These scientists created jewelry out of the striking shapes of chaos theory

Not just inspired by chaos theory, but directly created from its mathematical principles. Enlarge / Chaotic shapes 3D-printed in bronze represent the first step in the transformation from chaos to manufacturable forms. (credit: F.....»»

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Hubble investigates the gorgeous remnants of a supernova

Scientists are using data from Hubble data of the famous Cygnus Loop supernova remnant to study how these remnants change over time......»»

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Mysterious antimatter observed falling down for first time

For the first time, scientists have observed antimatter particles—the mysterious twins of the visible matter all around us—falling downwards due to the effect of gravity, Europe's physics lab CERN announced on Wednesday......»»

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Earthworms contribute to 6.5% of world grain production: study

Most gardeners know that earthworms help keep soils healthy, now scientists have assessed just how important their underground activities are to global food production—and how to protect them......»»

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Bluetti AC180 Solar Portable Power Station review: Perfect merge of price, ports, and power

The Bluetti AC180 Solar takes on all the best aspects of the AC200Max and crams it into a smaller, lighter form factor that should satisfy most users' needs.Bluetti AC180 SolarPortable power stations come in all shapes and sizes, from larger than a s.....»»

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A revelation about trees is messing with climate calculations

Scientists are learning more about “sesquiterpenes" vapors made from trees. Enlarge / The early morning sun shines through the morning fog on the countryside in Chongqing, China, September 14, 2023. (credit: Costfoto/NurPhoto.....»»

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Striking rare gold: Researchers unveil new material infused with gold in an exotic chemical state

For the first time, Stanford researchers have found a way to create and stabilize an extremely rare form of gold that has lost two negatively charged electrons, denoted Au2+. The material stabilizing this elusive version of the valued element is a ha.....»»

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Scientists discover a durable but sensitive material for high energy X-ray detection

X-ray technology plays a vital role in medicine and scientific research, providing non-invasive medical imaging and insight into materials. Recent advancements in X-ray technology enable brighter, more intense beams and imaging of increasingly intric.....»»

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Japanese scientists find microplastics are present in clouds

Researchers in Japan have confirmed microplastics are present in clouds, where they are likely affecting the climate in ways that aren't yet fully understood......»»

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Scientists observe interaction of components in tire rubber at the atomic scale

Scientists have observed the molecular motion of rubber components typically used in automobile tires—polybutadiene and carbon black—with the world's fastest time resolution......»»

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Self-healing of synthetic diamonds observed at room temperature

A team of chemists, materials scientists and aeronautical engineers at Beihang University, working with one colleague from Yanshan University and another from the University of Chicago, reports evidence of self-healing in a sample of synthetic diamon.....»»

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Concave, umbrella-like metal complexes provide space for giant molecular rotors to operate in solid state

Solid materials are generally known to be rigid and unmoving, but scientists are turning this idea on its head by exploring ways to incorporate moving parts into solids. This can enable the development of exotic new materials such as amphidynamic cry.....»»

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Explosion in fish biodiversity due to genetic recycling, study shows

Scientists show that the extraordinary diversity of cichlid fish in Africa's Lake Victoria was made possible by "genetic recycling"—repeated cycles of new species appearing and rapidly adapting to different roles in the ecosystem. An evolutionary c.....»»

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Widespread antibiotic resistance among cholera-causing bacteria explained by gene mixing

Scientists have identified the source of antibiotic resistance that emerged within bacteria driving the ongoing Yemen cholera epidemic......»»

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A Revelation About Trees Is Messing With Climate Calculations

Trees make clouds by releasing small quantities of vapors called “sesquiterpenes.” Scientists are learning more—and it’s making climate models hazy......»»

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Apple says it supports over half a million jobs in the UK

From its office and retail staff to suppliers and developers, Apple claims that 550,000 jobs in the UK have been created because of its continued investment.Inside Apple's new UK headquarters at the iconic Battersea Power Station (source: Apple)Apple.....»»

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Scientists zero in on the life-threatening fungus, Candida auris" ability to stick

In 2009, a mysterious fungus emerged seemingly from out of thin air, targeting the most vulnerable among us. It sounds like Hollywood, but the fungus in question poses a very real threat. Scientists are scrambling to figure out what makes the life-th.....»»

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Q&A: Searching for life where it shouldn"t exist

A team of Penn State scientists is working to solve one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries: how life originated on Earth—and how it might have evolved on other planets......»»

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Physicists coax superconductivity and more from quasicrystals

In research that could jumpstart interest into an enigmatic class of materials known as quasicrystals, MIT scientists and colleagues have discovered a relatively simple, flexible way to create new atomically thin versions that can be tuned for import.....»»

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American Climate Corps: Biden"s new green jobs initiative delivers more promises than details, says researcher

When President Joe Biden created the American Climate Corps by executive order on Sept. 20, 2023, it marked a step toward keeping a pledge he made nearly three years earlier: to create a new workforce training and service program to deal with global.....»»

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Scientists discover biomimetic macrophage technology to combat antibiotic resistance

A research team led by Shuilin Wu at Tianjin University, China, has made a discovery in the field of intelligent catalysis. Their research article titled "Biomimetic Macrophage–Fe3O4@PLGA Particle-Triggered Intelligent Catalysis for Killing Multidr.....»»

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