Sequent SuperCharger 2.1 Premium HR review: Infinite power, limited tech

The Sequent SuperCharger means you never charge a smartwatch again, but it comes at the expense of smart tech......»»

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Shrinking qubits for quantum computing with atom-thin materials

For quantum computers to surpass their classical counterparts in speed and capacity, their qubits—which are superconducting circuits that can exist in an infinite combination of binary states—need to be on the same wavelength. Achieving this, how.....»»

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How to level up the Halo Infinite battle pass quickly

While 343 is taking feedback and making changes to the system, there are still a few ways you can speed up your progress through Halo Infinite's battle pass......»»

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Finnish Researchers Say Their First Quantum Computer Is Up and Running

Finland's first quantum computer was commissioned at a research center near the capital Helsinki, where scientists will use it to study next-generation computing power. From a report: The 5 quantum-bit computer was developed "to learn how to build a.....»»

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UK Regulators Order Facebook-owner Meta To Sell Giphy

Regulators in the U.K. on Tuesday said they have directed Facebook parent company Meta to sell Giphy after finding "the takeover could reduce competition between social media platforms and increase Facebook's already significant market power." From a.....»»

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Physicists create time crystals with quantum computers

There is a huge global effort to engineer a computer capable of harnessing the power of quantum physics to carry out computations of unprecedented complexity. While formidable technological obstacles still stand in the way of creating such a quantum.....»»

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You can still get this HP gaming PC for $550 — but not for long

For a limited time you can still get a Cyber Monday discount of $100 on an HP Pavilion gaming PC, making the Cyber Monday sale price only $550......»»

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Mapping enzyme catalysis with metabolic sensing

Enzymes maintain a range of protein sequences and diverse structural forms with activities that far exceed the best chemical catalysts. However, research on engineering them with new and improved features are limited due to technical inadequacies. In.....»»

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How the act of measuring a quantum particle transforms it into an everyday object

The quantum world and our everyday world are very different places. In a publication that appeared as the "Editor's Suggestion" in Physical Review A this week, UvA physicists Jasper van Wezel and Lotte Mertens and their colleagues investigate how the.....»»

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Halo Infinite tweak fixes slow battle pass progression — again

Halo Infinite players will earn a whopping 300 XP for completing their first match of the day instead of just 50......»»

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Israel Authorizes Use of Phone Tracking Tech To Contain Spread of Omicron Covid Variant

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Rights groups petitioned Israel's top court on Monday to repeal new COVID-19 measures that authorize the country's domestic intelligence service to use counter-terrorism phone tracking technology to c.....»»

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Big Tech Firms Should Pay ISPs To Upgrade Networks, Telcos In Europe Claim

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The CEOs of 13 large European telecom companies today called on tech giants -- presumably including Netflix and other big US companies -- to pay for a portion of the Internet service providers' n.....»»

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Energous Corporation Grants Inducement Restricted Stock Units to New Employees

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Energous Corporation (Nasdaq: WATT), a leading developer of RF-based charging for wireless power networks, today announced it has issued inducement restricted stock units (“RSUs”) to three new, non-exe.....»»

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Halo Infinite console players want cross-play turned off as rampant cheating is spoiling multiplayer mode

The Halo subreddit has been flooded with cheat complaints since Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode entered open beta on November 15. There are dozens of examples people have posted to social media showing players using aimbots and wallhacks to cheat th.....»»

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Big Tech firms should pay ISPs to upgrade networks, telcos in Europe claim

Over a dozen ISPs complain their networks are "monetized" by Big Tech platforms. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Alicia Llop) The CEOs of 13 large European telecom companies today called on tech giants—presumably including N.....»»

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Three high-end home gym machines we like are on sale for Cyber Monday

Fitness tech we like from Peloton, Tonal, and Mirror is seeing rare discounts for Cyber Monday. Enlarge (credit: Peloton) I'm a bit of a fitness nerd year-round, but with Cyber Monday sales in full swing, right now is a good.....»»

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All the best Cyber Monday 2021 deals we can find so far [Updated]

We're sifting through the Cyber Monday junk to find the deals that are actually deals. Enlarge / Plenty of worthwhile tech deals are still kicking for Cyber Monday. (credit: Ars Technica) (Update 11/29/2021 9:45 am EST): We.....»»

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Cancer cells use ‘tiny tentacles’ to suppress the immune system

Investigators used the power of nanotechnology to discover a new way that cancer can disarm its would-be cellular attackers by extending out nanoscale tentacles that can reach into an immune cell and pull out its powerpack......»»

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Researchers shrink camera to the size of a salt grain

Micro-sized cameras have great potential to spot problems in the human body and enable sensing for super-small robots, but past approaches captured fuzzy, distorted images with limited fields of view......»»

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This 36,800mAh portable charger is a must-buy this Cyber Monday

Losing smartphone power is both inconvenient and hazardous. The Cyber Monday deal for Pxwaxpy's 36800mAh Power Bank can ensure that will never happen......»»

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UK Regulator Expected To Block Meta"s Giphy Deal

The UK competition regulator is expected to block Meta's $315m acquisition of online gif platform Giphy in the coming days in an escalation of the watchdog's assault on Big Tech. Financial Times: The Competition and Markets Authority is set to revers.....»»

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