Systems approach helps assess public health impacts of changing climate, environmental policies

A team co-led by a Washington State University scientist offers an alternative way to understand and minimize health impacts from human-caused changes to the climate and environment in a new study published in the journal One Earth. .....»»

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Ocean acidity data affirms predictions of changes to El Nino conditions

Score one for a key climate change prediction......»»

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Changing ocean currents are driving extreme winter weather

Throughout Earth's oceans runs a conveyor belt of water. Its churning is powered by differences in the water's temperature and saltiness, and weather patterns around the world are regulated by its activity......»»

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NASA challenges K-12 students to design moon-digging robots

NASA seeks young engineers to help design a new robot concept for an excavation mission on the Moon. The Lunabotics Junior Contest is open to K-12 students in U.S. public and private schools, as well as home-schoolers......»»

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Innovative models predict effects of climate change on nor"easters

Argonne-developed high-resolution models predict the effect of climate change on the extratropical storms that bear down on the Northeast in the winter......»»

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Why the Physics Nobel Honored Climate Science and Complex Systems

The prestigious award finally recognizes work that helped scientists understand climate change and, more broadly, find order in disorder -- Read more on»»

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Pandemic Year One Saw a Dramatic Global Rise in Anxiety and Depression

In hindsight, 2020 witnessed a disproportionate mental health burden on women and young people -- Read more on»»

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Risk of Dangerous Heat Exposure Is Growing Quickly in Cities

Population growth, climate change and the urban heat island effect are combining to put more people at risk -- Read more on»»

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You Can Measure This Fundamental Quantum Constant Using LEDs

Planck’s constant helps us understand atomic-sized things. One of the best ways to grok it is through this experiment involving different colors of light......»»

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The (Very Slow) Race to Move Forests in Time to Save Them

Trees have always migrated to survive. But now they need help to avoid climate catastrophe......»»

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NASA Is Preparing for the Ravages of Climate Change

The agency knows it needs to adapt to climate-driven events that will increasingly threaten coastal launch sites and other key space infrastructure......»»

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The FAA Weighs the SpaceX Launch Site"s Environmental Effects

The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting a review and public hearings involving the space company's expanded site in Boca Chica, Texas......»»

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Microplastics May Be Cooling—and Heating—Earth’s Climate

Tiny bits of plastic are swirling in the sky, and a new model suggests they could be subtly affecting the climate......»»

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Research suggests canals can help the UK to cope with the climate emergency

Research published by The University of Manchester and the Canal & River Trust has shown that the presence of canal water can cool urban areas by up to 1.6°C during heatwaves in a 100-meter-wide corridor along the waterway......»»

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Astronomers detect signs of an atmosphere stripped from a planet in a giant impact

Young planetary systems generally experience extreme growing pains, as infant bodies collide and fuse to form progressively larger planets. In our own solar system, the Earth and moon are thought to be products of this type of giant impact. Astronome.....»»

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Humans did not cause woolly mammoths to go extinct—climate change did: study

For five million years, woolly mammoths roamed the earth until they vanished for good nearly 4,000 years ago—and scientists have finally proved why......»»

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Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High Above $65K

Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has hit a new all-time high above $65,000. From a report: The crypto broke above its previous high of $64,889 reached in April. Bitcoin is currently changing hands for around $65,6.....»»

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Why we must embrace geoengineering and other technologies to stop the climate crisis

Recent adverse climate events—such as summer wildfires—have given Canadians something to worry about. Despite reports that most countries are not on track to meet their 2030 emissions targets to keep the Earth's warming to within 1.5 C to 2 C, ma.....»»

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Is environmentalism in our genes?

As global environmental crises mount, numerous policies have been proposed with an eye toward a more sustainable future. However, such recommendations have often gone unheeded, falling by the wayside for lack of public support......»»

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Millions of people were evacuated during disasters last year – another rising cost of climate change

As world leaders prepare for the COP26 climate talks next month, it's worth recalling a sobering line from the royal commission's report into the 2019–20 Australian bushfires: "what was unprecedented is now our future.".....»»

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Climate crisis: How states may be held responsible for impact on children

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has determined that a government can, in theory, be held to account for the impact its country's carbon emissions have on its children, both within and outside of its borders. This is in response to a compl.....»»

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