Stranded whales refloated in New Zealand but concerns remain

Rescuers successfully refloated 28 pilot whales stranded on a notorious stretch of New Zealand's coast Tuesday, but the mammals remained close to shore and could beach themselves again, wildlife officials said......»»

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Research shows dating stereotypes still exist in the virtual world

More people than ever are using online dating sites, with virtual dates becoming the new normal for single people during lockdown. Now a new study shows that while the way we date may have changed, some traditional gender stereotypes still remain......»»

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PC supply to remain constrained until 3Q21, says Acer chairman

The global supply of notebooks and other PCs will remain constrained all the way to the third quarter of this year as components continue to be in tight supply, according to Acer chairman and CEO Jason Chen......»»

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LCD panel shortage to continue throughout 2021, says Innolux president

Strong demand for LCD panels in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has created shortages that will remain in the entire 2021, according to Innolux president James Yang......»»

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Diversity of fish species supply endangered killer whale diet throughout the year

Endangered Southern Resident killer whales prey on a diversity of Chinook and other salmon. The stocks come from an enormous geographic range as far north as Alaska and as far south as California's Central Valley, a new analysis in PLOS ONE shows......»»

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Graph theory helps biologists study homeostasis

Healthy human bodies are good at regulating: Our temperatures remain around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter how hot or cold the temperature around us. The sugar levels in our blood remain fairly constant, even when we down a glass of juice. We kee.....»»

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Trans-Tasman study finds populations of common dolphin at risk

While consumers look out for the Dolphin Safe mark on seafood purchases, a major research stocktake of Australian-New Zealand waters gives new guidelines to managers of dolphin fisheries......»»

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New research unlocks mysteries of soupfin shark migration and reproduction

A seven-year study of California's soupfin sharks sheds light on their migration and reproductive cycles, laying the groundwork for potential management strategies amid conservation concerns. The findings were published March 3 in the Journal of Appl.....»»

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Insecticide known for killing pollinators found in deer across Minnesota

Powerful insecticides are turning up in deer in nearly every corner of Minnesota, raising concerns that the ubiquitous chemicals may be keeping fawns from surviving to maturity or harming deer reproduction......»»

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Kaltura files to go public on the back of accelerating revenue growth, rising losses

It's unicorn melting season, with gobs of investors hoping for liquidity while public markets are hot. Expect more Kalturas. Kaltura, a software company focused on providing video technology to other concerns, has filed to go public. The Ka.....»»

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Ghosn’s accused rescuers sent to Japan

Michael Taylor and his son, Peter Taylor, lost a months-long extradition fight to remain in the U.S......»»

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In era of online learning, new testing method aims to reduce cheating

The era of widespread remote learning brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic requires online testing methods that effectively prevent cheating, especially in the form of collusion among students. With concerns about cheating on the rise across the co.....»»

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COVID-19 vaccines reaching auto plants, but challenges remain

Stellantis became the first automaker in the U.S. to begin vaccinating its hourly workers from COVID-19. But automakers have to deal with different rules in each state and help make sure workers even want the vaccine when it's available.....»»

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Lime unveils new ebike as part of $50 million investment to expand to more 25 cities

Lime said Monday it has allocated $50 million towards its bike-share operation, an investment that has been used to develop a new ebike and will fund its expansion this year to another 25 cities in North America, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand.....»»

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Republican and Democratic voters agree on one thing—the need for generous COVID-19 relief

Both Democrats and Republicans overwhelmingly favor politicians who support generous COVID-19 relief spending, yet remain deeply polarized over the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election results and former President Donald Trump's second impeac.....»»

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What to do when a mammogram shows swollen lymph nodes in women just vaccinated for COVID

When women undergo breast imaging shortly after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine in the arm, their tests may show swollen lymph nodes in the armpit area. Radiologists say that this is usually a normal finding, and if there are no other concerns, no addit.....»»

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How Britain could keep its "crown" in finance and technology after Brexit

The United Kingdom should introduce special visas and overhaul its stock market rules to allow entrepreneurs to keep control of their companies if it wants to remain competitive in financial technology after Brexit......»»

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Automated weed and feed: Developing a smart crop sprayer

Conventional crop-spraying with herbicide to kill weeds among a crop wastes a lot of the herbicide and raises environmental concerns. A smart crop sprayer might identify weeds growing through the crop and spot spray only the unwanted plants. Work fro.....»»

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First complete coronavirus model shows cooperation

The COVID-19 virus holds some mysteries. Scientists remain in the dark on aspects of how it fuses and enters the host cell; how it assembles itself; and how it buds off the host cell......»»

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Toyota develops fuel cell system to cut carbon footprint

Toyota is looking to expand the usage and accessibility of the zero-emissions technology, which has been hurt by concerns such as the lack of fueling stations and the risk of hydrogen explosions......»»

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Quantum Computer Error Correction Is Getting Practical

2021 may be the year when quantum error correction finally helps Quantum computers are gaining traction across fields from logistics to finance. But as most users know, they remain research experiments, limited by imperfections in hardware. Tod.....»»

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