Scientists use forest color to gauge permafrost depth

Scientists regularly use remote sensing drones and satellites to record how climate change affects permafrost thaw rates—methods that work well in barren tundra landscapes where there's nothing to obstruct the view......»»

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Plant biologists help develop guide for science outreach

What are scientists passionate about? What do they actually do, and why does it matter? Answering questions like these is often part of public outreach efforts that, through demystifying the world of science for non-scientists, can increase appreciat.....»»

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Are chemical pollutants altering the behavior of wildlife and humans?

International scientists from around the world are warning that chemical pollutants in the environment have the potential to alter animal and human behavior......»»

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Interlayer exciton formation, relaxation, and transport in TMDs van der Waals heterostructures

Interlayer excitons in transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) van der Waals (vdW) heterostructures exhibit fascinating physics and hold great promise for developing excitonic devices. Scientists in China present a systematical and comprehensive over.....»»

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Scientists program microalgae"s "oil factory" to produce various oils

By combining the 'chassis' of an oil-producing microalgae with genes from a Cuphea plant, scientists from the Single-Cell Center, Qingdao Institute of BioEnergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), can turn the.....»»

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A Tribute to L. Dennis Shapiro, Who Helped Develop the Life Alert Personal Emergency-Response System

He was an avid philanthropist who donated to the IEEE Foundation and other programs .entry-content .tisubhead { color: #999999; font-family: verdana; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; letter-spacing: 1px; margin-bottom.....»»

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Anker"s new AnkerWork product line includes a 1080p webcam and a portable conference speaker

Anker touts "unparalleled low-light performance" and high-quality, color-accurate images from its first-ever webcam, the PowerConf C300. The 2MP 1080p/60fps camera comes with dual noise-canceling mics, a snap-on privacy shutter, and three fov setting.....»»

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Will Future Electric Vehicles Be Powered by Deep-Sea Metals?

Mining companies and marine scientists want to know whether harvesting blobs of useful materials from the seafloor harms ocean life......»»

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Tropical forest soils capture carbon under elevated nitrogen deposition

In a new study, Dr. Lu Xiankai and his colleagues from the South China Botanical Garden (SCBG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) found that tropical forests can capture carbon dioxide (CO2) into soils and thus reduce emitted CO2. But how exact.....»»

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The ocean urgently needs truly collaborative science between partners, scientists say

The ocean is at the heart of our planet. It provides many resources for those who live along its coasts and to the world as whole. To ensure a prosperous ocean now and in the future, marine research must offer clear recommendations based on represent.....»»

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Telescopes unite in unprecedented observations of famous black hole

In April 2019, scientists released the first image of a black hole in galaxy M87 using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). However, that remarkable achievement was just the beginning of the science story to be told......»»

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San Francisco Bay protection from costly disasters is being thrown away, scientists say

For more than 100 years after California's Gold Rush, developers and city leaders filled in San Francisco Bay, shrinking it by one-third to build farms, freeways, airports and subdivisions......»»

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Ancient pottery reveals the first evidence for honey hunting in prehistoric West Africa

A team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, with colleagues from Goethe University, Frankfurt, has found the first evidence for ancient honey hunting, locked inside pottery fragments from prehistoric West Africa, dating back some 3,500 ye.....»»

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Airborne laser scanning of gaps in Amazon rainforest helps explain tree mortality

A group of researchers led by Brazilians has used an innovative model to map gaps in the Amazon rainforest and identify factors that contribute to tree mortality. Water stress, soil fertility, and anthropic forest degradation have the most influence.....»»

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Novel guidelines help select optimal deconvolution method

Biomedical scientists are increasingly using deconvolution methods, those used to computationally analyze the composition of complex mixtures of cells. One of their challenges is to select one method that is appropriate for their experimental conditi.....»»

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Researchers streamline molecular assembly line to design, test drug compounds

Researchers from North Carolina State University have found a way to fine-tune the molecular assembly line that creates antibiotics via engineered biosynthesis. The work could allow scientists to improve existing antibiotics as well as design new dru.....»»

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Researchers study collective behavior of nanosatellites

Scientists from the Skoltech Space Center (SSC) have developed nanosatellite interaction algorithms for scientific measurements using a tetrahedral orbital formation of CubeSats that exchange data and apply interpolation algorithms to create local ma.....»»

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Ultrastable low-cost colloidal quantum dot microlasers of operative temperature up to 450 K

High-performance micro-/nanostructure lasers, as multifunctional optical source components, are of great importance for optoelectronic devices. Towards this goal, scientists in China invented a high-efficiency ultrastable low-cost quantum dot microla.....»»

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Video: How to clear Earth"s orbit of space debris

On 20 April 2021, ESA will host the 8th European Conference on Space Debris from Darmstadt, in Germany. Scientists, engineers, industry experts and policy makers will spend the virtual four-day conference discussing the latest issues surrounding spac.....»»

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Efficient generations of complex vectorial optical fields with metasurfaces

Vectorial optical fields (VOFs) exhibiting arbitrarily designed wave-fronts and polarization distributions are highly desired in photonics. To efficiently generate arbitrary VOFs, scientists in China proposed a generic approach based on metasurfaces.....»»

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Scientists map "pulse" of groundwater flow through California"s Central Valley

Groundwater is a key resource for water users in California's Central Valley, a major agricultural hub with an economic output of tens of billions of dollars annually. Surface deformation in the Central Valley has long been linked to changes in groun.....»»

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