Someone is roping Apache NiFi servers into a cryptomining botnet

If you’re running an Apache NiFi instance exposed on the internet and you have not secured access to it, the underlying host may already be covertly cryptomining on someone else’s behalf. The attack Indicators of the ongoing campaign were.....»»

Category: securitySource:  netsecurityMay 31st, 2023

iPhone versus Huawei battle back on; US National Security Advisor comments; China fights back [U]

Update: In seeming response to the White House comments, China has now accused the US of hacking Huawei servers and stealing data. The iPhone versus Huawei battle is back on in China, following the launch of the Mate 60 Pro (yeah, that’s not an.....»»

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Your Snapchat messages are private, but not from the police!

Snapchat's best feature is that messages are deleted right after they are read. Snapchat promises to delete them off their servers, but what happens if the recipient doesn't read them? The post Your Snapchat messages are private, but not from the po.....»»

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Toyota suffered a major outage after its servers ran out of storage

Toyota IT issue caused it to pull the plug from 14 Japanese plants for more than a day......»»

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The removal of Qakbot from infected computers is just the first step

The Qakbot botnet has been disrupted by an international law enforcement operation that culminated last weekend, when infected computers started getting untethered from it by specially crafted FBI software. Arranging a widespread Qakbot removal The Q.....»»

Category: securitySource:  netsecurityRelated NewsAug 30th, 2023

Qakbot botnet disrupted, malware removed from 700,000+ victim computers

The Qakbot botnet has been crippled by the US Department of Justice (DOJ): 52 of its servers have been seized and the popular malware loader has been removed from over 700,000 victim computers around the world. “To disrupt the botnet, the FBI w.....»»

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Cloud hosting firms hit by devastating ransomware attack

Danish cloud hosting firms CloudNordic and Azero – both owned by Certiqa Holding – have suffered a ransomware attack that resulted in most customer data being stolen and systems and servers rendered inaccessible. The CloudNordic and Azero.....»»

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Does VPN network size really matter?

The number of servers by country and location could be less important than you might think - here's why......»»

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Crypto botnet on X is powered by ChatGPT

AI can be very easily harnessed to produce and disseminate misinformation. Enlarge (credit: sakchai vongsasiripat/Getty Image) ChatGPT may well revolutionize web search, streamline office chores, and remake education, bu.....»»

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Obfuscated servers now let you hide the fact that you’re using a VPN

Obfuscated servers are the latest weapon in the battle between internet users wanting to protect their privacy, and governments and private companies seeking to detect and block VPN usage … more….....»»

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Macs are getting compromised to act as proxy exit nodes

AdLoad, well-known malware that has been targeting systems running macOS for over half a decade, has been observed delivering a new payload that – unbeknown to the owners – enlisted their systems into a residential proxy botnet. According.....»»

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Apple buys Foxconn servers for testing its AI services

Apple's artificial intelligence work has now extended to it needing a series of servers for testing, and Foxconn is its exclusive supplier.Apple is to test AI services which might boost Siri's capabilitiesTim Cook has said that Apple has been working.....»»

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Attackers can turn AWS SSM agents into remote access trojans

Mitiga researchers have documented a new post-exploitation technique attackers can use to gain persistent remote access to AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances (virtual servers), as well as to non-EC2 machines (e.g., on-premises enterprise serve.....»»

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Salesforce and Meta suffer phishing campaign that evades typical detection methods

The Guardio research team discovered an email phishing campaign exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Salesforce’s legitimate email services and SMTP servers. Phishing email sample as was sent from the “” email address The vulne.....»»

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Is Fortnite down? Updates and matchmaking status on July 26

Fortnite servers are experiencing a whole bunch of problems today. Here's the latest on the battle royale game's status......»»

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Zyxel users still getting hacked by DDoS botnet emerge as public nuisance No. 1

12 weeks after critical vulnerability was patched, devices are still being wrangled. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica) Organizations that have yet to patch a 9.8-severity vulnerability in network devices ma.....»»

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This large-scale hack could affect millions of servers across the world

Two high-severity flaws found in important server firmware that could affect many vendors......»»

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G-71 launches integration with mail servers to secure email attachments

G-71 launched an extensive integration of its LeaksID solution with all major mail servers. This integration aims to ensure the utmost security of sensitive email attachments and heralds a new era in safeguarding valuable corporate information. In ad.....»»

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Firmware vulnerabilities in millions of computers could give hackers superuser status

BMCs give near-total control over entire fleets of servers. What happens when they're hacked? Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Two years ago, ransomware crooks breached hardware-maker Gigabyte and dumped more than 112 giga.....»»

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Microsoft Exchange servers compromised by Turla APT

Turla has been targeting defense sector organizations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe with DeliveryCheck and Kazuar backdoors / infostealers and has been using compromised Microsoft Exchange servers to control them. Turla APT Turla (aka Secret Blizzard.....»»

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Trend Vision One empowers organizations to safeguard their cloud workloads

Trend Micro announced Trend Vision One – Endpoint Security, the latest offering in its next-generation cybersecurity platform, which unifies prevention, detection, and response for user endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and data centers. This so.....»»

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