The Nail-Biting Journey of NASA"s James Webb Space Telescope Is about to Begin

Before it can study the first stars and galaxies, the observatory must endure a sea voyage, a rocket launch and an all-or-nothing deployment sequence in deep space -- Read more on»»

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NASA lets you meet its Mars rover and helicopter here on Earth

NASA is offering space fans the chance to come face to face with full-scale models of its trailblazing Mars Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter......»»

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Promising-looking SETI signal turns out to be of human origin

Space junk may look like a supernova as SETI researchers struggle with a signal. Enlarge / Proxima Centauri, the closest star to Earth aside from the Sun. (credit: ESA, Hubble, and NASA) Modern human society has been making it.....»»

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You can help train NASA"s rovers to better explore Mars

Members of the public can now help teach an artificial intelligence algorithm to recognize scientific features in images taken by NASA's Perseverance rover......»»

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SpaceX fixes Crew Dragon toilet before this weekend"s launch

A SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule is slated to take a group of professional astronauts to space this weekend. But first, NASA must look over and approve some changes SpaceX made to address some issues with a key component — the toilet......»»

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You only live once: Epidemiologists analyze health risks in all the James Bond films

Biggest risk might be to Bond's sexual partners: 27.1% them died shortly after sex. Enlarge / Epidemiologists analyzed all 25 James Bond films to assess 007's health risks while traveling around the world. (credit: Aurich Lawson | Gett.....»»

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Blue Origin announces Orbital Reef, a commercial space station set to open this decade

Blue Origin has announced plans to build a space station in low Earth orbit. Dubbed Orbital Reef, the facility will be operated as a “mixed use business park” in space for commerce, research and tourism purposes......»»

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Astronomers find first evidence of an exoplanet outside the Milky Way galaxy

NASA believes it might have evidence of a planet traversing a star outside of the Milky Way galaxy......»»

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Jeff Bezos" Blue Origin announces plans to build an operational space station this decade

The Orbital Reef project comes from a partnership between Blue Origin and Sierra Space. The former will supply the rockets needed to get the structure into space, while the latter will provide its Dream Chaser mini-shuttle spacecraft for crew and car.....»»

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Research inspects planetary nebula NGC 6905 and its central star

Using the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT), astronomers have investigated a planetary nebula known as NGC 6905 and its central star. Results of the study, presented in a paper published October 18 on the arXiv pre-print server, provide more insights in.....»»

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Critical tests for NASA’s large rocket remain as launch day edges closer

"We’re absolutely committed to taking it a step at a time." Enlarge / The Orion spacecraft for NASA’s Artemis I mission is lifted above the Space Launch System rocket in the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center. (credi.....»»

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Becoming a Leader at NASA

"Growing up in the Bowie, Md., area, whenever we drove by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, I told my parents that I would work there someday," recounts Proctor, who is now an associate chief at Goddard for NASA's Electrical Engineering Division (E.....»»

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Dr. John Lewis: Optimizing the Search Journey

SearchBlox's chief knowledge officer John Lewis discusses optimizing the search journey, the impact of search optimization and more in this interview. Continue reading........»»

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How a CDP Can Optimize Customer Lifecycle Management

Using a CDP to supplement lifecycle journey orchestration, marketers will be able to leverage data to respond to their customers in real-time. Continue reading........»»

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Blue Origin wants to build a space station for ‘exotic hospitality’

Not content with 10-minute tourism rides to the edge of space, Jeff Bezos now wants to take a giant leap all of his own and build an orbital space station......»»

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Watch NASA’s trailer for SpaceX’s Crew-3 launch on Saturday

NASA has released a trailer highlighting SpaceX's Crew-3 launch to the International Space Station on Sunday, October 31......»»

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Bezos" Blue Origin announces plans for private space station

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin on Monday announced it wants to launch a space station that will house up to 10 people in the second half of the decade, as the race to commercialize the cosmos heats up......»»

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Jeff Bezos" Blue Origin wants to build a tourism space station nearly as big as the ISS

Blue Origin, the rocket and space tourism company founded by Jeff Bezos, is proposing a massive new commercial space station called "Orbital Reef" that could be used to host science experiments, vacation getaways, and potentially even in-space manufa.....»»

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NASA"s uncrewed Artemis moon mission set to launch in February

NASA's uncrewed Artemis 1 mission to the moon is on track to launch in February, the U.S. space agency said......»»

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Astronomers may have discovered the first planet outside of our galaxy

Signs of a planet transiting a star outside of the Milky Way galaxy may have been detected for the first time. This intriguing result, using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, opens up a new window to search for exoplanets at greater distances than ev.....»»

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Communication with Mars rover has been restored after multi-week blackout

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) celebrated this week as connectivity with the Mars-based Perseverance rover was restored. The planned period of radio silence was the result of a natural phenomenon known as a solar conjunction. The re-establish.....»»

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