Supermicro expanding output to meet robust AI server demand

Supermicro is expanding production capacity at its factory sites in the US, Taiwan, and the Netherlands to meet the rising demand for AI servers, according to founder and company CEO Charles Liang......»»

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Workers uncover eight mummies and pre-Inca objects while expanding the gas network in Peru

Some archaeologists describe Peru's capital as an onion with many layers of history, others consider it a box of surprises. That's what some gas line workers got when their digging uncovered eight pre-Inca funeral bales......»»

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Google continues to awkwardly push for iPhone RCS integration in new "Meet iPager" video

Google has taken yet another awkward swipe at Apple's iPhone 15 and iMessage with another video designed to goad the company into adopting RCS.The video, dubbed "Meet iPager," is heavily stylized to look like one of Apple's signature product launch v.....»»

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Apple Stores worldwide -- including China -- are packed for iPhone 15

Allaying fears of lesser demand in China, stores in the country were as packed for the launch of iPhone 15 as everywhere else.A woman with her new iPhone 15 Pro Max in Apple Central World, BangkokAlso new in stores are the update AirPods Pro (2nd gen.....»»

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Wedbush says iPhone 15 Pro Max is "a clear standout"

Investment firm Wedbush reports that launch day demand for the iPhone 15 in Apple Stores matches the higher than expected pre-orders for the range.Buying the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Sydney, Australia (Source: Apple)Wedbush previously reported that it es.....»»

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Solar sails could reach Mars in just 26 days

A recent study submitted to Acta Astronautica and currently available on the arXiv preprint server explores the potential for using aerographite solar sails for traveling to Mars and interstellar space, which could dramatically reduce both the time a.....»»

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Gold nanoclusters can improve electrochemical water splitting to produce hydrogen

As energy demand continues to rise, research into new, efficient renewable and clean energy sources is an urgent priority. Currently, renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tide, and geothermal make up less than 40% of the current energy demand......»»

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Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Go 3 is officially no longer a budget PC

The Surface Go tablet also gets an update, but only for business customers. Enlarge / Meet the Surface Laptop Go 3. It looks a lot like the Laptop Go 2. NEW YORK—Microsoft is updating two of the cheapest, cutest Sur.....»»

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Fortress Information Security partners with NetRise to secure software supply chains

Fortress Information Security and NetRise partnered to offer a new, innovative Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) transparency solution to secure software supply chains and meet evolving regulatory requirements for software transparency. Fortress̵.....»»

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Researchers advance topological superconductors for quantum computing

Quantum computers process information using quantum bits, or qubits, based on fragile, short-lived quantum mechanical states. To make qubits robust and tailor them for applications, researchers from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Labor.....»»

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Hyundai hurries to finish factory in Georgia to meet US EV demand

The Korean automaker now wants to start production in Georgia in 2024. Enlarge / Hyundai's well-rated Ioniq 6 could go into production in the US, which would make it eligible for a $7,500 tax credit. (credit: Hyundai) Hy.....»»

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Insights into the biodiversity of annelids in the world"s largest deep-sea mineral exploration region

The demand for rare raw materials, such as cobalt, is fueling the exploration of the deep-sea floor for mining. Commercial deep-sea mining is currently prohibited in areas beyond national jurisdiction, but companies are permitted exploratory operatio.....»»

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Meet Fitbit’s Newly-Redesigned Smartphone App

With that said, Fitbit finally took off the wraps on its new app, giving users an idea of what they can expect in managing and tracking their health and fitness. The post Meet Fitbit’s Newly-Redesigned Smartphone App appeared first on Phandroid.....»»

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Virtual influencers: Meet AI-generated figures posing as your new online friends—as they try to sell you stuff

The future of influence is here: a digital avatar that captivates millions of adoring fans while offering unparalleled customisation and round-the-clock availability......»»

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This Lenovo laptop is usually $3,759, but today it’s $1,239

The Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 4 is robust yet powerful with a great screen. It's on sale now at Lenovo and is perfect for business users......»»

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iPhone 15 exceeding sales expectations in China with many retailers selling out in minutes

The iPhone 15 has gained significant attention and demand in China, exceeding initial expectations and countering previous predictions of potential challenges for the company due to increased competition from Huawei and government restrictions on iPh.....»»

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Turkish astronomers investigate open cluster NGC 2509

Using data from ESA's Gaia satellite, astronomers from the Istanbul University have inspected a Galactic open cluster known as NGC 2509. Results of the study, published September 10 on the pre-print server arXiv, deliver important insights into the s.....»»

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Researchers unveil new flexible adhesive with exceptional recovery and adhesion properties for electronic devices

The rapid advancements in flexible electronic technology have led to the emergence of innovative devices such as foldable displays, wearables, e-skin, and medical devices. These breakthroughs have created a growing demand for flexible adhesives that.....»»

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Efforts to clean up power sector too slow: watchdog

Many of the most polluting countries are failing to cut carbon emissions from their energy sectors quickly enough to meet the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, a watchdog said on Tuesday......»»

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Organizations are racing against time to meet the PCI DSS 4.0 deadline

Payment data security concerns remain widespread as organizations undertake significant lift to meet the PCI DSS 4.0 deadline, according to Bluefin. 94% of survey respondents said they have significant or very significant concerns pertaining to payme.....»»

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The turbo-charged plants that could boost farm output

Researchers are tweaking the photosynthesis process to raise the output of crops like soy, maize and wheat......»»

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