This Gravity Defying “Chomp” Lamp Harkens Back To The Old Days Of Nintendo

Retro gaming is such a fun topic. It’s interesting how beloved it is, both with those who lived through it and see it with the rose colored glasses of nostalgia, and those who are approaching it with fresh new eyes. Aweirdguy tapped into this.....»»

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Valentine"s Day gift ideas for the tech lover in your life

Valentine's Day is upon us, and instead of busting out the usual roses and chocolates sort of thing, consider spoiling your tech lover with gifts that won't see the bottom of the wastebasket in two days' time.Valentine's Day gift ideas for your sweet.....»»

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Do mass shootings cause more mass shootings? Research is divided

Two mass shootings in California last week that killed dozens of people in public spaces, as well as a third attack days earlier that killed six family members in their home, have again raised questions about whether such violent incidents inspire ne.....»»

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Why much of Northeast US experiences "snow drought"

Winter is more than halfway over and many large cities in the Northeast have yet to see their first snow. New York has gone 300 days without substantial snowfall accumulation. Philadelphia, which usually has its first measurable snow in mid-December,.....»»

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Samsung"s terrible quarter delivered lowest profit in 8 years

Long-time Apple rival Samsung had an incredibly bad fourth quarter, with the global economic downturn blamed for a 69% drop in quarterly operating profit.Samsung Galaxy Flip4In the days before Apple's announcement its own financial results for the mo.....»»

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SwitchBuddy for iOS updated with upcoming games and release countdown widgets

Nintendo Switch companion app SwitchBuddy has been a handy way to transfer screenshots/videos and keep up with Switch news on iPhone. Now the app has received a major update with a new Games section to track upcoming releases complete with countdown.....»»

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MLB The Show 23 returns to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch this March

MLB The Show 23 will be available across PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles for the second year in a row.....»»

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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake review: a platformer for all ages

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake isn't as polished or ambitious as a Nintendo platformer, but it doesn't need to be......»»

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Tyre Nichols" killing by police: Why is this still happening?

Video footage was released today of the interaction between Memphis police officers and Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man who died just days after being beaten by police during a Jan. 7 traffic stop......»»

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How to fix GoldenEye 007’s control issues on the Nintendo Switch [Updated]

Hard-to-find system-level customizations enable "dual stick" controls. Enlarge / Screenshots you can hear. Update (5:35 ET pm): As user Cuesport77 points out on Reddit, Nintendo offers a system-level button remapping fu.....»»

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GoldenEye can’t distract from Switch retro games’ most annoying pitfall

Opinion: GoldenEye's 16:9 support doesn't help other 4:3 games marred by borders. Enlarge / Nintendo's promotional key art for the launch of GoldenEye 007 on Switch. (credit: Nintendo) Today marks the long-awaited rerele.....»»

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Volcano-like rupture could have caused magnetar slowdown

On Oct. 5, 2020, the rapidly rotating corpse of a long-dead star about 30,000 light years from Earth changed speeds. In a cosmic instant, its spinning slowed. And a few days later, it abruptly started emitting radio waves......»»

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24 hours with Apple"s new 2023 MacBook Pros

Apple's new MacBook Pros landed this week with either the M2 Pro or M2 Max processor on the inside. Here are our initial impressions after just a few days of use.The 2023 MacBook ProsWe picked up two models of Apple's 2023 MacBook Pro. We have the 14.....»»

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Heat stress is rising in southern Africa—climate experts show where and when it"s worst

Most of us have felt either too hot or too cold at some point in our lives. Depending on where we live, we may feel too cold quite often each winter, and too hot for a few days in summer. As we're writing this in late January 2023 many southern Afric.....»»

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Asian American shootings: This is "not an exception" and other issues need to be discussed, says professor

Days after two California massacres involving the Asian American community, many are seeking to understand what drove two men to commit these crimes. Primary among questions are the role of culture and society, and whether mental health is a pressing.....»»

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GoldenEye 007 comes to Nintendo Switch with game-changing new mode

Iconic Nintendo 64 title GoldenEye 007 is about to get a new life on Nintendo Switch, complete with a brand new feature......»»

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Classic "GoldenEye 007" game is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox

The James Bond-starring video game, originally released on Nintendo 64 in 1997, will be available January 27 through Nintendo Switch Online's expansion pack and Xbox Game Pass......»»

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Typical mass shooters are in their 20s and 30s: Suspects in California"s latest killings are far from that average

The two men who shot dead 18 people in separate incidents just days apart in California are the latest perpetrators in America's long history of mass gun violence. But something about these public shootings, and the men held responsible, stands out......»»

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Goldeneye 007 comes to Game Pass and Nintendo Switch later this week

The long-awaited re-release of Goldeneye 007 will happen on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass and Xbox Game Pass on January 27......»»

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A rainbow of force-activated pigments for identifying stress

Stress isn't just the psychological pressure you feel in response to a looming deadline at work. It is also a description of the physical forces pushing, pulling, or twisting an object, structure, or material. Examples of stress include gravity dragg.....»»

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Meross Smart LED Lightbulb review: Modernize any light socket in your home

Smart lightbulbs are a great way to liven up an old lamp with color. The Meross Smart LED Lightbulb uses HomeKit to allow you to customize an existing lamp and automatically switch to new colors or brightness levels.The Meross Smart LED Lightbulb is.....»»

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