Scientists model protein behavior of archaeal viruses to crack protein folding mystery

Scientists from the Pacific Quantum Center of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) report that the slipknot-structure AFV3-109 protein folds and unfolds depending on temperature. The protein is typical for the archaea, viruses of the oldest single-c.....»»

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Not So Open Any More: Elasticsearch Relicensing and Implications for Open Source Search

Elastic’s actions over the years, such as deliberately mixing Apache 2 and Elastic licensed code, have shown it was shifting away from a true open source model. Continue reading........»»

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra: Is it a major upgrade?

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung's highest-end phone that isn't a phablet, but does it beat 2020's model, the Galaxy S20 Ultra? We compare the two to find out......»»

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Male butterflies mark their mates with repulsive smell during sex to "turn off" other suitors

Butterflies have evolved to produce a strongly scented chemical in their genitals that they leave behind after sex to deter other males from pursuing their women—scientists have found......»»

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Counting elephants from space, for the first time

For the first time, scientists have successfully used satellite cameras coupled with deep learning to count animals in complex geographical landscapes, taking conservationists an important step forward in monitoring populations of endangered species......»»

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Solar activity reconstructed over a millennium

An international team of researchers led by ETH Zurich has reconstructed solar activity back to the year 969 using measurements of radioactive carbon in tree rings. Those results help scientists to better understand the dynamics of the sun and allow.....»»

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Similarities in dance follower behavior across honey bee species suggest a conserved mechanism of dance communication

It is early in the morning. Ebi and his colleagues try not to twitch as they stare intently at a rectangular box filled with sugary treats. These aren't for them, but for the honey bees that they study. The tiny buzzers toggle between the sugar 'feed.....»»

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As the American hemp industry grows, so does our understanding of hemp diseases

As hemp begins to reemerge as an important crop in the United States, scientists are beginning research into the diseases that might prevent the crop from flourishing. A study published in the December issue of Plant Health Progress is one of the fir.....»»

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High-ranking male hyenas have better chances with females because they are less "stressed"

Scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) have found that interacting with other males is more "stressful" for low-ranking than for high-ranking male spotted hyenas. This restricts the time and energy low-ranki.....»»

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Scientists reveal structure of plants" energy generators

Researchers have revealed the first atomic structures of the respiratory apparatus that plants use to generate energy, according to a study published today in eLife......»»

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Mystery of Martian glaciers revealed

In a new paper published today in the Proceedings of the National Academies of ScienceS (PNAS), planetary geologist Joe Levy, assistant professor of geology at Colgate University, reveals a groundbreaking new analysis of the mysterious glaciers of Ma.....»»

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Scientists to global policymakers: Treat fish as food to help solve world hunger

Scientists are urging global policymakers and funders to think of fish as a solution to food insecurity and malnutrition, and not just as a natural resource that provides income and livelihoods, in a newly-published paper in the peer-reviewed journal.....»»

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Researchers discover the earliest supermassive black hole and quasar in the universe

Nearly every galaxy hosts a monster at its center—a supermassive black hole millions to billions times the size of the Sun. While there's still much to learn about these objects, many scientists believe they are crucial to the formation and structu.....»»

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Scientists present novel approach for monitoring freshwater health

Researchers have used the world's smallest, smartphone-sized DNA sequencing device to monitor hundreds of different bacteria in a river ecosystem......»»

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CRISPR technology shown to dial down gene activity in bacteria

In a series of experiments with laboratory-cultured bacteria, Johns Hopkins scientists have found evidence that there is a second role for the widely used gene-cutting system CRISPR-Cas9—as a genetic dimmer switch for CRISPR-Cas9 genes. Its role of.....»»

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All-purpose dinosaur opening reconstructed for first time

For the first time ever, a team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, have described in detail a dinosaur's cloacal or vent—the all-purpose opening used for defecation, urination and breeding......»»

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Scientists awarded a Guinness World Record for the finest woven fabric

A team of scientists from the University of Manchester have been honoured with a Guinness World Record for weaving threads of individual molecules together to create the world's finest fabric, overtaking finest Egyptian linen......»»

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50 million-year-old fossil assassin bug has unusually well-preserved genitalia

The fossilized insect is tiny and its genital capsule, called a pygophore, is roughly the length of a grain of rice. It is remarkable, scientists say, because the bug's physical characteristics—from the bold banding pattern on its legs to the inter.....»»

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Using artificial intelligence to manage extreme weather events

Can combining deep learning (DL)—a subfield of artificial intelligence—with social network analysis (SNA), make social media contributions about extreme weather events a useful tool for crisis managers, first responders and government scientists?.....»»

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A realistic model of the ITER tokamak magnetic fusion device

Tokamaks, devices that use magnetic fields to confine plasma into torus-shaped chamber, could play a crucial role in the development of highly performing nuclear fusion reactors. The ITER tokamak, which is set to be the largest nuclear tokamak in the.....»»

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Using 100-million-year-old fossils and gravitational-wave science to predict Earth"s future climate

A group of international scientists, including an Australian astrophysicist, has used findings from gravitational wave astronomy (used to find black holes in space) to study ancient marine fossils as a predictor of climate change......»»

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