Study find physical weathering of rock breakdown more important than previously recognized

Research led by the University of Wyoming shows that physical weathering is far more important than previously recognized in the breakdown of rock in mountain landscapes. Because it is difficult to measure, physical weathering has commonly been assum.....»»

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The best GIF-maker apps and websites for 2021

We've searched far to find the best GIF makers for your phone and desktop apps and sites for crafting GIFs......»»

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The best browser for Mac in 2021

Which is the best web browser on the Mac? We've pitted the best against each other to find out which option is ideal for your MacOS web browsing experience......»»

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Engineers find a way to control chemical catalysts with sculpted light

Like a person breaking up a cat fight, the role of catalysts in a chemical reaction is to hurry up the process—and come out of it intact. And, just as not every house in a neighborhood has someone willing to intervene in such a battle, not every pa.....»»

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New study compiles four years of corn loss data from 26 states and Ontario, Canada

Plant pathologists working at universities across 26 corn-producing states in the United States and in Ontario, Canada, compiled data about annual corn reductions caused by diseases. Estimated loss from each disease varied greatly by region......»»

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IEEE Medal of Honor Goes to Data Compression Pioneer Jacob Ziv

He is behind the Lempel-Ziv compression algorithms .entry-content .tisubhead { color: #999999; font-family: verdana; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; letter-spacing: 1px; margin-bottom: -5px !important; text-trans.....»»

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Getting the Most Out of Internal Audit

An effective internal audit team can provide great value to an organization. It's encouraging this is starting to be recognized. Continue reading........»»

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That"s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

With the fall of third-party cookies, innovators, creators and startups now have an opportunity to find creative solutions for the advertising world. Continue reading........»»

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In lab study, nanoparticle shows promising results for treating severe allergies

For about one in 13 children in the U.S., normally harmless foodstuffs such as milk, eggs and peanuts can send the body's natural defenses into overdrive......»»

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New videos show RNA as it"s never been seen

A new Northwestern University-led study is unfolding the mystery of how RNA molecules fold themselves to fit inside cells and perform specific functions. The findings could potentially break down a barrier to understanding and developing treatments f.....»»

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A new way to look for gravitational waves

In a paper published today in Physical Review Letters, Valerie Domcke of CERN and Camilo Garcia-Cely of DESY report on a new technique to search for gravitational waves—the ripples in the fabric of spacetime that were first detected by the LIGO and.....»»

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Man offers local government $71 million to help him find drive containing 7,500 Bitcoin

Howells, 35, mined 7,500 Bitcoin back in 2009 when they were worth almost nothing. He gave up his mining endeavours after his girlfriend became sick of the noise, selling his equipment but holding on to the hard drive containing his private keys......»»

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Intel launches Phantom Canyon NUC 11 with Tiger Lake processor and discrete Nvidia graphics

Intel has previously gone the discrete GPU route for its NUC series with the Ghost Canyon NUC 9 Extreme and has now made a second (albeit less extreme) attempt with the Phantom Canyon NUC 11. In addition to this flagship model that features an Nvidia.....»»

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Guppies have varying levels of self-control

Just like humans trying to stick to New Year's resolutions, guppies have varying levels of self-control, a new study shows......»»

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A security researcher commandeered a country’s expired top-level domain to save it from hackers

In mid-October, a little-known but critically important domain name for one country’s internet space began to expire. The domain — — was one of two nameservers for the .cd country code top-level domain, assigned to the Demo.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Galaxy S20: What difference does a year make?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 may be Samsung's latest smartphone, but is it really any better than the Galaxy S20? We put the two devices to the test to find out......»»

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Facial Recognition Reveals Political Party In Troubling New Research

Researchers have created a machine learning system that they claim can determine a person's political party, with reasonable accuracy, based only on their face. TechCrunch reports: The study, which appeared this week in the Nature journal Scientific.....»»

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The Richer You are, The More Likely You"ll Social Distance, Study Finds

The higher a person's income, the more likely they were to protect themselves at the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States, Johns Hopkins University economists find. From a report: When it comes to adopting behaviors including so.....»»

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Medical Study Suggests iPhone 12 With MagSafe Can Deactivate Pacemakers

AmiMoJo shares a report from 9to5Mac: When Apple revived MagSafe with the iPhone 12 lineup, one question brought up was how these latest devices with more magnets would interact with medical devices like pacemakers. Apple's official word was that iPh.....»»

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Lack of managers keeps India"s businesses small

In today's economy, American businesses often tap into professional management to grow, but most firms in India and other developing countries are family owned and often shun outside managers. A new study co-authored by Yale economist Michael Peters.....»»

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Turn off that camera during virtual meetings, environmental study says

It's not just to hide clutter anymore—add "saving the planet" to the reasons you leave the camera off during your next virtual meeting......»»

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