The firms making flour from mushrooms and cauliflower

The search for wheat alternatives is being driven by a demand for healthier diets and food security......»»

Category: hdrSource:  bbcSep 23rd, 2022

The Creator producer on making a sci-fi studio blockbuster at a fraction of the price

Producer Jim Spencer shares details on the origins of The Creator and how an original sci-fi blockbuster was made for a modest budget......»»

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Every iPhone screen has a barcode to prevent a manufacturing scam

Apple spent millions to add a barcode to iPhone displays in order to save being charged hundreds of millions by manufacturers claiming faulty screens that may not have been.Chinese display firms Lens Technology and Biel Crystal have been controversia.....»»

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Fisker gears up for 300 Ocean EV deliveries a day

After making 5,000 crossovers, Fisker is adding staff and locations in the U.S. and Europe. Bank of America sees the Ocean as a strong product but worries about Tesla's aggressive EV pricing......»»

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 just leaked with a few big surprises

Samsung appears to be making all the positive strides with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but embracing a terrible Apple imitation for the standard Galaxy S24......»»

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A Revelation About Trees Is Messing With Climate Calculations

Trees make clouds by releasing small quantities of vapors called “sesquiterpenes.” Scientists are learning more—and it’s making climate models hazy......»»

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Ethical shareholders advocate for environmental change even when it hits their wallets, study suggests

Ethical shareholders in United States firms—who are increasingly pushing for climate change—are willing to accept lower returns on their investments if it means companies change their practices to favor the environment, researchers suggest......»»

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Swissbit releases N5200 Enterprise SSD

Swissbit is expanding its data center solutions portfolio with an SSD range for enterprise server and edge data center applications. The N5200 Enterprise SSD combines reliability, durability, and scalability, making it the ideal choice for mission-cr.....»»

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Bots buying iPhone 15 Pro Max are making it harder for regular people

New research claims that scalpers have been using bots to pre-order the most in-demand iPhone 15 Pro Max, making it harder for regular buyers, and pushing back shipment dates.iPhone 15 Pro MaxApple's iPhone 15 Pro Max has proven to be a hit, with dem.....»»

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Apple researching how to make smart clothes, bags, and furniture

Apple is continuing to investigate ways of making fabric touch sensitive so that it could embed controls or detect gestures on products far beyond Apple Watch bands or iPhone cases.Detail from the patent showing a man perhaps checking the time — on.....»»

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Learn From Gaming In The EdTech Area of Maker Faire Rome

You can learn more about making games than you ever have before at Maker Faire Rome The post Learn From Gaming In The EdTech Area of Maker Faire Rome appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Flour-derived borocarbonitride enriched with boron-oxygen for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane to olefins

In a study published in the journal Science China Chemistry, catalytic performance was investigated using a fixed-bed reactor and the structure-activity relationship was studied by combining various characterizations with DFT calculations......»»

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In depression treatment trials, placebo effect is growing stronger

As with placebo pills, time is making placebo magnetic stimulation more effective. Enlarge / A decent placebo setup for transcranial magnetic stimulation is difficult to distinguish from actual treatment. (credit: Monty Rakusen).....»»

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Study demonstrates the presence of camelids in Cordoba during the Roman and al-Andalus eras

A research team has found the remains of nine different camelids, making Córdoba one of the main sites featuring this animal on the Iberian Peninsula.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsSep 26th, 2023

Making a femtosecond laser out of glass

Is it possible to make a femtosecond laser entirely out of glass? That's the rabbit hole that Yves Bellouard, head of EPFL's Galatea Laboratory, went down after years of spending hours—and hours—aligning femtosecond lasers for lab experiments......»»

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Fraud prevention forces scammers to up their game

The risk of falling victim to fraud is a constant concern for individuals, businesses, and organizations alike. As technology evolves, so too do the methods employed by fraudsters, making fraud prevention an increasingly critical and complex endeavor.....»»

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SEC obtains Wall Street firms’ private chats in probe of WhatsApp, Signal use

Execs' "messages discussing business have been handed to the SEC," report says. Enlarge / A woman walks past a WhatsApp logo during a Meta event in Mumbai, India in September 2023. (credit: Getty Images | NurPhoto ) The.....»»

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US-China rivalry spurs investment in space tech

The race to get back to the moon is fuelling US investment in private sector space firms......»»

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Amazon takes on Microsoft as it invests billions in Anthropic

The company is in a race among big tech firms to exploit the potential of artificial intelligence......»»

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Is Instagram making the great outdoors more crowded? Not as much as you might suspect

Except for modest visitor increases at a small percentage of iconic places, Instagram content is not resulting in more tourist traffic on public lands, according to a study by researchers at Oregon State University......»»

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The arrival of mandatory corporate sustainability reporting

To paraphrase the management icon Peter Drucker, you can't manage something unless you measure it. Without measurement, you can't tell if management's actions are making things better or worse. The importance and seriousness of sustainability managem.....»»

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