The new abnormal is warming up the US government’s new climate norms

The US's expected weather are based on a 30-year average, updated once a decade. Enlarge / What a difference a decade makes. Even though 2/3 of the data in the new normals is present in the previous ones, the last decade's still been hot enough.....»»

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NASA"s new chief big on climate, hedges on 2024 moon landing

NASA's new administrator is big on tackling climate and diversifying the agency's workforce, but hedging on whether the U.S. can put astronauts on the moon by 2024......»»

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Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon hits record in April

Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon hit a record last month, the government reported Friday with figures that belie President Jair Bolsonaro's pledge to crack down on such destruction......»»

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Emissions from human activity modify biogenic secondary organic aerosol formation

Despite their extremely small size, submicron atmospheric aerosols are critical pollutants with climate change, air quality, and human health implications. Of these particles, secondary organic aerosols (SOA) form when volatile organic compounds (VOC.....»»

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A 50,000-year history of current flow yields new climate clues

From 50,000 to 15,000 years ago, during the last ice age, Earth's climate wobbled between cooler and warmer periods punctuated by occasional, dramatic ice-melting events......»»

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Online Safety Bill ignoring "epidemic of scams" faced by the UK, experts warn

New laws must be used to make sure online platforms protect their users from scams, the government has been warned......»»

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Cutting methane emissions key to slowing warming: UN

Industry could cheaply and easily slash humanity's methane emissions by at least 30 percent in a decade, the United Nations said Thursday, adding that such cuts would slow global warming and prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths......»»

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Off-put by offsets: Why some advocates doubt "net zero" pledges

Look at the fine print to understand the climate goals that governments and companies have set and search for one term in particular: net-zero......»»

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In the Alps climate change affects biodiversity

The European Alps is certainly one of the most scrutinized mountain range in the world, as it forms a true open-air laboratory showing how climate change affects biodiversity......»»

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Zero to hero: Overlooked material could help reduce our carbon footprint

It is now well known that carbon dioxide is the biggest contributor to climate change and originates primarily from burning of fossil fuels. While there are ongoing efforts around the world to end our dependence on fossil fuels as energy sources, the.....»»

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Worth 1000 words: How the world saw Australia"s black summer

Australia's 'black summer' of bushfires was depicted on the front pages of the world's media with images of wildlife and habitat destruction, caused by climate change, while in Australia the toll on ordinary people remained the visual front-page focu.....»»

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Aluminum may affect climate change by increasing ocean"s carbon sink capacity

Reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero as soon as possible and achieving "carbon neutrality" is the key to addressing global warming and climate change. The ocean is the largest active carbon pool on the planet, with huge potential to help ach.....»»

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Lifestyle changes to keep the world from warming up

Scientists widely agree that we must limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius to avoid catastrophic climate impacts. Environmental scientist Laura Scherer investigates how we should change lifestyles to achieve this temperature goal. Her research.....»»

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Climate change: How bad could the future be if we do nothing?

The climate crisis is no longer a looming threat—people are now living with the consequences of centuries of greenhouse gas emissions. But there is still everything to fight for. How the world chooses to respond in the coming years will have massiv.....»»

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78% of UK 16- and 17-year-olds have seen online pornography (and recently)

With the UK government looking to its Online Harms White Paper to protect children from online pornography, a new survey of 16- and 17-year-olds by City, University of London supports the case for its introduction—but illustrates the size of the go.....»»

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Archaeologists have discovered the earliest anthropogenic landscape on Earth

As far as we know, humans as a species have been around for at least 300 000 years. Recently, we have come to realize that our impact on the climate and earth's ecology is unsustainable. Landscape change driven by humans is nothing new, however......»»

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More than one way for animals to survive climate change

As climate change continues to trigger the rise in temperature, increase drier conditions and shift precipitation patterns, adapting to new conditions will be critical for the long-term survival of most species. Researchers at the University of New H.....»»

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Twitter Groups Offer India a Covid-19 Lifeline

Hashtags have provided a kind of emergency hotline—but the need for mutual aid on social media is also a rebuke to the government......»»

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Pandemic, war, climate change fuel food fears

The economic cost of the global pandemic as well as conflict and climate change are fueling food security fears that in 2020 reached their highest level in five years, according to a report published Wednesday......»»

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"I will be looking for projects that fly in the face of norms" says Dezeen Awards judge Virginia San Fratello

There are less than 30 days left to enter Dezeen Awards 2021. To help you with your entry, we've asked some of our judges what they'll be looking for in this year's submissions. Read more There are less than 30 days left to enter Dezeen Awar.....»»

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Boycott threatened over Shell"s sponsorship of Science Museum carbon capture exhibition

Climate activists say they'll call for people to boycott a new exhibition at London's Science Museum if the oil company Shell isn't dropped as a major sponsor......»»

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