The worldwide web as we know it may be ending

Over the last year, the worldwide web has started to look less worldwide......»»

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Study shows that the GW190521 event could be explained by primordial black holes

In September 2020, the LIGO/Virgo collaboration, a large team of scientists working at different universities worldwide, announced that they had detected most massive gravitational wave binary signal observed to date, which they called GW190521. In a.....»»

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Google"s FLoC Is a Terrible Idea

Earlier this week, Google said that after it finishes phasing out third-party cookies over the next year or so, it won't introduce other forms of identifiers to track individuals as they browse across the web. Instead, the search giant plans to use s.....»»

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Flutter 2: Google"s Toolkit For Developers Takes a Big Step Forward

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Google has announced Flutter 2, a major upgrade to its framework for building user interfaces for mobile, the web and desktop. Flutter promises to allow developers to use the same codebase to build nati.....»»

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Best cheap Microsoft Surface Pro deals for March 2021

Microsoft Surface devices run the gamut when it comes to features and pricing, and with the lineup expanded with two new models for 2019, it’s not as easy as it was to find the right one for your needs. To help you out, we’ve scoured the web to b.....»»

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Researchers discover how to control zinc in plants: Could help the world"s malnourished

Over 2 billion people worldwide are malnourished due to zinc deficiency. Led by the University of Copenhagen, an international team of researchers has discovered how plants sense zinc and use this knowledge to enhance plant zinc uptake, leading to an.....»»

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How To Build a Radio That Ignores Its Own Transmissions

Self-interference cancellation brings wireless networks closer to single-frequency full duplex Illustration: Harry Campbell Wireless isn’t actually ubiquitous. We’ve all seen the effects: Calls are dropped and Web p.....»»

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New Switch model with 7-inch OLED and 4K support reportedly arriving this year

Since launching four years ago, The Nintendo Switch has sold over 80 million units worldwide, passing the 3DS family on the best-selling consoles of all-time list. It may have already beaten the Game Boy Advance family (81.5 million) and is closing i.....»»

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What is a URL Redirection?

Have you ever wondered how a single website can have multiple URLs/ Web addresses? This article will help you understand the concepts of URL redirect, URL masking, types of URL redirect. What is it? URL Redirection or URL Forwarding is a technique th.....»»

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Parler Sues Amazon Again, After Dropping Original Lawsuit

Social media app Parler has dropped its federal case against for cutting off its web-hosting services and filed a separate lawsuit against the company and its web services unit in a Washington state court, according to court documents from.....»»

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Small-scale fisheries offer strategies for resilience in the face of climate change

Coastal communities at the forefront of climate change reveal valuable approaches to foster adaptability and resilience, according to a worldwide analysis of small-scale fisheries by Stanford University researchers......»»

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Google will not build or use alternate identifiers to track users across the web

Google reiterated that its products will use Federated Learning of Cohorts to enable advertisers to target audiences. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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Parler drops Amazon web-hosting legal challenge

Amazon removed the social-network platform from its web-hosting service in January over rule breaches......»»

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Version 2 of Google’s Flutter toolkit adds support for desktop and web apps

At an online event, Google today announced Flutter 2, the newest version of its open-source UI toolkit for building portable apps. While Flutter started out with a focus on mobile when it first launched two years ago, it spread its wings in recent ye.....»»

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Chemists develop a new technology to prevent lithium-ion batteries from catching fire

Lithium-ion battery fire hazards are extensive worldwide and such failure can have a severe implication for both smartphones and electric cars, says the head of the group and Professor in the Department of Electrochemistry at St Petersburg University.....»»

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$1.3M in grants go towards making the web’s open source infrastructure more equitable

Open source software is at the core of… well, practically everything online. But while much of it is diligently maintained in some ways, in others it doesn’t receive the kind of scrutiny that something so foundational ought to. $1.3 milli.....»»

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A model for career counselors to address unemployment after the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented economic disruption and unemployment worldwide, and it may be challenging for career counselors to determine how best to provide effective career counseling to unemployed people in the post-COVID-19 worl.....»»

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AWS director sues Amazon, alleging systemic racism in corporate office

Amazon talks up inclusion in public but fails behind the scenes, suit claims. Enlarge / Amazon's orange-yellow logo wall. (credit: David Ryder/Getty Images) A senior manager at Amazon Web Services has filed suit against the company alleging ra.....»»

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Microsoft’s new Outlook board puts calendars, reminders, and lists in one place

Microsoft's popular Outlook emailing service on the web is getting updates with new features designed to help you take control of your day and meetings......»»

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EBay and Adevinta to sell UK sites Gumtree, and Shpock to get their $9.2B deal past regulators

After inking a $9.2 billion deal to merge their classifieds businesses last year, eBay and Norway’s Adevinta have announced a deal to sell off three popular web properties in the UK to get the deal cleared by local regulators, the Competition M.....»»

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Global semiconductor sales increase in January 2021

Worldwide sales of semiconductors reached US$40 billion in January 2021, rising 13.2% on year and about 1% sequentially, according to SIA......»»

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