Sustainable Development Goals partnerships may perpetuate inequalities between countries

Partnerships between organizations that support the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) may perpetuate inequalities in resources between high and low-income countries according to new research. The findings are p.....»»

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Potential new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease would be relatively cheap

Researchers have discovered a protein involved in the development of Alzheimer's disease. Studies in mice showed that eliminating this protein entirely or using drugs to block its function reduced physical changes in the brain associated with the dis.....»»

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Deep learning dreams up new protein structures

Just as convincing images of cats can be created using artificial intelligence, new proteins can now be made using similar tools. In a report in Nature, researchers describe the development of a neural network that "hallucinates" proteins with new, s.....»»

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Are small farms the solution to food insecurity? Uganda study shows policies can get it wrong

Around the developing world, agriculture remains a critical source of livelihood. In many low-income countries, the sector accounts for around 30% of gross domestic product, and 60% of employment. At the same time, most of the world's extreme poor li.....»»

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Climate action can lessen poverty and inequality worldwide

If all countries adopted the same tax on carbon emissions and returned the revenues to their citizens, it is possible to keep the global temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius while also benefiting well-being, reducing inequality, and al.....»»

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Africa"s growing road network may affect ecosystems

The mission to integrate African economies relies on the development and construction of major infrastructure, from roads to railways and ports across the continent. For instance, the 1,900km Nacala corridor aims to connect the landlocked regions of.....»»

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Researchers identify key RNA "gatekeeper" in gene expression, pointing to possible new drug targets

An important player in the healthy development of female embryos turns out also to play a key role in regulating the behavior of chromosome loops and gene expression in both sexes, according to a new study by researchers at Massachusetts General Hosp.....»»

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Modified protein from rattlesnake venom permits development of drug to modulate blood clotting

Researchers in Brazil and Belgium have developed a molecule of pharmaceutical interest from collinein-1, a protein found in rattlesnake venom. They used a technique called PEGylation to make the molecule, now called PEG-rCollinein-1, more stable in t.....»»

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WHO Says Omicron Has Been Found in 23 Countries Across the World

The World Health Organization said Wednesday that 23 countries across the world have reported cases of the highly mutated omicron Covid-19 variant. From a report: "At least 23 countries from five of six WHO regions have now reported cases of omicron.....»»

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Sustainable agriculture: Mobile weed killer for tree nurseries

Fraunhofer researchers have collaborated with partners to develop a platform to remove weeds fully automatically. The mobile AMU-Bot robot system navigates using optical sensors and removes weeds mechanically without the need for chemicals. The resea.....»»

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Development of polyimide-mica nanocomposite film with high resistance to low-Earth-orbit environments

Polyimide (PI) composite films are widely used on the external surfaces of spacecraft to protect them from the adverse environments of low Earth orbit (LEO) due to their outstanding comprehensive performance. However, current PI composite films have.....»»

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TSMC advanced packaging enters next phase of development, says company VP

TSMC's 3DFabric family of 3D silicon stacking and advanced packaging technologies is in the next stage of its development, advancing from system integration to system scaling, according to Douglas Yu, company VP of Pathfinding for System Integration......»»

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HKUST establishes AI chip design R&D consortium with ambitious goals

The AI Chip Center for Emerging Smart Systems (ACCESS) founded by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) convened a press conference on the 30th of November to share the vision of fostering a semi-open R&D platform bridging the ga.....»»

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A way to reduce air pollution deaths as climate change mitigation goals are set

A team of researchers from China and the U.S. has found that it should be possible to dramatically reduce deaths due to air pollution over the coming decades if climate mitigation strategies are designed with short-term health improvements in mind. I.....»»

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Malaysia leverages innovation sandbox to become Southeast Asia"s drone powerhouse

Starting from 2016, Malaysia has incubated a handful of renowned startups although the country is still in the early stages of drone development thanks to its innovation sandbox policy......»»

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Raspberry Pi is reportedly planning an IPO next year

The arm of the Foundation responsible for product development and sales, known as Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd, has reportedly been analyzed by investment bankers from Stifel and Liberum. Sources who spoke to the Telegraph claim Raspberry Pi could be val.....»»

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Healthier UK diets linked to lower greenhouse gas emissions

A new analysis adds to evidence that nutritious diets are often more environmentally sustainable, while also demonstrating the feasibility of evaluating diet sustainability at the scale of specific foods -- rather than broader food-group categories......»»

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We might not know half of what’s in our cells, new AI technique reveals

Artificial intelligence-based technique reveals previously unknown cell components that may provide new clues to human development and disease......»»

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Marvel MMO Is Reportedly In Development At DC Universe Online Studio

Dimensional Ink Studios is reportedly working on a Marvel MMO, according to a new report. The post Marvel MMO Is Reportedly In Development At DC Universe Online Studio appeared first on PlayStation Universe. Dimensional Ink Studios, the studio b.....»»

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Crowdsourcing data to monitor progress on sustainable development goals

Monitoring progress on our way to successfully achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is key to their achievement, but there are significant data gaps that make this crucial exercise difficult. A new IIASA-led study explored the use of a.....»»

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New tool predicts where coronavirus binds to human proteins

A computational tool allows researchers to precisely predict locations on the surfaces of human and COVID-19 viral proteins that bind with each other, a breakthrough that will greatly benefit our understanding of the virus and the development of drug.....»»

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