Studying the big bang with artificial intelligence

It could hardly be more complicated: tiny particles whir around wildly with extremely high energy, countless interactions occur in the tangled mess of quantum particles, and this results in a state of matter known as "quark-gluon plasma". Immediately.....»»

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Research reveals surprising inactivation mechanism for a voltage-gated ion channel

Scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are studying voltage-gated ion channels (VGICs). Their work revealed a previously unknown mechanism of inactivation for one such channel that plays an important role in how neurons and muscles respo.....»»

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Israeli firm hopes AI can curb drownings

An Israeli city is testing whether an artificial intelligence programme that detects drowning threats can help save lives off its beaches......»»

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Collaboration reveals interplay between charge order and superconductivity at nanoscale

High temperature superconductivity is something of a holy grail for researchers studying quantum materials. Superconductors, which conduct electricity without dissipating energy, promise to revolutionize our energy and telecommunication power systems.....»»

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Canada Set To Ban Chinese Tech Giant Huawei From 5G Network

Canada is planning to ban Huawei from working on Canada's fifth-generation networks. reports: The move puts Canada in line with key intelligence allies like the United States which have expressed concerns about the national security implicatio.....»»

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Canada to ban Huawei, ZTE 5G equipment, joining Five Eyes allies

Canada on Thursday said it plans to ban the use of China's Huawei Technologies and ZTE 5G gear to protect national security, joining the rest of the so-called Five Eyes intelligence-sharing network......»»

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Blurring the boundary between Floquet matter and metamaterials

Metamaterials—artificial media with tailored subwavelength structures—have now encompassed a broad range of novel properties that are unavailable in nature. This field of research has stretched across different wave platforms, leading to the disc.....»»

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Extending the lifespan of artificial cell membranes from five days to almost two months

The cell membrane, which contains a hydrophilic exterior and a hydrophobic interior, opens and closes ion channels like a water faucet and converts a physicochemical stimulus into an electrical signal that is then transmitted to cells. Until recently.....»»

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DeepMind Unveils "Gato" AI Capable of Completing a Wide Range of Complex Tasks

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Independent: Human-level artificial intelligence is close to finally being achieved, according to a lead researcher at Google's DeepMind AI division. Dr Nando de Freitas said "the game is over" in the deca.....»»

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US Officials Say Pentagon Committed To Understanding UFO Origins

Two senior U.S. defense intelligence officials said on Tuesday the Pentagon is committed to determining the origins of what it calls "unidentified aerial phenomena" -- commonly termed UFOs -- but acknowledged many remain beyond the government's abili.....»»

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Playing Video Games Has An Unexpected Effect On Kids" IQ, Says New Study

Researchers have linked spending more time playing video games with a boost in intelligence in children, which goes some way to contradicting the narrative that gaming is bad for young minds. ScienceAlert reports: While the difference in cognitive ab.....»»

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WeavAir looking for specialized sensory chips suppliers for fully automated air-monitoring solution

Aware of the air quality and the impact of exhaust emissions since her days studying Ph.D., Natalia Mykhaylova and her team at WeavAir created an analytics tool to help clients in hospitality, retail, transportation, commercial, logistics, and indust.....»»

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Unanticipated high mortality rate of participants in multidecade juvenile justice study

Gun-related deaths are at a record high, according to a recent report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rising 35 percent during the first year of the pandemic. Northwestern researcher Linda Teplin, who has been studying the juv.....»»

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US Warns of Discrimination in Using AI To Screen Job Candidates

The federal government says that artificial intelligence technology to screen new job candidates or monitor worker productivity can unfairly discriminate against people with disabilities, sending a warning to employers that the commonly used hiring t.....»»

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NASA supports Event Horizon Telescope in studying Milky Way"s black hole

The black hole at the center of our galaxy is the subject of a groundbreaking new image from the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration......»»

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Tiling mechanisms of the Drosophila compound eye through geometrical tessellation

Tile patterns in which the same shape is laid out without gaps can be seen on castle walls and chess boards in artificial objects, and in insect compound eyes and beehives in biology. Square tiles are common in artificial objects, while hexagonal til.....»»

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Keytos EZMonitor prevents breaches and SSL related outages

Keytos launched EZMonitor, a security monitoring system that uses intelligence to help organizations gain full visibility into their X509 certificate health preventing costly SSL related outages, as well as detecting phishing and man in the middle at.....»»

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BalkanID raises $5.75 million and launches a solution to provide visibility into risky entitlements

BalkanID announced $5.75 million in seed funding and the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution. BalkanID’s solution leverages artificial intelligence and workflow automation to prov.....»»

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Massive eruption of Tongan volcano provides an explosion of data on atmospheric waves

The Hunga volcano ushered in 2022 with a bang, devastating the island nation of Tonga and sending aid agencies, and Earth scientists, into a flurry of activity. It had been nearly 140 years since an eruption of this scale shook the Earth......»»

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Changes in cholesterol production lead to tragic octopus death spiral

For all their uncanny intelligence and seemingly supernatural abilities to change color and regenerate limbs, octopuses often suffer a tragic death. After a mother octopus lays a clutch of eggs, she quits eating and wastes away; by the time the eggs.....»»

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Scientists enhance X-ray data analysis with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every scientific field, from biology to materials science. When it comes to some types of X-ray experiments, new AI approaches have enabled researchers to obtain a more accurate analysis of their samples a.....»»

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