The M1 iMac’s power supply sports magnetic connector, Ethernet port

Apple just announced the new iMac powered by Apple’s own M1 silicon. Among the numerous updates and upgrades is a new power brick that sports something special to Apple’s lineup: an Ethernet port. On the surface, this seems like a silly p.....»»

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Chip shortages lead to more counterfeit chips and devices

Industry analysts recommend businesses take extra care with the supply chain. Enlarge / This pair of FT232RL USB to serial UARTs looks quite similar—but the one on the right is a counterfeit based on a mask-programmable microcontroller and onl.....»»

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How is the Western U.S. drought impacting the power grid?

The western United States is currently experiencing severe drought, particularly in California and the Southwest. As of June 10, 88.5% of the West was in moderate to exceptional drought, compared to 42.17% at the same time last year......»»

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Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station review: Almost unlimited power

Who needs a gas powered generator when the Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station uses sun power......»»

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Are Transcontinental, Submarine Supergrids the Future of Energy?

Bloomberg Businessweek reports on "renewed interest in cables that can power consumers in one country with electricity generated hundreds, even thousands, of miles away in another" and possibly even transcontinental, submarine electricity superhighwa.....»»

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Ubisoft at E3: Mario Rabbids sequel, Rainbow Six: Extraction, more

Ubisoft Forward's familiar and new: guns, extreme sports, just dancing, and Avatar. Rainbow Six Siege meets Left 4 Dead in this new three-player co-op gun game, coming September 16 to PC and mo.....»»

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Riders Republic gets a 64-player race mode, release date

Riders Republic, Ubisoft's upcoming sports game, got a new gameplay trailer at E3......»»

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Potential Sites For UK"s First Prototype Fusion Power Plant Identified

A total of 15 potential sites are in the running to host the UK's first prototype fusion power plant. The BBC reports: Fusion is seen as a potential source of almost limitless clean energy but is currently only used in experiments. An open call for s.....»»

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A quarter of global harvests at risk if agriculture does not adapt to climate change

Shifts in weather patterns induced by climate change will increase extreme heat and reduce rainfall across major crop growing regions, with impacts on agricultural production. Will this trigger a decline in the supply of calories needed to sustain th.....»»

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Citizen scientists discover two gaseous planets around a bright, sun-like star

At night, seven-year-old Miguel likes talking to his father Cesar Rubio about planets and stars. "I try to nurture that," says Rubio, a machinist in Pomona, California, who makes parts for mining and power generation equipment......»»

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GaAs IC firms gearing up for smartphone PA shipment pick-up

GaAs IC foundries Win Semiconductors and Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company (AWSC), and GaAs epi-wafer supplier Visual Photonics Epitaxy Company (VPEC) are gearing up for a seasonal pick-up in shipments for power amplifiers and other RF componen.....»»

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Intel new CPUs in tight supply

Unstable shipments of Intel's recently introduced Tiger Lake-U Refresh processors, coupled with the ongoing shortages of certain ICs, will put pressure on the supply chain in releasing notebooks with the new processors in the third quarter of 2021, a.....»»

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Highlights of the day: Tight supply for Intel new CPUs

Intel has announced two new Tiger Lake-U Refresh processors at Computex 2021, but tight supply of the latest CPUs is undermining notebook vendors' plans of launching devices using the new offersings from the US chip giant. In China, LCD panel maker B.....»»

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The chipmaking factory of the world is battling Covid and the climate crisis

Taiwanese officials are fretting about whether a severe outbreak of Covid-19 could jeopardize the island's critical role in the global semiconductor supply chain. But there's another threat to the industry that experts worry may have even more drasti.....»»

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OtterBox"s new battery pack keeps your Xbox controller synced while you hot-swap dead cells

The problem is that when your juice is depleted or you remove the Xbox controller's batteries (AA or rechargeable third-party power pack), the controller loses connection with the console. It's unavoidable—or is it?.....»»

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Machine learning model doubles accuracy of global landslide "nowcasts"

Every year, landslides—the movement of rock, soil, and debris down a slope—cause thousands of deaths, billions of dollars in damages, and disruptions to roads and power lines. Because terrain, characteristics of the rocks and soil, weather, and c.....»»

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Fingerbot Plus has more pressing power to make dumb appliances smart

The Fingerbot Plus can activate almost any switch and turn any regular device into a smart device......»»

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Deforestation is driven by global markets

The world is at a crossroads, as humanity tries to mitigate climate change and halt biodiversity loss, while still securing a supply of food for everyone. A recent study in Nature Communications shows that global demands for commodities, especially i.....»»

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Power Logic expects strong shipments for graphics cards in 2021

Cooling fan maker Power Logic has expressed optimism about its shipments for graphics cards particularly those for high-end ones this year, thanks to the availability of new-generation GPUs......»»

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Apple supply chain creates thousands of jobs in India

The Apple supply chain's shift of operation to India, in line with the incentives provided by the Indian government, has reportedly created around 20,000 job opportunities so far in the South Asian country......»»

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NOR flash prices to soar in 3Q21

NOR flash prices are expected to rise 20-30% in the third quarter of 2021, as the memory supply becomes extremely tight, according to market sources......»»

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