Switching nanomagnets using infrared lasers

When molecules are irradiated with infrared light, they begin to vibrate due to the energy supply. For Andreas Hauser from the Institute of Experimental Physics at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), this well-known phenomenon was the starting p.....»»

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Hubble takes first image since switching to new pointing mode

The Hubble Space Telescope has been through some troubles of late, but it recently took a beautiful image of a nearby galaxy......»»

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Turning infrared light visible: New device uses 2D material to up-convert infrared light

The human eye can only see light at certain frequencies (called the visible spectrum), the lowest of which constitutes red light. Infrared light, which we can't see, has an even lower frequency than red light. Researchers at the Indian Institute of S.....»»

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Striking new Webb image showing alignment of bipolar jets confirms star formation theories

For the first time, a phenomenon astronomers have long hoped to image directly has been captured by the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope's Near-InfraRed Camera (NIRCam). In this stunning image of the Serpens Nebula, the discovery lies in the n.....»»

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Research highlights potential of photo-driven fin field-effect transistors

Infrared detectors are the core components of infrared detection systems and play an important role in fields such as night vision, remote sensing, and health monitoring. In this context, the utilization of mature silicon technologies to develop mini.....»»

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Switching nanomagnets using infrared lasers

When molecules are irradiated with infrared light, they begin to vibrate due to the energy supply. For Andreas Hauser from the Institute of Experimental Physics at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), this well-known phenomenon was the starting p.....»»

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iOS 18 finally adds T9 dialling on iPhone

A long-requested feature for Android users switching to iPhone is the addition of T9 dialling. This is a shortcut to dialling phone numbers from your address book, by typing in letters on the keypad. For instance, to call John you’d press 5 6 4.....»»

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Novel quantum sensor breaks limits of optical measurement using entanglement

The Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) has developed a novel quantum sensor technology that allows the measurement of perturbations in the infrared region with visible light by leveraging the phenomenon of quantum entanglement......»»

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Researchers demonstrate new way to "squeeze" infrared light

Researchers have for the first time demonstrated that a specific class of oxide membranes can confine, or "squeeze," infrared light—a finding that holds promise for next generation infrared imaging technologies. The thin-film membranes confine infr.....»»

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New chip-scale erbium-based laser offers broad wavelength tunability

Lasers have revolutionized the world since the 60s and are now indispensable in modern applications, from cutting-edge surgery and precise manufacturing to data transmission across optical fibers......»»

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Neuroscience can explain why voting is so often driven by emotion

The British electorate has been more volatile than ever in recent years. The elections of 2015 and 2017 saw the highest number of voters switching parties in modern history. And current polling suggests we're about to see more of the same......»»

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Microsoft is reworking Recall after researchers point out its security problems

Windows Hello authentication, additional encryption being added to protect data. Enlarge / Microsoft's Recall feature is switching to be opt-in by default, and is adding new encryption protections in an effort to safeguard user d.....»»

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JWST discovers large variety of carbon-rich gases that serve as ingredients for future planets around very low-mass star

Planets form in disks of gas and dust, orbiting young stars. The MIRI Mid-INfrared Disk Survey (MINDS), led by Thomas Henning from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg, Germany, aims to establish a representative disk sample. B.....»»

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Fmovies and Other Piracy Streaming Giants Switch to New Domains

Several of the largest pirate movie streaming sites, including Fmovies and Sflix, relocated to new homes over the weekend, switching domain registrars in the process. No official explanation was provided, but global vulnerability to Indian court orde.....»»

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Gold nanoparticles that selectively emit left- or right-handed light

When chiral gold nanoparticles are irradiated with near-infrared femtosecond pulses, visible emission of luminescence is observed. In a study published in Advanced Optical Materials, this luminescence was found to yield high selectivity for left- or.....»»

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Embarrassing Qualcomm ad claims "I"m a Mac" actor is switching to Windows ARM over notifications

Actor Justin Long now stars in a painful Qualcomm ad that requires you to remember "I'm a Mac," care about it, and fathom what his coffee mug means.Good luck figuring out the significance of the mugApple's "I'm a Mac" ads were effective and funny. Th.....»»

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Google is making it easier to ditch your iPhone for an Android phone

Switching from iPhone to Android isn't a smooth process, especially with photos. But Google's Data Transfer Tool update may make it easier......»»

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Simple food swaps could cut greenhouse gas emissions from household groceries by a quarter

Switching food and drink purchases to very similar but more environmentally friendly alternatives could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from household groceries by more than a quarter (26%), according to a new Australian study from The George Ins.....»»

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Cities Are Switching to Electric Vehicles Faster Than Individuals

Electric trucks and sedans have proven popular with municipal fleets, but cities have also bought niche vehicles such as an electric Zamboni.....»»

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New insights into the interaction of femtosecond lasers with living tissue

Nonlinear light microscopy has revolutionized our ability to observe and understand complex biological processes. However, light can also damage living matter. Yet, the mechanism behind the irreversible perturbation of cellular processes by intense l.....»»

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NASA"s compact infrared cameras enable new science

A new, higher-resolution infrared camera outfitted with a variety of lightweight filters could probe sunlight reflected off Earth's upper atmosphere and surface, improve forest fire warnings, and reveal the molecular composition of other planets......»»

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