Green Cards

Thousands of green cards are about to go to waste, leaving Google, Microsoft and other tech companies fuming -- and pushing the Biden administration to ensure it doesn't happen again. Axios: Tech workers have waited years for green cards that will gr.....»»

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Tracking Stolen Crypto is a Booming Business

Crypto heists are becoming increasingly common, but forensic investigators are getting savvier at figuring out who is behind specific accounts. From a report: Paolo Ardoino was on the front lines of one of the largest cryptocurrency heists of all tim.....»»

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Google’s newest Android updates bring accessibility changes and emoji updates

Google has rolled out its latest Android feature drop with updates hitting everything from accessibility and Google Photos to Gboard's emoji kitchen......»»

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A glimpse into the ocean"s biological carbon pump

Oceans play a key role in the global carbon dioxide balance. This is because billions of tiny algae live there, absorbing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and incorporating it into their biomass. When these algae die, they trickle down—along w.....»»

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