Student "slave auctions" illustrate the existence of a hidden culture of domination and subjugation in US schools

In an otherwise normal football season, two California high schools abruptly canceled the remainder of their games for the same reason. Players on both teams participated in troublesome acts of racism......»»

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Brushtail possums can learn from their peers, researcher finds

Using a $9 dog treat toy, University of Canterbury (UC) Master's student Emma Godfrey has conducted research showing, for the first time, that common brushtail possums can learn from their peers......»»

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Heritage and culture key for Thai confectioners to compete with western brands

Traditional confectionary in Thailand is getting crowded out of the market by major western brands; but a new study suggests local manufacturers can fight back by using their country's local heritage and culture to gain competitive advantage......»»

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HomePod mini keeps getting smarter, here’s how to unlock its potential [Video]

When Apple updated the HomePod mini to 16.3, they added the ability to access the long-hidden humidity and temperature sensors concealed within the speakers. The sensors unlock a number of possibilities within HomeKit, including some great smart hom.....»»

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iOS 16 Home Screen master class: 85 tips, tricks, and hidden features – do you know them all?

If you’ve been an iPhone user for any significant amount of time, chances are you’re well-versed in managing the iOS Home Screen. Seasoned veterans have no-doubt adopted best practices for managing Home Screen apps icons, interfacing with the Ap.....»»

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Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake: health upgrade locations

If you're looking to add some additional pairs of underoos to Spongebob's health pool, you won't want to miss the game's couple of hidden health upgrades.....»»

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Research demonstrates need for student loan policies that encourage college enrollment

On February 28, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear arguments in two cases challenging the legality of the Biden administration's student loan debt relief program, which, if it prevailed, would cancel about $400 million in debt for about.....»»

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Newly-named species of tree-dwelling snakes threatened by mining

Five new tree-dwelling snake species were discovered in the jungles of Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama. Conservationists Leonardo DiCaprio, Brian Sheth, Re:wild, and Nature and Culture International chose the names for three of them in honor of loved o.....»»

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15 years later, the MacBook Air could soon have its best year ever

The MacBook Air is 15 years old, and it could be about to enter the most exciting phase of its existence. Here’s why the next year could be its best yet......»»

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ChatGPT passes exams from law and business schools

ChatGPT is smart enough to pass prestigious graduate-level exams -- though not with particularly high marks......»»

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Asian American shootings: This is "not an exception" and other issues need to be discussed, says professor

Days after two California massacres involving the Asian American community, many are seeking to understand what drove two men to commit these crimes. Primary among questions are the role of culture and society, and whether mental health is a pressing.....»»

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Study uncovers widespread unethical practice for assigning authorships to research papers

A recently published survey study of Ph.D. students reveals that an ethically questionable culture for assigning authorships to research papers is widespread within the medical and natural sciences across Europe......»»

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Mental health services on college campuses promote student success, report finds

Penn State's Center for Collegiate Mental Health has released the results of its 2022 Annual Report examining the factors associated with voluntary withdrawal from school during counseling services. This investigation was deemed essential given conce.....»»

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Mathematicians prove the existence of hidden attractors in an electrical circuit

Scientists from St Petersburg University and the Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IRE RAS), together with Professor Leon Chua from the University of California, Berkeley, have demonstrated e.....»»

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Europe"s JUICE spacecraft ready to explore Jupiter"s icy moons

Europe's JUICE spacecraft is all ready to embark on an eight-year odyssey through the Solar System to find out whether the oceans hidden under the surface of Jupiter's icy moons have the potential to host extraterrestrial life......»»

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NYPD finds AirTag tracking its patrol car

Officers from the New York Police Department discovered one of Apple's AirTags hidden under their car's hood, but don't appear to have traced the owner.The marked NYPD police car was reportedly patrolling the Queens borough of New York City when the.....»»

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Doomsday Clock to be updated against backdrop of Ukraine war

The "Doomsday Clock," which represents the judgment of leading science and security experts about the perils to human existence, is to be updated on Tuesday against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and other crises......»»

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Cheap sewer pipe repairs can push toxic fumes into homes and schools—here"s how to lower the risk

Across the U.S., children and adults are increasingly exposed to harmful chemicals from a source few people are even aware of......»»

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DNA detector exposes hidden Antarctic krill

Like forensic investigators, scientists can use molecular techniques to detect evidence of Antarctic krill in seawater samples collected in the Southern Ocean. The revolutionary technology can identify Antarctic krill DNA within the alphabet soup of.....»»

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Apple finally activates HomePod Mini’s hidden temperature/humidity sensor

While the newly announced HomePod is stealing the spotlight, Apple’s existing HomePod Mini just received a significant new update......»»

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College student evaluations of teachers found to have another kind of gender bias

A trio of researchers from the University of Cincinnati, the University of Colorado Boulder and Clemson University has found that college students giving evaluations of their professors in upper-level courses exhibited a gender bias based on the pred.....»»

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