Steve Jobs" 1973 Job Application Once Again Up For Auction, In Physical and NFT Form

A London-based entrepreneur is putting a 1973 job application filled out by Steve Jobs up for auction. "The form Jobs apparently filled out for an unspecified position at an unspecified company will be available to buy either as a purportedly authent.....»»

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Cosmic galaxy assembly and the evolution of metals

Astronomers refer to all the elements heavier than helium as "metals," even elements that are typically found in gaseous form. In the big bang only hydrogen and helium (and a trace of lithium) were created while the "metals" were all made subsequentl.....»»

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It"s the Hottest Job Market in 20 Years for Tech Workers

Tribune News Services says we're now experiencing the "hottest job market for tech workers since dot-com era" There's an air of desperation among tech employers this summer. Software talent, it seems, is in such high demand that companies are morphin.....»»

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Chinese Hackers Used Mesh of Home Routers To Disguise Attacks

An anonymous reader quotes The Record: A Chinese cyber-espionage group known as APT31 (or Zirconium) has been seen hijacking home routers to form a proxy mesh around its server infrastructure in order to relay and disguise the origins of their attac.....»»

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Download VirtualBox and give Windows 11 beta a try

VirtualBox is a cross-platform virtualization application that enables you to run virtual machines on top of your existing OS. You can download it free of charge for Windows, macOS or Linux......»»

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New Exotic Matter Particle, a Tetraquark, Discovered

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: Today, the LHCb experiment at CERN is presenting a new discovery at the European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-HEP). The new particle discovered by LHCb, labeled as Tcc+, is.....»»

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Steve Jobs" 1973 application sold for $300,000 more in physical form than its NFT version

The single-page application for an unspecified position from the former Apple CEO went up for auction for the fourth time last week. It previously raised $18,750 in 2017, $174,757 in 2018, and $222,400 last March. On this occasion, both a physical an.....»»

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PS5 gets high-speed M.2 SSD storage support in new beta system software

Compatible drives need to meet stringent physical and technical guidelines. Seagate says its Firecuda 530 M.2 drive will work with the PS5. [credit:.....»»

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Horizon Blockchain Games raises $4.5M for its NFT trading card game and wallet

Horizon Blockchain Games is — as the name implies — a company building games on the blockchain, along with tools to help others do the same. The company announced today that it has raised another $4.5M, bringing its total raised to a little over.....»»

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AI learns physics to optimize particle accelerator performance

Machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, vastly speeds up computational tasks and enables new technology in areas as broad as speech and image recognition, self-driving cars, stock market trading and medical diagnosis......»»

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Why screen time alone says little about your smartphone behaviour

In the past few years, smartphones have been labeled as the key culprit behind scores of mental and physical ailments, from loneliness to boredom to addiction. But such conclusions are not warranted if we do not examine what exactly people are doing.....»»

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Unisoc growing smartphone AP market share in China

Unisoc will see shipments of its smartphone application processors for use by China-based handset companies climb 152% on year to 68.2 million units in 2021, enabling it to unseat HiSilicon as the third largest smartphone AP supplier, according to Di.....»»

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Game industry vets come together to form a new studio, That"s No Moon

That’s No Moon is founded by Michael Mumbauer, Tina Kowalewski, Taylor Kurosaki and Nick Kononelos......»»

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Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application auctions for record amount

In its fourth auction in four years, a job application filled out by the late Apple boss Steve Jobs has sold for a record amount......»»

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Violence against children carries a huge cost for Africa: Governments must act urgently

Every day, millions of children experience violence in one form or another. It is a global problem that cuts across color, class, educational status, income, ethnicity and origin......»»

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Contentful raises $175M at a $3B valuation from Tiger for its content delivery service

TechCrunch caught up with Contentful's CEO, Steve Sloan (previously of Twilio and Bessemer), and its comms connect, Brian Spittler (previously of Podium), to dig more into its products. Contentful this morning announced a $175 million Serie.....»»

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Employee Experience Isn"t Just HR"s Job – It"s IT"s Job, Too

When IT and HR collaborate to make employee onboarding seamless, that can set the tone for that employee’s experience at the company. Continue reading........»»

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Amazon Bitcoin job ad boosts cryptocurrency surge

News Amazon is hiring a digital-currency expert has helped boost the value of Bitcoin......»»

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IBM upgrades its Big Iron OS for better cloud, security, and AI support

IBM continues to fine-tune its mainframe to keep it attractive to enterprise users interested in keeping the Big Iron in their cloud and AI-application development plans.The company released a new version of the mainframe operating system—z/OS V.....»»

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Apple patches nasty vulnerability impacting iPhones, iPads and Macs

The updates – iOS 14.7.1, iPadOS 14.7.1 and macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 – all involve CVE-2021-30807, which can allow an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. Apple said it is aware of a report that the exploit has been actively.....»»

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The YouTuber who improved ILM"s CG Mark Hamill landed a job with Lucasfilm

One fan who goes by Shamook on YouTube attempted to "fix" Lucasfilm's footage of the scene using deepfake technology and did a spectacular job. He posted his version in a side-by-side comparison last December, and it went viral, gathering over 2.2 mi.....»»

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