Tesla rises above junk-rated world following an upgrade from Moody’s

Moody’s Investors Service on Monday became the second credit ratings firm to endow Tesla with investment-grade status, upgrading the Austin-based firm’s credit score by one notch to Baa3. .....»»

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Cisco wants to give your office meeting room a major upgrade

New Cisco Room Bar Pro is a major meeting upgrade - and it's built for Microsoft Teams......»»

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Research shows real-world value of strategy courses for MBA students

More than 100,000 Master of Business Administration students graduate each year in the United States, and all of them take at least one strategy course. Even so, little is known about the effects of the degree's most popular course offering......»»

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How to use emotes in Diablo 4

Even though the game is set in a hellish world overflowing with horrific monstrosities, friendliness is always appreciated by your fellow demon hunters......»»

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How to change World Tier in Diablo 4

Difficulty has a new form. Before you head off into the depths of Sanctuary, here's how to change your World Tier and what effect it will have in Diablo 4......»»

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The world"s first flowers were pollinated by insects, says new study

Plants existed on Earth for hundreds of millions of years before the first flowers bloomed. But when flowering plants did evolve, more than 140 million years ago, they were a huge evolutionary success......»»

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Young children"s words predict reading ability—5 ways parents and caregivers can help grow them

Becoming a proficient reader holds endless possibilities for a child. These opportunties include long-term academic achievement and educational opportunities, daily life and eventual workplace success—and the magic of being transported to the world.....»»

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Tiny gold particles can help harness energy from the sun to break down pollution

When organic pollutants such as dyes, agricultural chemicals, and pharmaceuticals enter waterways all around the world, they can harm the environment and human health—and removing them can be incredibly difficult......»»

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An immersive tactile book for blind children

Children with visual impairment do not perceive the world in the same way as sighted people. As a result, they need specific educational tools, including children's books, that enhance their skills and senses. A team from the University of Geneva (UN.....»»

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How activity in outer space will affect regional inequalities in the future

Science fiction has always been a tool for processing life on Earth. Norwegian sci-fi expert Karl Kristian Swane Bambini has said that the space-bound genre is well placed to "interrogate and reimagine real-world economic disparities"......»»

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The Tesla Model 3 qualifies for the full $7,500 tax credit again

Tesla isn't saying what changed to allow the cars to qualify. Enlarge / A row of Tesla Model 3s awaits export from the company's factory in Shanghai, China. (credit: Zhang Hengwei/China News Service via Getty Images) Al.....»»

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China"s Changan suppliers push back against forced payment cuts

The suppliers said Changan, which also has partnerships with Ford Motor Co. and Mazda Motor, told them in March that a recent wave of price cuts by its rivals had hit sales of some of its models in the world's largest auto market......»»

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Illuminating the molecular ballet in living cells using an ultrafast camera

Researchers at Kyoto University, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), and Photron Limited in Japan have developed the world's fastest camera capable of detecting fluorescence from single molecules. They describe the.....»»

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The iPhone"s ducking autocorrect problem finally gets fixed

Your iPhone's autocorrect is getting a big ducking upgrade......»»

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Astronomers discover a new "warm Jupiter" on an eccentric and misaligned orbit

Using NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), astronomers have discovered a new "warm Jupiter" exoplanet. The newfound alien world, designated TOI-1859 b, orbits its parent star on an eccentric and misaligned orbit. The finding is report.....»»

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Will my Mac get macOS 14?

MacOS 14 is bringing a lot of exciting improvements to Macs and MacBooks the world over. Here's how to know whether your Mac is supported......»»

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Lawsuit claiming racism at Tesla draws almost 240 black workers saying ‘me too"

A Black former assembly line staffer at Tesla Inc. is moving to add hundreds of other workers to his 2017 lawsuit in which he called the electric-car maker's production floor a "hotbed for racist behavior.".....»»

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Research reveals ants inflict pain with neurotoxins

University of Queensland researchers have shown for the first time that some of the world's most painful ant stings target nerves, like snake and scorpion venom. This research is published in Nature Communications......»»

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Panasonic reportedly to grow EV battery production in Nevada

Tesla battery supplier Panasonic has made another move to scale up in the US. The company reportedly plans to set up a new battery production line in Gigafactory Nevada, which will likely increase output by 10%......»»

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Video: This kind of ice is actually glass

This episode of Reactions dives into something truly out-of-this-world: amorphous ice......»»

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A simple solution for nuclear matter in two dimensions

Understanding the behavior of nuclear matter—including the quarks and gluons that make up the protons and neutrons of atomic nuclei—is extremely complicated. This is particularly true in our world, which is three dimensional. Mathematical techniq.....»»

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