Surface Duo 2 vs. Surface Duo: Which is better?

Microsoft's Surface Duo was an interesting product. We find out whether its sequel can be even better in this guide......»»

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Questionable "AirPods Pro 2" pictures surface showing only minor changes

Alleged leaked images of a new generation of AirPods Pro have surfaced online, though the source of the leak has an unproven track record.Credit: MacRumorsApple is thought to be working on new "AirPods Pro 2" as an addition to its personal audio acce.....»»

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I installed Android apps on a Surface Pro 8, and it felt on par with an iPad

I used Android apps on my Surface Pro 8 in Windows 11, and the experience was a game changer, finally making the device a better tablet......»»

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Chemists develop a fundamentally new mode of adsorption

A research team, led by Northwestern Universitychemists, has made a breakthrough in surface science by introducing a new active mechanism of adsorption. Such adsorption-based phenomena, in which molecules are attracted onto a solid surface, are essen.....»»

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 debuts: Better, but not enough

The second generation Surface Duo is here with better internal components and vastly improved software, but it is not quite there yet......»»

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Ten mysteries of Venus

The surface of Venus is completely inhospitable for life: barren, dry, crushed under an atmosphere about 90 times the pressure of Earth's and roasted by temperatures two times hotter than an oven. But was it always that way? Could Venus once have bee.....»»

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 review: A great second impression

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 addresses most qualms we had with the original. It's both quirky and fun to use......»»

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A Huge Subterranean ‘Tree’ Is Moving Magma to Earth’s Surface

Deep in the mantle, a branching plume of intensely hot material appears to be the engine powering vast volcanic activity......»»

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NASA time-lapse shows Mars rover speeding across planet’s surface

A time-lapse video released by NASA this week shows its six-wheeled Perseverance rover tackling the rocky terrain of Mars......»»

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MacBook Pro 14-inch vs. Surface Laptop Studio: Flagship showdown

The newest high-end laptops you can buy include the MacBook Pro 14 inch and the Surface Laptop Studio. We compared the price, specs, and features......»»

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Distribution of soil bacterial community in surface and deep layers reported along elevational gradient

Soil microorganisms are important components of the soil ecosystem, they play critical roles in biogeochemical and nutrient cycling processes. The distribution pattern of bacterial community along the elevational gradient is critical for predicting f.....»»

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Toxic "forever chemicals" found in tap water raise questions for scientists

Several chemicals found in South Florida tap water and surface water belong to a concerning group of contaminants that can pose serious health risks to humans and wildlife......»»

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is so cheap at Best Buy it could be a mistake

Save $150 on this fantastic Microsoft Surface Laptop Go at Best Buy for a limited time only.....»»

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Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable won out over the Surface Pro 7, but the Surface Pro 8 takes back the top spot......»»

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The Moon Will Soon Have Its Own Internet

"Humanity will return to the lunar surface in 2024 as part of the Artemis program," writes the Auto Evolution site. "However, before NASA begins shuttling people to our natural satellite, it has to build a network there that will go beyond Earth's l.....»»

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Perseverance rover captures stunning panoramic image of Mars’s South Séítah

NASA has released a stunning panoramic view of the surface of Mars, composed of pictures taken by the Perseverance rover......»»

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Microsoft might be building its own version of the Apple M1 chip for Surface

A recent job posting suggests that Microsoft could be developing its own M1 competitor for next-gen Surface devices, but it's too soon to say for sure......»»

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Pro 8: is it time to upgrade?

Is the new Microsoft Surface Pro 8 worth the upgrade over the earlier Surface Pro 7? It depends on what you're looking to get out of it......»»

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Seminal Michael Faraday paper digitally stored in fluorescent dyes

The dyes are cheap to make, but they can't be read without a special microscope. Harvard researchers have developed a data-storage approach based on mixtures of fluorescent dyes that are printed onto an epoxy surface in tiny spots. The mix.....»»

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3D structure of cell receptor with critical role in health and disease

Cells communicate with their environment via receptors on their surface. When a protein approaches these receptors, they can pass along a message to the inside of the cell, for example the instruction to grow which can lead to tumor formation. New re.....»»

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Surface chemistry reveals corrosive secrets

One can easily see with the naked eye that leaving an old nail out in the rain causes rust. What does require the keen eyes and sensitive nose of microscopy and spectroscopy is observing how iron corrodes and forms new minerals, especially in water w.....»»

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