Southwest Airlines Cancels 500 Flights After Computer Glitch Grounds Fleet

Southwest Airlines said on Tuesday it canceled about 500 flights and delayed hundreds of others after it was forced to temporarily halt operations over a computer issue -- the second time in 24 hours it had been forced to stop flights. From a report:.....»»

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Best cheap Google Home and Google Nest deals for August 2021

It's hard to beat the convenience of asking Google questions without using your smartphone or computer......»»

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What does GPU stand for?

In the market for a new gaming laptop or computer that's a video-editing powerhouse? Well, it might help to know what a GPU is before you make your purchase......»»

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Best cheap gaming PC deals for August 2021

There's a lot to consider before buying a gaming computer, but a good place to start is with a great deal......»»

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June Heatwave Was the "Most Extreme" On Record For North America

The devastating heatwave that struck the Northwest US and southwest Canada in June was "the most extreme summer heatwave" ever recorded in North America, according to a new analysis from nonprofit research group Berkeley Earth. The Verge reports: Rec.....»»

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A Time Crystal Finally Made Real

In a preprint posted online Thursday night, researchers at Google in collaboration with physicists at Stanford, Princeton and other universities say that they have used Google's quantum computer to demonstrate a genuine "time crystal" for the first t.....»»

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The most common Amazon Fire problems, and how to fix them

Is your Amazon tablet giving you grief? We explain each issue and glitch and provide clear troubleshooting steps to get your Amazon Fire tablet back on track......»»

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Notebook brand companies remain positive about 2022

Despite speculation circulating in the supply chain that notebook shipments may start falling in 2022, brand vendors such as Dell and Asustek Computer remain optimistic about their notebook sales growth next year......»»

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TSMC Will Start Making 2nm Chips As Intel Tries To Catch Up

Kekke writes: "Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.'s new foundry will produce 2-nanometer chips," reports Gizmodo. "Construction on the plant in Hsinchu, southwest from Taiwan's capital of Taipei, is expected to start as soon as early 2022. TSMC's.....»»

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Best cheap desktop computer deals for August 2021

We’ve rounded upsome of the best desktop PC deals out there, covering a spectrum of features and prices......»»

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Brand vendors experience pressure from increasing costs

The rising costs from logistics as well as components and materials have started bringing pressure to downstream brand vendors such as Apple and Asustek Computer, according to some market observers......»»

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Finding the source of the impactor that wiped out the dinosaurs

The impactor believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs and other life forms on Earth some 66 million years ago likely came from the outer half of the main asteroid belt, a region previously thought to produce few impactors. Researchers from Southwest.....»»

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Combining classical and quantum computing opens door to new discoveries

Researchers have discovered a new and more efficient computing method for pairing the reliability of a classical computer with the strength of a quantum system......»»

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Making our computers more secure

Researchers recently presented articles on memory safety that make computer systems more secure. This new research, which has zero to little effect on system performance, is already being used to create a processor......»»

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How the IBM PC Won, Then Lost, the Personal Computer Market

Not even Big Blue could keep up with its creation’s success .article-detail .inlay p, .article-detail article .inlay p { font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 16px; line-height: 23px; margin: 0 0 1em; }.....»»

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Google"s Quantum Computer Exponentially Suppresses Errors

Research may help pave the way for scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computers In order to develop a practical quantum computer, scientists will have to design ways to deal with any errors that will inevitably pop up in its performance. Now Goog.....»»

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Greywing launches Crew Change to help shipping companies navigate COVID-19 regulations

For fleet managers, managing shipping crew changes across different countries is an elaborate process even in the best of times—and now is definitely not the best of times. Greywing, a Y Combinator-backed platform for automating maritime operations.....»»

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New study reveals key factors for estimating costs to plug abandoned oil and gas wells

In an analysis of over 19,500 orphaned oil and gas wells across the United States, scholars at Resources for the Future (RFF) find that the median cost of plugging and reclaiming a well is $76,000, although that figure can vary widely depending on th.....»»

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Dell XPS 13 laptops are unbelievably cheap today

Dell's offering some unbelievable deals on a couple of XPS 13 2020 Laptops right now. If you're looking for a new computer, don't miss out on this one!.....»»

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Power Regulations Cut Off Select Dell PCs from Certain US States

Dell is no longer shipping certain PCs to a handful of U.S. states that have tightened their rules and regulations around computer power consumption. From a report: The headline and "what you need to know" box already summarize this, meaning you're 9.....»»

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Wiliot raises $200M as it preps a SaaS pivot, licensing its ultra-light, ambient-power chip technology to third parties

Wiliot — the IoT startup that has developed a new kind of processor that is ultra thin and light and runs on ambient power but possesses all the power of a “computer” — has picked up a huge round of growth funding on the back.....»»

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