Rocket Report: SpaceX fires up seven Raptors; SpinLaunch raises big funding round

This is the first time the Rocket Report has used the word "yeeted" in its history. Enlarge / ArianeGroup seeks European funding to develop a reusable third stage for its launch vehicles. (credit: ArianeGroup) Welcome to Editi.....»»

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iPhone screens have a hidden QR code to help Apple control production costs

You’ve probably never seen the QR code printed on your iPhone screen because it’s so microscopic that most people have no idea there’s a QR code there. A new report from The Information details how Apple has been putting microscopic codes on th.....»»

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Apple might have to pull Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more from the App Store in China

Apple might soon have to remove some of the App Store’s most popular apps in China. A new report from the Wall Street Journal today says that Apple will be forced to “strictly implement rules” that ban unregistered foreign apps on the App Store.....»»

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US agency sues Tesla as Black workers report “swastikas, threats, and nooses”

“I saw KKK epithets, a swastika, and the N-word," Black worker says. Enlarge / Cars parked at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, on February 10, 2022. (credit: Getty Images | Josh Edelson) The US Equal Employmen.....»»

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Report: Google’s money was “key” factor in Apple rejecting Bing purchase

Microsoft had also considered a large Apple investment in 2016 to boost Bing. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) A few years before Microsoft went all-in on a ChatGPT-powered Bing search engine, the company had another idea.....»»

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New UK report shows voters prioritize respect

Authored by Professor Marc Stears (UCL Political Science) and Luke Tryl, Director of More in Common, The Respect Agenda finds that much of the public feel their concerns are overlooked. Many are frustrated by how those in power seem indifferent to wo.....»»

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Nexusflow raises $10.6 million to improve generative AI in cybersecurity

Nexusflow announced that it has raised a $10.6 million seed round led by Point72 Ventures, with participation from Fusion Fund and several AI luminaries in Silicon Valley. Nexusflow was founded by AI experts Professor Jiantao Jiao and Professor Kurt.....»»

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Rocket Report: Iran launches satellite; Artemis II boosters get train ride

Is ArianeGroup finally getting more serious about a reusable rocket? Enlarge / All four RS-25 main engines are now installed on the core stage for the Artemis II mission. Welcome to Edition 6.13 of the Rocket Report! Wh.....»»

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Apple could have almost gone head to head with Google in search

A recent Bloomberg report revealed that Apple almost bought Bing from Microsoft a few years ago. The post Apple could have almost gone head to head with Google in search appeared first on Phandroid. In the search space, Google is king and.....»»

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Report: Apple’s next iPhone SE will be the one to retire the iPhone 6 design

New SE allegedly comes out in 2025 and will continue to mix old and new parts. Enlarge / A new report claims that last year's iPhone 14 could be the foundation of a new iPhone SE in 2025. (credit: Apple) I've got a soft.....»»

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Auto industry faced with more uncertainty if government shuts down

Congress needs to pass a spending bill before Sunday to avoid a shutdown. However, lawmakers remain at odds over the funding, with some House Republicans pushing for deep spending cuts that are unlikely to survive in the Democratic-controlled Senate......»»

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Executives feel more psychologically safe taking risks at work than employees

New survey data from Wiley suggest workers are far less likely than their managers and senior-level executives to feel psychologically safe taking risks at work. The findings from the latest Wiley Workplace Intelligence report show a particularly wid.....»»

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New report on state of conservation at World Heritage Site in India

Conservation experts have provided vital recommendations to help protect a globally significant UNESCO World Heritage Site in India......»»

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Long-term decline in Great Barrier Reef dugong populations confirmed

A new report from James Cook University (JCU) TropWATER reveals a long-term decline in dugong populations along the Great Barrier Reef, spanning from Mission Beach to Bundaberg, and Hervey Bay in the Great Sandy Strait......»»

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iPhone 15 Pro review: Best balance of performance to price yet in an iPhone

The new iPhone 15 Pro raises the bar once more for the high-end smartphone market, packing a ton of new and tempting features inside its lightweight titanium frame.iPhone 15 Pro review: blue titaniumAfter two years of largely stagnant design, Apple o.....»»

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iPhone scalpers used bots to buy millions of dollars’ worth of iPhone 15 models, says report

A cybersecurity company says that iPhone scalpers seeking to profit from early demand for iPhone 15 models used bots to make millions of dollars’ worth of purchases from the Apple website as soon as orders went live. The activity is lucrative fo.....»»

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New report adds heat to "Leveling Up" debate by revealing England"s most "insecure" regions

Accessing stable employment with fair pay and predictable hours is harder for workers in the North and Midlands, which can severely affect their living standards, health, and future job prospects......»»

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X scraps tool to report electoral fake news - researchers

A research organisation says the feature is now only available in European Union countries......»»

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Researchers find high concentrations of microplastics in cave water and sediment

In two recent papers, Saint Louis University researchers report finding high concentrations of microplastics present in a Missouri cave system that had been closed to human visitors for 30 years......»»

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Modeling shows fires from volcanic activity could greatly increase area affected by eruption

An international research team, including researchers from GNS Science, has released a study into the potential threat of fires caused by volcanic eruptions. The study investigated how far fires ignited by hot rock projectiles from a volcanic eruptio.....»»

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How rape myths, unconscious biases prejudice the judicial system against women, and rape survivors in particular

It is well documented that women who are sexually assaulted, or raped, rarely report the crime to the police. The US charity, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, has shown that 1 in 6 women in the US has been the victim of rape or attempted.....»»

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