Scores of internet-providing satellites will soon streak across Canada"s skies, but at what cost?

The night sky is going to get much busier thanks to thousands of new internet satellites set to launch over the next few years—and researchers say it's going to affect Canada more than most places on Earth......»»

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Satellites used to track methane leaks in climate fight

A yellow streak representing high concentrations of methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas, is visible over southern Iraq on a map produced by Kayrros, a French firm that uses satellites to track leaks from fossil fuel facilities......»»

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First teardowns reveal new MacBook Pro’s improved approach to repairability

The first MacBook Pros are hitting the streets, and providing a glimpse at changes to the internals that could improve repairability......»»

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FCC kicks China Telecom Americas out of US, cites Chinese government control

China Telecom Americas ordered to stop providing service in US within 60 days. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | MicroStockHub) The Federal Communications Commission today voted to block China Telecom Americas from the US market.....»»

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Verizon teams with Amazon"s Project Kuiper to extend data service to underserved communities

Amazon announced Project Kuiper in early 2019 as a constellation of more than 3,200 Internet-beaming satellites positioned in low Earth orbit around the planet. With it, Amazon aims to serve high-speed Internet to individuals and businesses in areas.....»»

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Report: Microsoft is working on a low-cost Surface Laptop and “Windows 11 SE”

Ultra-low-cost laptop would be designed to compete with Chromebooks in schools. Enlarge / The Surface Laptop Go. (credit: Jeff Dunn) Microsoft may have another Surface announcement to make before the end of the year, according.....»»

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Satellites Can Spy a Menace in West Africa: Invasive Flowers

Spacecraft help researchers monitor environmental problems on Earth, like the overgrowth of non-native species and deforestation......»»

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A cost effective and quick way to find groundwater

Water is a scarce commodity and a major environmental, biological and socio-economic issue for many communities across South Australia......»»

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Reliability verification in the cloud delivers significant runtime benefits

This technical paper reviews the cost/benefit relationship of cloud computing and how to determine the optimal configuration that provides the greatest returns. Design complexities and time-to-market pressures compel companies to find innovative ways.....»»

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Why does the internet keep breaking?

Outages of Facebook and its family of apps now lead to significant disruption for firms worldwide.....»»

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Is internet addiction a growing problem?

Experts warn that the pandemic lockdowns have made more people vulnerable......»»

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Ofcom asks phone networks to block foreign scam calls

UK networks agree to block almost all internet calls from abroad if they pretend to be UK numbers......»»

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A Cosmic Ray Event Pinpoints the Viking Landing in Canada

The celestial storm produced carbon-14 atoms found in the rings of a tree felled by Norse explorers, proving they made it to North America 1,000 years ago......»»

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Ariane 5 sets new record on latest launch

Europe's Ariane 5 has delivered two telecom satellites, SES-17 and Syracuse-4A, into their planned orbits......»»

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Four ways rich nations can keep promises to curb emissions and fund climate adaptation

The time has come for Canada and other rich nations to pony-up and pay for the devastation they have caused countries in the Global South. That means, for a start, providing far greater climate adaptation financing to low-income countries and pluggin.....»»

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Australia plans to force parental consent for minors on social media

Australia plans to make social media companies obtain parental consent for users under the age of 16 and is threatening fines of up to 10 million Australian dollars ($7.5 million) for internet platforms which fail to comply, under draft legislation p.....»»

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Digital Nomad Communities Want to Build the Infrastructure for an Internet Country

It's estimated there are 10.9 million digital nomads just in the U.S. — and two digital nomads writing for The Next Web point out they're just part of a larger trend. "As of 2021, there are over 35 million digital nomads Are they also about t.....»»

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Can Windows 11 Run on a 2006-Era Pentium 4 Chip?

"Microsoft has been mainly telling consumers that Windows 11 is meant for newer PCs," reports PC Magazine. "However, an internet user has uploaded a video that shows the OS can actually run on a 15-year-old Pentium 4 chip from Intel." Last week, Tw.....»»

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Visual Studio for Browsers: Microsoft Unveils "VSCode for the Web"

"Bringing VS Code to the browser is the realization of the original vision for the product," Microsoft said in a blog post. "It is also the start of a completely new one. An ephemeral editor that is available to anyone with a browser and an internet.....»»

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Are smart thermostats worth it? Pros and cons of connected thermostats

Are smart thermostats worth it? Between the cost, the hassle of installation, and learning a whole new system, there's a lot to invest......»»

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Yahoo Finance app pulled from Chinese App Store

Yahoo Finance appears to be the latest victim of China's suppressive internet regulations, as the iOS app used by many to access foreign news coverage is no longer available in that country's App Store.The app was purged on Oct. 14, according to Appl.....»»

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