This Alienware gaming laptop is $1,500 off for a limited time

This Alienware Area-51m R2 is discounted down to $1,800 from $3,300, so grab it while the deal still lasts......»»

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Sid & Marty Krofft to Release NFTs Starting with "Land of the Lost"

Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland writes: Today sees an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of 1970s children's programming giants Sid & Marty Krofft. (Born in 1929, Sid Krofft will turn 93 in July). And reportedly Marty Krofft has now partne.....»»

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Mitsubishi Develops Technology for 3D Printing in Outer Space

"Made In Space, Redwire, and Bigelow, move over," writes long-time Slashdot reader Dr. Crash. "There's yet another 3D printing in space group — and it's not a startup." Mitsubishi Electric just went public with a UV-sensitive resin specially ma.....»»

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Boeing"s Starliner Docks with International Space Station. Hatch Opening Now

Boeing's Starliner successfully docked to the International Space Station Friday night for the first time. And right now, Boeing is beginning the official hatch-opening ceremon, in which the space station astronauts already on the ISS "open the hatc.....»»

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Watts don’t matter when fast charging your phone — time does

Do you care what wattage your phone charger churns out, and does it inform you how long it will take to charge the battery? No, and it's a big problem......»»

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HP Chooses Ubuntu-Based Pop!_OS Linux For Its Upcoming Dev One Laptop

System76's CEO Carl Richell announced that HP has chosen the Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS operating system to run on its 14-inch developer-focused notebook called "Dev One." Brian Fagioli from BetaNews speculates that a HP acquisition of System76 "could be a.....»»

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Boeing docks crew capsule to space station in test do-over

With only a test dummy aboard, Boeing's astronaut capsule pulled up and parked at the International Space Station for the first time Friday, a huge achievement for the company after years of false starts......»»

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Is the World"s Oldest Tree Growing In a Ravine In Chile?

sciencehabit shares a report from Science Magazine: Some 5400 years ago, about the time humans were inventing writing, an alerce tree (Fitzroya cupressoides) may have started to grow in the coastal mountains of present-day Chile. Sheltered in a cool,.....»»

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Long-hypothesized "next generation wonder material" created for first time

For over a decade, scientists have attempted to synthesize a new form of carbon called graphyne with limited success. That endeavor is now at an end, though, thanks to new research from the University of Colorado Boulder......»»

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Alienware gaming PCs and laptops are up to $1,000 off this weekend

The Alienware X15 and Aurora R10 have large discounts this week, with the X15 having over a $1,000 discount, so grab them while their stocks last!.....»»

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Dell XPS laptops and desktops have insane deals today

If you’re on the hunt for a new computer, there are some amazing Dell XPS laptop deals and Dell XPS desktop deals happening at Dell right now......»»

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Lenovo Memorial Day sale: Up to $2,650 OFF laptops and more today

Lenovo's Memorial Day laptop sale is online, several days before the holiday. Here's your chance to enjoy up to $2,650 in savings when buying a new laptop......»»

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Best Buy’s deal of the day is $100 off this Dyson cordless vacuum

Best Buy is selling the Dyson V7 Animal, a powerful cordless vacuum, for a more affordable $300 after a $100 discount that's only available for a limited time......»»

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Microchip Precise Time Scale Systems enables traceability to UTC without depending on GNSS

The strength of a nation’s infrastructure is increasingly dependent on the accuracy of time. With pervasive cybersecurity threats to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), utilizing an alternative time system is a matter of national security......»»

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Researchers find backdoor lurking in WordPress plugin used by schools

If you've used School Management Pro, it's time to check your site, stat. Enlarge (credit: BeeBright / Getty Images / iStockphoto) Researchers said on Friday that they found a malicious backdoor in a WordPress plugin that gave.....»»

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New USB-C dock triples M1 Mac external monitor support, Anker says

Limiting 4K to 30 Hz will be a deal-breaker for some. Enlarge (credit: Anker/YouTube) If you have an M1-based Mac, Apple says you're limited to just one external monitor. But Anker, which makes power banks, chargers, docks, an.....»»

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Modular, DIY-Friendly Framework Laptop Gets Updated With 12th-Gen Intel CPUs

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: An upgradeable laptop is only worthwhile if you can actually upgrade it [...], and Framework is making that possible starting today: The company is introducing a new iteration of the Framework La.....»»

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Latest Apple Arcade games for iPhone, Mac, Apple TV [New: Warped Kart Racers]

Apple Arcade launched with close to 100 titles and the service is seeing new games added regularly with over 200 games now in the library. Follow along with our guide on the latest from Apple’s gaming service. New for 5/20: An all-new title has.....»»

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HomeKit Weekly: A redesigned Home app is at the top of my iOS 16 wishlist

It’s officially the time of year when I turn my focus to what will be announced at WWDC in June. The rumors are always rampant this time of year, and outside of some significant improvements to iMessage, I hope Apple spends a lot of time during th.....»»

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Apple Support scam cons woman out of $1500, here’s how to identify fakes

The next time you look for help with one of your devices, beware of Apple Support scams. With multiple tech support scams out there, bad actors are looking to take your money. One Denver woman found out the hard way after seeking help with her new i.....»»

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Archaeologists reconstruct an ancient Aryan bow

A unique compound bow from the Bronze Age nearly 2 meters tall was reconstructed from authentic materials by SUSU specialists as part of an international team. This weapon had the greatest accuracy, shooting distance and killing power in its time......»»

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