This $1,650 titanium connected G-Shock is a sci-fi-inspired design masterpiece

G-Shock has totally embraced the world of science fiction for the design of its new GMW-B5000TVA connected watch, but it has done so in a really neat way......»»

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Apple iPhone 14: Everything we know so far

The Apple iPhone 14 is coming in 2022. Here's everything we know so far about the design, specs, models, and more......»»

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"Transformational" approach to machine learning could accelerate search for new disease treatments

Researchers have developed a new approach to machine learning that 'learns how to learn' and out-performs current machine learning methods for drug design, which in turn could accelerate the search for new disease treatments......»»

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Prepare to pay even more for Razer"s upcoming gaming laptops

Known for their svelte design and premium build quality, Razer’s gaming laptops tend to fall on the pricier side of the budget spectrum, hence aren’t usually recommended for value shoppers. There’s also a whiff of that Razer tax sprinkled on ex.....»»

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Capstone Connected launches its smart mirrors built for all lifestyles

Capstone Connected releases its Thin Cast smart mirror with touchscreen capabilities, Android OS, and dual speakers......»»

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The PoolStation Is A Swimming Pool Modeled After The Original PlayStation

Check out the PoolStation, which is a fully-functional swimming pool featuring the design of the original PlayStation! The post The PoolStation Is A Swimming Pool Modeled After The Original PlayStation appeared first on PlayStation Universe. Eve.....»»

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HKUST establishes AI chip design R&D consortium with ambitious goals

The AI Chip Center for Emerging Smart Systems (ACCESS) founded by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) convened a press conference on the 30th of November to share the vision of fostering a semi-open R&D platform bridging the ga.....»»

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Elon Musk touts Tesla’s new Cyberwhistle with dig at Apple

Tesla's latest product isn't a new car but a $50 whistle made of stainless whistle and with a design inspired by the company's yet-to-launch Cybertruck......»»

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Stare into the abyss of a swirling black hole with this LED monolith installation

The universal laws of flow and a recurring dream inspired Jesse Woolston's latest work. Enlarge / Screengrab of Jesse Woolston's latest piece, The Dynamics of Flow, debuting at Art Basel Miami Beach later this week. (credit: Jesse Wool.....»»

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Womp, womp: Efficacy of Merck’s Thor-inspired COVID pill crumbles, vexing experts

FDA advisors voted 13-to-10 in favor of authorization given risks and modest benefits. Enlarge / A Merck sign stands in front of the company's building on October 2, 2013, in Summit, New Jersey. (credit: Getty | Kena Betancur).....»»

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Tomorrow’s Healers: The Connected And Intelligent Future Of Medical Technology

You would probably remember the oddly charming, average-built theoretical physicist of Japanese origin Michio Kaku from his several broadcast programs on television, films, and radio. In his 2011 book Physics of the Future, Kaku writes, “When watc.....»»

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Quantum computers getting connected for multiple task-optimized smaller systems

A promising route towards larger quantum computers is to orchestrate multiple task-optimized smaller systems. To dynamically connect and entangle any two systems, photonic interference emerges as a powerful method, due to its compatibility with on-ch.....»»

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The best and most reliable refrigerator brands of 2021

Shopping for a fridge? Here are the best brands in terms of durability, design, and features: From Whirlpool to LG, these are the brands worth your time......»»

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The best MacBook in 2021

With three MacBook models to choose from, which should you buy? Our guide examines the performance, battery life, design, and more to find your answer......»»

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Use of new technologies and embedded systems for data driven decision-making in the automotive industry

Below are some of the learnings from the discussion on “Embedded Systems for data driven decision-making: Smart Supply-Chain Advantage” from the 13th NASSCOM Design and Engineering Summit held in Oct 2021   In the last few years, we have witness.....»»

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Radio emission detected from the Vela X-1 bow shock

An international team of astronomers has conducted radio observations of a bow shock in the X-ray binary Vela X-1 using MeerKAT telescope. The observational campaign resulted in the detection of radio emission from this source. The finding is detaile.....»»

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Using a pore structure inspired by biological fractals to collect uranium from seawater

Inspired by biological fractals, a team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in China has developed a new pore structure for a membrane used to separate uranium from seawater. In their paper published in the journal Nature Sustainabil.....»»

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A retina-inspired device that can detect and recognize movements in the environment

Devices that can automatically detect and recognize moving objects have numerous valuable applications, for instance, enhancing remote environmental monitoring. Most existing motion detection and recognition (MDR) technologies are based on image sens.....»»

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3D-IC can ease the ongoing global chip shortage concerns: Interview with Cadence

The technological benefits that the 3D stacking of integrated circuits brings have the potential to ease the current chip shortage concerns, according to Cadence Design Systems. As demand for faster processors continues to rise worldwide, the 3D arch.....»»

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Iconic Renault 4 celebrates 60 years with ‘flying car’ design

Renault has created a flying version of one of its most iconic cars as part of celebrations to mark the vehicle's 60th anniversary......»»

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Researchers propose a simpler design for quantum computers

Today's quantum computers are complicated to build, difficult to scale up, and require temperatures colder than interstellar space to operate. These challenges have led researchers to explore the possibility of building quantum computers that work us.....»»

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