Taiwan makes quantum computer development a priority

The substantial increase in the number of quantum bits, also called qubits, and structural dimensions of logic gates have made the fidelity and connectivity of qubits highly critical......»»

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SOSV is building a New Jersey HAX facility for industrial, healthcare and climate startups

SOSV this morning announced work on a $50 million HAX facility in Newark, New Jersey focused on growing industrial, healthcare and climate startups. The five-year development plan utilizes $25 million from the New Jersey Economic Development Authorit.....»»

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Observing the life cycle of skyrmions in exquisite detail

For the first time, an all-RIKEN team has watched the entire life cycle of tiny magnetic whirlpools, revealing their birth, movement and death. This will be important for informing the development of future low-power memory devices based on these mag.....»»

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NASA awards five contracts for lunar landers to follow SpaceX demonstration

The announcement comes as one of the winners, Blue Origin, is suing NASA. Enlarge / A Lockheed Martin concept for a lunar lander. (credit: Lockheed Martin) NASA is moving ahead with plans to bring competition into the development of landers fo.....»»

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Highlights of the day: Monolithic/heterogeneous integration is key to semicnductor development

In a recent interview by DIGITIMES Etron chairman Nicky Lu explains why monolithic/heterogeneous integration is important to the future of the semiconductor industry. Meanwhile Apple has increased the storage capacity of its new iPhone 13 series to u.....»»

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Taiwan LCD driver IC suppliers say orders remain strong

Some Taiwan-based LCD driver IC suppliers have claimed their book-to-bill ratios remain above one with clear order visibility through the end of this year and even 2022, in response to recent reports indicating LCD panel prices have started falling d.....»»

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Corning names new president for CDTT

Corning has appointed Andrew Ho as president of Corning Display Technologies Taiwan (CDTT), replacing Daniel Tseng, who has been named president and general manager of Corning Display Technologies China......»»

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Taiwan PCB output value to top NT$800 billion in 2021

Taiwan-based PCB manufacturers are expected to see their combined output value reach between NT$756.8 billion (US$27.3 billion) and NT$827.2 billion in 2021, according to the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA)......»»

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Lasers light up neutron generation for radiography

Getting snapshots of systems and processes at precise time points is important to research and development in many fields, including biology, materials science, and engineering. Firing a neutron beam at a material is one way of gaining information; h.....»»

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Budding PS4 emulator starts to show progress, can run hundreds of games

PS4 emulation is starting to get real. Earlier this month, there was a new significant update to the promising closed source project called Spine, a PS4 emulator that runs on Linux and is in private development by Reddit user devofspine......»»

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Triangular honeycombs: Physicists design novel quantum material

Smartphones, notebooks and other electronic devices of our everyday life strongly benefit from the ever-increasing miniaturization of semiconductor devices. This development comes however at a price: confining electrons enhances their scattering– c.....»»

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TI, Onsemi raise analog chip prices, peers in Taiwan to follow suit

Analog chip vendors Texas Instruments (TI) and Onsemi have both made upward adjustments in their chip prices as delivery lead times have been prolonged to over six months, and their peer makers in Taiwan are expected to follow suit soon, according to.....»»

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OSATs busy with high-end backend services for new iPhones

Taiwan's OSATs including ASE Technology and Powertech Technology (PTI) are gearing up to extend high-end backend services for new iPhones and other Apple devices, and their momentum of shipments for Android handsets are expected weaken in the fourth.....»»

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Cobot market outlook promising

The long-term outlook for collaborative robot (cobot) demand is promising, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic spurs automation, according to Ho Shi-chi, chairman of Taiwan-based cobot maker Techman Robot......»»

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Best cheap iMac deals for September 2021

Looking to get your hands on a sleek all-in-one Mac computer? We've got the best cheap iMac deals right here......»»

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In a first, New York passes law banning new fossil fuel vehicle sales after 2034

State agencies have to create a market-development strategy by end of 2022. Enlarge / Widespread EV charging stations will be critical for New York to feasibly phase-out new fossil fuel vehicles by its 2035 deadline. (credit: Drew Angerer/Getty.....»»

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Software tool that finds spots for water-quality devices will work in Northeast

A computer software package widely used in the Midwest to strategically position riparian buffers and other structures aimed at protecting water quality on agricultural land can be used effectively in the eastern United States, with some limitations,.....»»

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New report on the importance and vulnerability of a critical nursery habitat for BC salmon

A new report on the value and vulnerability of juvenile salmon habitat in northern BC's Skeena River reveals how climate change and development are critically impacting the region—and provides a historical assessment to help inform the region's fut.....»»

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Windows 10 users can now directly stream Xbox games to their PC

Windows 10 PCs will now allow you to stream console games directly onto the computer using the Xbox App......»»

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Future of quantum information processing: Twisting light that switches direction at room temperature

Scientists have generated circularly polarized light and controlled its direction without using clunky magnets or very low temperatures. The findings, by Nagoya University researchers and colleagues in Japan, and published in the journal Advanced Mat.....»»

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Scientists can now assemble entire genomes on their personal computers in minutes

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Institut Pasteur in France have developed a technique for reconstructing whole genomes, including the human genome, on a personal computer. This technique is about a hundred times.....»»

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