Scientists grow plants in lunar dirt, next stop moon

For the first time, scientists have grown plants in soil from the moon collected by NASA's Apollo astronauts......»»

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Is the World"s Oldest Tree Growing In a Ravine In Chile?

sciencehabit shares a report from Science Magazine: Some 5400 years ago, about the time humans were inventing writing, an alerce tree (Fitzroya cupressoides) may have started to grow in the coastal mountains of present-day Chile. Sheltered in a cool,.....»»

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Long-hypothesized "next generation wonder material" created for first time

For over a decade, scientists have attempted to synthesize a new form of carbon called graphyne with limited success. That endeavor is now at an end, though, thanks to new research from the University of Colorado Boulder......»»

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Lear to acquire German supplier in quest for comfort seating dominance

IGB has 7,000 employees at nine manufacturing plants around the world, including one in Windsor, Canada......»»

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Ancient Forest Found at Bottom of Huge Sinkhole in China

An ancient forest has been found at the bottom of a giant sinkhole in China, with trees up to 40 metres (130ft) tall. From a report: Scientists believe it could contain undiscovered plant and animal species. Cave explorers in the Guangxi region of so.....»»

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Scientists explain why meridional heat transport is underestimated

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is a phenomenon responsible for transporting ocean heat northward through the Atlantic Ocean. This process significantly influences the Arctic and North Atlantic oceanic climate and the Eurasian.....»»

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Research reveals surprising inactivation mechanism for a voltage-gated ion channel

Scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are studying voltage-gated ion channels (VGICs). Their work revealed a previously unknown mechanism of inactivation for one such channel that plays an important role in how neurons and muscles respo.....»»

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The Almighty Squabble Over Who Gets to Name Microbes

Scientists are just starting to uncover the vast diversity of microbes out there. The only problem? No one can agree on how to name them......»»

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New imaging spectrometer surveys atmospheric dust from the ISS

Scientists on Earth will soon see our planet's atmospheric dust sources in high resolution, as a new state-of-the-art imaging spectrometer—developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Cornell University—aims to survey the land surface.....»»

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Why we need a blue carbon investment roadmap

As the world's scientists research ways to slow the ongoing impact of climate change, blue carbon continues to surface as an effective natural climate solution......»»

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What"s it like to be on Venus or Pluto? We studied their sand dunes and found some clues

What is it like to be on the surface of Mars or Venus? Or even further afield, such as on Pluto, or Saturn's moon Titan?.....»»

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Researchers detect a novel binding mechanism between small and gigantic particles

Researchers at the 5th Physical Institute of the University of Stuttgart have verified a novel binding mechanism forming a molecule between a tiny charged particle and a gigantic (in molecular terms) Rydberg atom. The scientists observed the molecule.....»»

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Function follows form in plant immunity

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (MPIPZ) and the University of Cologne, Germany, have discovered a novel biochemical mechanism explaining how immune proteins defend plants against invading microorganisms. Their fin.....»»

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Paleontologists find the jaws of an extremely rare bear in Taurida cave

Ural paleontologists discovered the lower jaws of an Etruscan bear from the Early Pleistocene (2–1.5 million years ago) in the Taurida Cave (Crimean Peninsula). Scientists reported the finding in the international journal of paleobiology Historical.....»»

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FairEmail Developer Calls It Quits After Google Falsely Flags App As Spyware

"The developer of the open source email client FairEmail pulled all of his applications from Google Play and announced that he would stop development," reports gHacks. The announcement comes shortly after the developer received an email from Google s.....»»

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Amazon’s 2022 Fire 7 tablet sports USB-C, dirt-cheap $74.99 price

There's also an ultra-durable "Kids" version for $110. Enlarge / The new Fire 7 tablet. (credit: Amazon) Amazon has updated the 7-inch Fire Tablet—it's now the "2022, 12th gen" version. The big news this year is that Amazo.....»»

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Environment scientists close in on "golden spike" to define Anthropocene

Leicester researchers searching for a "golden spike" to formally define humanity's current geological period—and acknowledge human impact on our planet—have announced a major step in their analysis at an international conference on Wednesday......»»

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Spin keeps electrons in line in iron-based superconductor

Researchers from PSI's Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials group together with scientists from Beijing Normal University have solved a puzzle at the forefront of research into iron-based superconductors: the origin of FeSe's electronic nematicity. Usin.....»»

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Three decades of space telescope observations converge on a precise value for the Hubble constant

Completing a nearly 30-year marathon, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has calibrated more than 40 "milepost markers" of space and time to help scientists precisely measure the expansion rate of the universe—a quest with a plot twist......»»

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This super-smart tech could cut CPU thermals by 150%

Scientists have just re-visited technology that was previously dismissed -- silicon-28. They found that silicon-28 can be used to bring better thermals to CPUs......»»

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TI breaks ground on 300mm wafer fabs in Texas

Texas Instruments (TI) has disclosed it has broken ground on its new 300mm semiconductor wafer fabrication plants in Sherman, Texas......»»

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