Scientists develop self-healing elastomer for flexible electronics

Scientists in China have fabricated a high-strength elastomer with self-healing properties. The polymer has significant potential in the field of flexible electronic devices......»»

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NASA"s OSIRIS-REx capsule arrives in Houston

The first U.S. asteroid sample, delivered by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to Earth on Sept. 24, has arrived at its permanent home at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, where it will be cared for, stored, and distributed to scientists worldwide......»»

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Another Person Just Got a Pig Heart. Scientists Have a Plan to Make it Last

The first human to receive a genetically engineered pig heart survived two months. Surgeons are hoping this transplant will last longer......»»

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Decreasing biodiversity may promote spread of viruses

How are environmental changes, loss of biodiversity, and the spread of pathogens connected? The answer is a puzzle. Scientists from Charité—Universitätsmedizin Berlin in cooperation with the Leibniz-IZW have now described one piece of that puzzle.....»»

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RNA recovered from extinct animal in world first

Scientists have for the first time recovered RNA from an extinct species, the Tasmanian tiger, raising hope for the resurrection of animals once thought lost forever, Stockholm University researchers told AFP......»»

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Exploring the effect of water on seismic wave attenuation in the upper mantle

The oceanic lithosphere, which constitutes the top layer including Earth's crust and mantle below the oceans, has long intrigued scientists due to its peculiar behavior. This layer appears to glide over a weaker region below called the asthenosphere,.....»»

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Earthworms contribute to 6.5% of global grain production

Earthworms are important drivers of global food production, contributing to approximately 6.5% of grain yield and 2.3% of legumes produced worldwide each year, according to new work published by Colorado State University scientists in the journal Nat.....»»

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Researchers develop minimal nanozymes with carbon dioxide capture capacity

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) researchers have developed minimal nanozymes with the capacity of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted in industrial processes—and applicable to other environmental remediation processes—based on artific.....»»

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Scientists marry MRI, ultrasound, and optoacoustics for improved medical exams

Physicians and researchers rely on biomedical imaging to examine the structure and function of living tissue. This enables disease diagnostics and experiments that reveal the mechanisms behind pathologies and ways to treat them. The most popular tech.....»»

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How NASA Is Protecting Its Precious Asteroid Bennu Sample

The OSIRIS-REx capsule containing a "treasure trove" of space rocks has now arrived at Johnson Space Center, where scientists will gingerly unpack it......»»

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Bacterial biosensors: The future of analyte detection

Scientists can do some nifty things with microbes, including engineering bacterial cells to sense and signal the presence of specific compounds. These microbial whole-cell biosensors have numerous purposes, from detecting toxins in the environment to.....»»

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Apple @ Work Podcast: Why Macs are becoming the preferred platform for IT professionals

Sponsored by Addigy: Addigy is a flexible and proactive MDM solution that adapts to your needs, whether you manage a fleet of 100 or 10,000 Apple devices. Learn more. In this episode of Apple @ Work, I talk with Weldon Dodd about the recent surv.....»»

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Scientists uncover a scaly surprise with new pangolin species

The small, scaly, and highly endangered pangolin has been keeping a secret: it comprises not eight species but nine, with a new one discovered through analysis of confiscated scales......»»

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Imaging the elusive skyrmion: Neutron tomography reveals their shapes and dynamics in bulk materials

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with colleagues elsewhere have employed neutron imaging and a reconstruction algorithm to reveal for the first time the 3D shapes and dynamics of very small tornado-like atomic m.....»»

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Humans could serve as sentinels for "forever chemicals" harm to wildlife health

A new paper published in Science of The Total Environment by Environmental Working Group scientists proposes an intriguing concept: Humans can serve as a valuable resource for understanding the impact on other animal species of the toxic "forever che.....»»

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Study shows ribosome-binding antibiotics can help some bacteria survive for longer

Scientists have found a surprising effect of some antibiotics on certain bacteria—that the drugs can sometimes benefit bacteria, helping them live longer......»»

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Scientists reveal what fuels wildfires in Sierra Nevada Mountains

Wildfires in California, exacerbated by human-driven climate change, are getting more severe. To better manage them, there's a growing need to know exactly what fuels the blazes after they ignite. In a study published in Environmental Research Letter.....»»

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Did life exist on Mars? Other planets? With AI"s help, we may know soon

Scientists have discovered a simple and reliable test for signs of past or present life on other planets—"the holy grail of astrobiology.".....»»

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Beyond Bennu: How OSIRIS-REx is helping scientists study the sonic signature of meteoroids

In the high desert of Nevada, Elizabeth Silber watched NASA's Sample Return Capsule from OSIRIS-REx descend into Earth's atmosphere on Sunday, but unlike most scientists, she wasn't there for the asteroid rocks......»»

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Extracts from South Australian brown seaweed could slow effects of aging on skin

Scientists from Flinders University have discovered rich anti-aging properties in South Australian brown seaweed that significantly increase collagen levels in the skin and protect against the deterioration of both collagen and elastin......»»

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Video: Student engineers develop early warning system for blue-green algae

With temperatures rising due to global warming, blue-green algae blooms have become increasingly common on Alberta lakes. Early detection is crucial because the algae produce toxins that can be harmful to humans and animals......»»

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