Soybean and linseed oils added to cows" diet improves the quality of milk

Inclusion of soybean and linseed oils in the diet of dairy cows made the fatty acid content of their milk even healthier for human nutrition. It also increased the proportions of omega-6 and omega-3, which in the right balance play a key role in prev.....»»

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Quality supervision, coworker support key to child welfare caseworker retention

Instead of looking at the reasons child welfare caseworkers leave their jobs, Oregon State University researchers examined the common factors among workers who stay in the field, and what makes them feel most satisfied in their work......»»

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AI model examines virus spread from animals to humans

A new model that applies artificial intelligence to carbohydrates improves the understanding of the infection process and could help predict which viruses are likely to spread from animals to humans. This is reported in a recent study led by research.....»»

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Soundbars vs. speakers

The type of audio solution you go with is determined by sound quality, room type, and connectivity......»»

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Sex organs of baobab flowers solve puzzle of trees that bear more fruit

Baobabs are the mainstay of rural communities in some parts of Africa—they provide food in the form of leaves that are cooked like spinach, and large oval fruit which are rich in vitamin C. Oils are extracted from the crushed seeds (used in the cos.....»»

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From milk protein, a plastic foam that gets better in a tough environment

A new high-performance plastic foam developed from whey proteins can withstand extreme heat better than many common thermoplastics made from petroleum. A research team in Sweden reports that the material, which may be used for example in catalysts fo.....»»

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Best cheap Bose speaker deals for June 2021

Whether you want a quality Bluetooth speaker or something bigger for your home stereo or theater system, we've got all the best cheap Bose speaker deals here......»»

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Best cheap Sony TV deals for June 2021

For gorgeous, high-quality TVs, one of the best brands to look for is Sony. We've searched out for the very best Sony TV deals from across the internet......»»

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Jaybird Vista 2 review: Tough-as-nails wireless earbuds for athletes

These athlete-focused earbuds are tough as nails and sound amazing, but they suffer from poor call quality......»»

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New ion-conducting membrane improves alkaline-zinc iron flow batteries

Alkaline zinc-iron flow batteries (AZIFB) are suitable for stationary energy storage applications due to advantages of high open-cell voltage, low cost, and environmental friendliness. However, they suffer from zinc dendrite accumulation and relative.....»»

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Scale to launch a mapping product to address the changing needs of its autonomous driving customers

Solving the varied challenges that arise in autonomous driving is an incredibly complex task, but even attempting to get started means ensuring you have quality data that’s accurate and well-annotated. That’s where Scale comes in, having.....»»

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Netflix Opens an Online Shop To Hawk Items From Popular Shows

Netflix is branching into toys, games and clothing based on its popular shows, looking to mine popular characters for added revenue much like Walt Disney. From a report: The streaming service is launching, a retail arm that will sell cur.....»»

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New method to measure milk components has potential to improve dairy sustainability

Present in blood, urine, and milk, the chemical compound urea is the primary form of nitrogen excretion in mammals. Testing for urea levels in dairy cows helps scientists and farmers understand how effectively nitrogen from feed is used in cows' bodi.....»»

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For bay oysters, protection plus restoration creates healthiest reefs

Actively restoring oyster reefs—beyond simply protecting them from harvest—can create big payoffs for habitat quality and the other species that flock to them. A new study from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), published June.....»»

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How to play split-screen in Fortnite

Epic Games added a split-screen mode to Fortnite, a cool feature that allows two players to enjoy the battle royale madness using a single console......»»

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Share button functionality with 15-second video buffer for gameplay highlights coming in iOS 15

In May, Apple added support for the PlayStation 5's DualSense and the Xbox Series X|S controllers in iOS14.5. Additionally, it expanded functionality to include the Share buttons on the new controllers and on the DualShock 4 (Xbox One does not have a.....»»

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NASA"s Roman Space Telescope selects 24 flight-quality heat-vision "eyes"

NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope team recently flight-certified all 24 of the detectors the mission needs. When Roman launches in the mid-2020s, these devices will convert starlight into electrical signals, which will then be decoded into 300.....»»

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How to get Alien Artifacts fast in Fortnite

Alien Artifacts are a new form of currency added to Fortnite chapter 2, season 7. In this guide, we'll show you how to get your hands on them and what they do......»»

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Pandemic quarantine acoustically contributes to mental, physical health degradation

The prolonged impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the interaction restrictions created widespread lockdown fatigue and increased social tension in multiunit housing. But small improvements in quality-of-life routines may help people cope with the hea.....»»

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S.Africa"s rooibos tea joins champagne on EU protection list

Like champagne, roquefort and Kalamata olives, South Africa's world-famous rooibos tea has been added to a European Union list of protected agricultural products and foodstuffs, an industry official said Wednesday......»»

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The impact of double-cropping

From 1980 to 2016, grain production in Brazil increased more than fourfold, and the country now stands as the world's largest soybean exporter and the second largest exporter of corn. The two main drivers of this increase in food production were crop.....»»

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