The point of no return: Chromatin enforces cell fate decisions

Stem cells balance self-renewal with differentiation into mature cells. A fundamental and intriguing question is when during the process of maturation a cell reaches a "point of no return," losing its capacity to self-renew and becoming committed to.....»»

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Transcriptional regulatory mechanism of plant pectin biosynthesis

Pectin is a complex cell wall polysaccharide. It plays an important role in modulating cell adhesion, cell morphogenesis and growth......»»

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I rescued Destiny 2 ‘new lights’ from a game-ruining fate

Operation Save the New Lights is underway to rescue players trapped in Destiny 2's Dares of Eternity......»»

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Taiwan PV module makers may face competition from imported products due to TSMC energy saving requirements

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has asked its equipment suppliers to provide solutions for energy savings of about 20% by 2030, according to industry sources. Because this requirement will be considered in procurement decisions, Tai.....»»

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Decades of Research: the Story of How mRNA Vaccines Were Developed

Long-time Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot wanted to share this New York Times article which makes the point that "The stunning Covid vaccines manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna drew upon long-buried discoveries made in the hopes of ending past e.....»»

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Xiaomi’s 120W Hypercharge is the fastest ever, but is it safe?

Xiaomi reaches 120W with a combination of revamped charging structure, dual-cell battery, MTW, Mi-FC, and graphene-based battery technology, but is it safe?.....»»

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Being in space destroys more red blood cells

A world-first study has revealed how space travel can cause lower red blood cell counts, known as space anemia. Analysis of 14 astronauts showed their bodies destroyed 54 percent more red blood cells in space than they normally would on Earth, accor.....»»

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Epstein-Barr Virus Found to Trigger Multiple Sclerosis

The research could mark a turning point in the fight against MS -- Read more on»»

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New fluorescent nanovesicles for intracellular biomarker detection

A new work by the Nanomol Group, belonging to the CIBER-BBN network, together with a team from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, presents new nanovesicles capable of crossing biological barriers such as cell membranes, while maintaining their sensi.....»»

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Rocket Report: Neutron may land in Virginia; it’s to be Starship for Starlink

"We made decisions, understanding that there would be great risks." Enlarge / SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket is seen returning to Earth after its 10th flight to space. (credit: Trevor Mahlmann / Ars Technica) Welcome to Edition 4......»»

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Indian battery maker sees exponential demand for lithium-ion batteries by 2030

As EVs become more prevalent in India, the demand for lithium-ion batteries could skyrocket this decade, according to Amara Raja Batteries, one of the biggest battery manufacturers in India venturing into local Li-ion cell production. India is still.....»»

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Yahoo Tells Japan Employees They Can Work Anywhere, Commute By Plane When Necessary

Yahoo Japan is telling its 8,000 employees they can work anywhere in the country -- and even be flown into work when the job requires it -- bucking the trend of companies looking to return workers to offices in the third year of the coronavirus pande.....»»

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Plants: RNA notes to self

How does a developing plant shoot know how, where, and when to grow? Dividing cells need to pass messages from one another to coordinate growth. In plants, important messages are packaged into RNA, which are sent from cell to cell. By studying the mu.....»»

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Deadly combination: New direct trigger for cell death discovered

Scientists led by Professor Ana J. Garcia-Saez at the CECAD Cluster of Excellence for Aging Research at the University of Cologne have shown that apoptosis, the programmed cell death, involves a direct physical interplay between the two proteins BAX.....»»

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Sercomm obtains NCC certification for 5G mmWave small cell device

Communication/networking device maker Sercomm has obtained certification from Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) for an in-house-developed 5G enterprise mmWave small cell device, becoming the first company to obtain certification for R.....»»

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Netflix to shoot pair of Red Notice sequels back-to-back

Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson are all expected to return for two more Red Notice movies as Netflix prepares an ambitious plan to shoot them......»»

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PCIe 5.0 is just beginning to come to new PCs, but version 6.0 is already here

PCIe 6.0 will provide up to 256GB/s of bandwidth for next-gen servers and PCs. Enlarge / The PCIe 6.0 standard's ability to interoperate with all older versions of the standard is a point of pride for the PCI-SIG. (credit: PCI-SIG).....»»

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MaNGA team releases largest-ever collection of 3D maps of nearby galaxies

Just over a month ago, scientists from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) released the complete dataset of 10,000 galaxies observed by the Mapping Nearby Galaxies at Apache Point Observatory (MaNGA) project, making MaNGA the largest galaxy survey of.....»»

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New spheres of knowledge on the origin of life

The shape of a cell affects its physical and chemical properties. Different cell types have developed different shapes to enable effective functioning. But what shape were the very first cells, as life began to evolve?.....»»

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European archaeologists back in Iraq after years of war

After war and insurgency kept them away from Iraq for decades, European archaeologists are making an enthusiastic return in search of millennia-old cultural treasures......»»

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Astronomers discover exoplanet shaped like a rugby ball

The ESA's Cheops exoplanet hunting mission just discovered an exoplanet that is being deformed by the gravity of its star to the point it's no longer spherical......»»

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