Sodium-cooled fast reactors and the future of nuclear energy

A new paper by Technical Director of the Generation IV International Forum, Gilles Rodriguez, published in the open-access journal EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies, provides a comprehensive review of joint research into sodium-cooled fast reactors.....»»

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Early interventions could help counteract muscle loss

Weakening muscles are a natural part of the aging process, but for some people with a condition called sarcopenia the decline is abnormally fast. A new study suggests that the early stages of sarcopenia could be counteracted with timely interventions.....»»

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Particle accelerator magnet sets record using high-temperature superconductor

Cost- and energy-efficient rapid cycling magnets for particle accelerators are critical for particle physics research. Their performance determines how frequently a circular particle accelerator can receive a bunch of particles, propel them to higher.....»»

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Atomic force microscope measures adhesion energy of the coronavirus

A study by Department of Energy researchers detailed a potential method to detect the novel coronavirus on surfaces. Scientists from Pacific Northwest, Oak Ridge, Sandia and Ames national laboratories used an atomic force microscope to measure how ea.....»»

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Using less-profitable farmland to grow bioenergy crops also supports biodiversity

An analysis by Oak Ridge National Laboratory showed that using less-profitable farmland to grow bioenergy crops such as switchgrass could fuel not only clean energy, but also gains in biodiversity......»»

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Here are all the confirmed Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phones, but where’s Samsung?

Phone makers are rushing to announce plans to use Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 platform in future devices, and we've got all the details right here......»»

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Magnons vs electrons: A new spin on computer processing

In 1965, Gordon Moore of Intel predicted that microprocessors would double in speed and capacity every couple of years. This prediction, now known as "Moore's Law," has with some modification in 1975 been reliably prophetic until now. We're fast appr.....»»

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Risso"s dolphins found to use spin move to dive deep for prey

A team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in the Netherlands and one in the U.S. has found that Risso's dolphins use a special type of spin move to conserve energy and oxygen when they dive deep for prey. In their paper published in.....»»

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Intel 12th-Gen Core Alder Lake Architectural Benchmark

As a follow up to our feature on how CPU cores and cache impact gaming performance, we're testing different Intel 12th-gen Core Alder Lake CPUs configurations to see how fast those P-Cores and E-Cores really are......»»

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Researchers develop nanometer-scale adaptive transistor

Normally, computer chips consist of electronic components that always do the same thing. In the future, however, more flexibility will be possible: New types of adaptive transistors can be switched in a flash, so that they can perform different logic.....»»

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Where to buy a Christmas tree online with super-fast delivery

Whether you want a fresh real tree, an artificial tree, or a potted living tree to plant in your yard, here's where you can buy online for fast delivery......»»

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Wanted: A Town Willing to Host a Dump for U.S. Nuclear Waste

The Biden administration is looking for communities willing to serve as temporary homes for tens of thousands of metric tons of nuclear waste currently stranded at power plants around the country. Bloomberg reports: The Energy Department filed (PDF).....»»

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Playing it safe: Scientist creates energetic compounds with isotopic labels

Ana Racoveanu is able to do something most others throughout the nuclear security enterprise cannot do—something challenging and extremely valuable throughout the complex......»»

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The need for Financing to support the budding Indian EV Industry

Why the Budding Indian EV Industry Needs Financing Support The global automobile industry is currently undergoing a gradual but massive paradigm shift. It is slowly switching to alternative and energy-efficient options, to counteract the negative imp.....»»

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Chequered History. Future Star. Since their invention in the late 19th century, electric vehicles have gone through both high and low phases. Initially they were hailed as the more efficient alternative to the traditional motorcars with cumbersome in.....»»

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Tomorrow’s Healers: The Connected And Intelligent Future Of Medical Technology

You would probably remember the oddly charming, average-built theoretical physicist of Japanese origin Michio Kaku from his several broadcast programs on television, films, and radio. In his 2011 book Physics of the Future, Kaku writes, “When watc.....»»

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Climate variability and dynamics across early-to-middle pliocene warm period provide clues for future climate change

A recent study by an international research group led by Prof. Ao Hong from the Institute of Earth Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed Asian climate variability and dynamics across the early-to-middle Pliocene Warm Period, thu.....»»

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All-optical computing based on convolutional neural networks

In a new publication from Opto-Electronic Advances the research group of Professor Xiaoyong Hu and Professor Qihuang Gong from School of Physics, Peking University, China, propose a new strategy to realize ultrafast and ultralow-energy-consumption al.....»»

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The Parker Solar Probe is getting pelted by hypervelocity dust. Could it damage the spacecraft?

There's a pretty significant disadvantage to going really fast—if you get hit with anything, even if it is small, it can hurt. So when the fastest artificial object ever—the Parker Solar Probe—gets hit by grains of dust that are a fraction the.....»»

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Nissan Lays Out $17.6 Billion Plan To Electrify Its Future

Nissan has announced plans to spend around $17.6 billion over the next five years to accelerate the roll-out of electric vehicles. "And to emphasize that point, Nissan unveiled a pack of delightful EV concepts, including an adorable pickup truck, an.....»»

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Usage Of Aerial Vision By Public Sector Enterprises

Back to the Future Part-2, a science fiction movie released in 1989, depicted drones being used to record news. More recently, in 2019, Spider-Man: Far from Home shows the usage of drones to create holographic cataclysmic threats that Spider-Man thw.....»»

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