The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is over 50% off for Memorial Day

Take 50% on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 with Lenovo's exclusive coupon.....»»

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Arctic could be ice-free a decade earlier than thought

The Arctic Ocean's ice cap will disappear in summer as soon as the 2030s and a decade earlier than thought, no matter how aggressively humanity draws down the carbon pollution that drives global warming, scientists said Tuesday......»»

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Researchers develop stepwise strategy for carbon dioxide reduction to multicarbon products

Though efficient C2+ production from CO2 electrocatalytic reduction reaction (CO2ERR) has become a promising approach to mitigate CO2 emissions and store intermittent renewable energy, it suffers from low selectivity and undesired side reactions......»»

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Climate: Battle lines harden over how to slash CO2

Banish fossil fuels, capture their emissions, pull CO2 from thin air—diplomats in Bonn for UN-led climate talks agree there's too much planet-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but remain at loggerheads on the best way to reduce it......»»

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Building activity produces 18% of emissions and a shocking 40% of our landfill waste

Architecture, engineering and construction employ 1.2 million people in Australia and account for 9% of GDP. But our biggest services sector also produces roughly 40% of landfill waste and accounts for 18.1% of Australia's carbon footprint. The secto.....»»

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Mazda3, CX-30, CX-5 get new Carbon Turbo variants

Mazda's Mazda3, CX-30 and CX-5 will offer new Carbon Turbo variants that get a turbocharged engine, standard all-wheel drive and distinct looks......»»

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This Lenovo laptop with 128GB of RAM is $4,500 off right now

The Lenovo ThinkPad P16 is available from Lenovo for $4,500 off its estimated market price of $9,989, so the powerful and durable machine is yours for $5,489......»»

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Climate justice: Global North owes $170 trillion for excessive carbon dioxide emissions, says study

Industrialized nations responsible for excessive levels of carbon dioxide emissions could be liable to pay a total of $170 trillion in compensation or reparations by 2050 to ensure climate change targets are met, say researchers......»»

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Fungi stores a third of carbon from fossil fuel emissions and could be essential to reaching net zero, new study reveals

Mycorrhizal fungi have been supporting life on land for at least 450 million years by helping to supply plants with soil nutrients essential for growth. In recent years, scientists have found that in addition to forming symbiotic relationships with n.....»»

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Carbon-based stimuli-responsive nanomaterials: Their classification and application

Carbon-based stimuli-responsive nanomaterials are gaining much attention due to their versatility, including disease diagnosis and treatment. They work under endogenous (pH, temperature, enzyme, and redox) or exogenous (temperature, light, magnetic f.....»»

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Amount of warming triggering carbon dioxide in air hits new peak, growing at near-record fast rate

The cause of global warming is showing no signs of slowing as heat-trapping carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere increased to record highs in its annual Spring peak, jumping at one of the fastest rates on record, officials announced Monday......»»

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This deal knocks $130 off Lenovo’s Surface-style Chromebook

If you're looking for a tablet that comes with some savings grab this deal on the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5......»»

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Don"t count on whales as "climate savers," says study

Do whales increase the removal of carbon from the atmosphere?.....»»

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Flash deal drops the price of this Lenovo laptop from $939 to $229

Lenovo frequently has some of the best around albeit with a caveat involved. Before we get to that though, you can buy a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e Gen 5 for $229, technically reduced from $939 so you save a huge $710. However, all Lenovo deals are a l.....»»

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The Lenovo Legion Pro 5 is the next-gen gaming laptop I’ve been waiting for

The Lenovo Legion Pro 5 may be focused on value, but it doesn't miss out on top-tier gaming performance......»»

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Better understanding the bonds between carbon group elements

The bonds between clusters of elements in the fourteenth group of the periodic table are known to be fickle. Ranging from the nonmetal carbon, to the metalloids silicon and germanium, to the metals tin and lead, all these elements share the same conf.....»»

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Deals: Apple AirTag 4-pack $79, $1,300 off M1 Max MacBook Pro, Sonos speakers 25% off & more

Today's top deals also include 29% off a Lefant robot vacuum, 25% off a Razer quick charging stand for Xbox, a Kindle Oasis from $100, 75% off a ThinkPad Yoga 11e Gen 5, and 42% off Beats Powerbeats Pro earbuds.Save $200 on a M2 MacBook ProThe AppleI.....»»

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Woman walking on California beach finds ancient mastodon tooth

A woman taking a Memorial Day weekend stroll on a California beach found something unusual sticking out of the sand: a tooth from an ancient mastodon......»»

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Machine learning-based protein annotation tool predicts protein function

Microbes drive key processes of life on Earth. They affect global elemental cycles—the movement of carbon, nitrogen, and other elements. They also promote plant growth and affect the development of diseases. These roles are essential in every ecosy.....»»

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Flat fullerene fragments attractive to electrons, shows study

Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have gained new insights into the unique chemical properties of spherical molecules composed entirely of carbon atoms, called fullerenes. They did it by making flat fragments of the molecules, which surprising.....»»

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Droughts increasingly reduce carbon dioxide uptake in the tropics, finds study

Plants take in CO2 to grow. They extract it from the atmosphere and use it to build organic compounds by means of photosynthesis and water. Terrestrial ecosystems have absorbed an average of about 32 percent of CO2 emissions caused by human activity.....»»

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