This PC’s open-air chassis is unlike anything you’ve ever seen

Nagao, a Japanese manufacturer, has just released a treat for fans of unusual PC builds. With the new chassis and mount, you can make a DIY all-in-one PC......»»

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The Race to Build Wind Farms That Float on the Open Sea

There’s huge potential to generate renewable energy far out in the ocean. But designing turbines that can survive rough waters isn’t exactly a breeze......»»

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Epic Games-led Coalition for App Fairness polls claim public want open App Store

The Coalition for App Fairness with Epic Games at its head has commissioned a pair of polls showing that the majority of respondents want App Store competition and antitrust legislation.Coalition for App FairnessFounded in 2020 by Epic Games, Spotify.....»»

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Award-winning Pok Pok iOS app for kids gets ‘Marble Machine’ in newest update

Following the launch of great new additions this year like a music Sequencer, Shops toy, and much more, Pok Pok Playroom for kids has received another major update today. Marble Machine is now available which offers fun open-ended play while encoura.....»»

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The pair of Orcas deterring Great White Sharks—by ripping open their torsos for livers

A pair of Orca (Killer Whales) that have been terrorizing and killing Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa since 2017 has managed to drive large numbers of the sharks from their natural aggregation site......»»

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FCC Commissioner Calls on Google and Apple to Ban TikTok

In an open letter to Apple and Google, Carr calls TikTok a "serious national security threat" and asks that the companies remove it from their app stores. The post FCC Commissioner Calls on Google and Apple to Ban.....»»

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How Facebook clickbait draws users into engaging with posts

A study of 4,000 Facebook posts by news organizations provides unique insights into clickbait and user engagement. The study, published in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Anna-Katharina Jung, of the University of Duisburg-Essen, and colleagues, s.....»»

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Rafay Systems Paralus helps users achieve secure access to Kubernetes clusters

Rafay Systems launched a new open-source software project named Paralus to enable secure, audited access for developers, operations, SREs and CI/CD tools to remote Kubernetes (K8s) clusters. Paralus offers access management for developers, architects.....»»

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How to quickly disable Face ID

There may be situations where you want to turn off Face ID functionality in a hurry. Here's how to quickly and safely turn it off.There are scenarios where leaving biometric authentication on on your most personal devices would open the door for bad.....»»

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Apple SVP Johny Srouji talks engineering R&D expansion in Rawabi

Apple is expanding its engineering R&D hub in the Palestinian Authority, in the city of Rawabi. As of now, the company employs over 60 engineers, but it doesn’t disclose how many more roles it will open in the city, as it plans to “address an im.....»»

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Codenotary SBOM Operator for Kubernetes provides continuously updated info on software supply chain

Codenotary launched SBOM Operator for Kubernetes in both its open source Community Attestation Service, as well as Codenotary’s Trustcenter, the company’s flagship product, that mitigates the risk of software supply chain attacks by tracking all.....»»

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Nissan recalls 360,379 Pathfinders over hood latch concerns

The secondary hood latch of the affected vehicles could be defected as a result of debris buildup, possibly resulting in the hood to open while in motion......»»

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Gmail for Android, iOS add convenient ‘Storage used’ indicator

On the web, Gmail has long noted how much storage you’re using at the bottom of the page. A “Storage used” indicator is now on Gmail for Android and iOS to save you from needing to open another app or website for space management. more… Th.....»»

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MNT shrinks its open source Reform laptop into a 7-inch pocket PC throwback

An odd laptop experiment gets even odder (and a lot smaller). Enlarge / MNT's "Pocket Reform" is the same open hardware in a smaller enclosure. (credit: MNT) A few months ago, we reviewed the MNT Reform, which attempts to.....»»

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“Making” A School Open House Magical

This year Steindorf STEAM K-8 School replaced their Open House with a School Maker Faire to celebrate and inspire another year of hands-on learning. The post “Making” A School Open House Magical appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and I.....»»

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Roe Vs Wade and beyond – What is doing about it

Everyone here at Phandroid is committed to a free and open internet where correct information is shared and actionable. This will be no different with Roe Vs. Wade. The post Roe Vs Wade and beyond – What is doing about it first appear.....»»

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Podcasting 2.0, The Lightning Network, and Value4Value usher in a new era of podcasting that’s free of big tech control

Podcasting is back. You might be wondering: Did it ever leave? Yes, it did. A true podcast is based on an open protocol (RSS) that any player can use to subscribe to any show. The creator of the standard, Adam Curry (The Podfather) is back with Podc.....»»

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New Linux Foundation Podcast: "Untold Stories of Open Source"

The nonprofit Linux Foundation pays Linus Torvalds' salary and supports many other open source projects. But they also launched a new podcast series this week covering "The Untold Stories of Open Source." "Each week we explore the people who are su.....»»

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IOTech Edge XRT 2.0 simplifies the development of time-critical OT applications

IOTech released Edge XRT 2.0, an open software platform designed for time-critical and embedded OT applications at the industrial IoT edge. Edge XRT 2.0 greatly simplifies the development of OT applications and enables faster time-to-market for new e.....»»

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Big Tech promise an open metaverse

Big tech pledges to make the metaverse open and accessible to all. Hmm. Where have we heard that before? The post Big Tech promise an open metaverse first appeared on Phandroid. The Metaverse Standards Forum is working to create a metaverse.....»»

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New Open Frame PC Chassis Transforms to All-In-One PC

Now you can have your open air gaming rig, and take it to go. The post New Open Frame PC Chassis Transforms to All-In-One PC appeared first on ExtremeTech. (Pho.....»»

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