Rocket Report: Analyst dings Virgin Galactic, Astranis moves to Falcon Heavy

"Point blank, in our view, it is unacceptable." Enlarge / The Inspiration4 mission, inside a Crew Dragon, splashes down on Saturday in the Atlantic Ocean. Interest in such tourist missions is soaring. (credit: SpaceX) Welcome to Edition 4.17 o.....»»

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Apple"s iPod Came Out Two Decades Ago

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Conversation: On October 23, 2001, Apple released the iPod -- a portable media player that promised to overshadow the clunky design and low storage capacity of MP3 players introduced in the mid-1990s. The.....»»

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N64 collection goes live on Nintendo Switch, and it’s-a me, disappointment

"Better than Wii U" is faint praise for underwhelming emulation performance. Enlarge / We wish we had better news to report about Nintendo's first easy-to-access N64 collection in a long time. Alas. (credit: Aurich Lawson | Nintendo).....»»

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The "Dune" Screenplay Was Written In MS-DOS

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Oscar winning Dune screenwriter Eric Roth banged out the screenplay using the MS-DOS program Movie Master. Roth writes everything using the 30-year-old software. "I work on an old computer program.....»»

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FBI Raids Chinese Point-of-Sale Giant PAX Technology

An anonymous reader quotes a report from KrebsOnSecurity: U.S. federal investigators today raided the Florida offices of PAX Technology, a Chinese provider of point-of-sale devices used by millions of businesses and retailers globally. KrebsOnSecurit.....»»

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Research reveals powerful lure of gambling adverts on social media to children

A new report has exposed how children and young people are vulnerable to the growing popularity of gambling adverts on social media, prompting calls from leading experts for much tighter regulations......»»

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Tech"s Message To the Hill: We"re Not Facebook

TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat will appear before Congress Tuesday with a key priority: distinguishing their practices from Facebook's. From a report: Facebook is under attack, and its tech peers don't want to get caught in the crossfire as lawmakers m.....»»

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Astronomers Spot First Possible Exoplanet Outside Our Galaxy

A possible Saturn-sized planet identified in the distant Whirlpool Galaxy could be the first exoplanet to be detected outside the Milky Way. From a report: The exoplanet candidate appears to be orbiting an X-ray binary -- made up of a normal star and.....»»

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"Dune" Sequel Greenlit by Legendary and Warner Bros.

Denis Villeneuve will get the chance to create the second film of his planned two-part adaptation of Frank Herbert's "Dune," Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. said Tuesday. From a report: The news comes after Villeneuve's "Dune" tallied $41 mi.....»»

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AT&T"s Confusing 5G Plus Expansion Confirms T-Mobile Was Right All Along

AT&T's new 5G Plus expansion gives T-Mobile the perfect "I told you so" moment. From a report: AT&T currently offers two "flavors" of 5G: 5G Plus over the high-band mmWave spectrum and regular 5G, which is comparable to 4G LTE. Now, a blog post detai.....»»

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Report: Microsoft is working on a low-cost Surface Laptop and “Windows 11 SE”

Ultra-low-cost laptop would be designed to compete with Chromebooks in schools. Enlarge / The Surface Laptop Go. (credit: Jeff Dunn) Microsoft may have another Surface announcement to make before the end of the year, according.....»»

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Amazon Joins Race for Quantum Computer With New Caltech Center

Amazon is officially entering the race to develop a quantum computer, joining U.S. and Chinese rivals in the quest to harness the properties of nature's tiniest particles into computing power far surpassing existing machines. From a report: Amazon wi.....»»

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Tesla increases base models" prices after record $1.6 billion profit in Q3

Tesla published its Q3 earnings report back on Wednesday, amassing over $13.7 billion in revenue and $1.6 billion in profit, despite the ongoing chip shortage and multiple shipment delays of the restyled Model S and Model X. At the moment, the EV com.....»»

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Researchers report argon fluoride laser fusion research findings

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory experts race toward sustainable clean energy with advances in fusion energy. Steve Obenschain, Ph.D., a research physicist at NRL, said nuclear fusion would be a valuable addition to clean energy sources because it can.....»»

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Critical tests for NASA’s large rocket remain as launch day edges closer

"We’re absolutely committed to taking it a step at a time." Enlarge / The Orion spacecraft for NASA’s Artemis I mission is lifted above the Space Launch System rocket in the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center. (credi.....»»

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Amazon Brings Alexa To Hospitals and Senior Living Centers

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: After already targeting verticals like hotels and apartment complexes, Amazon announced today it's now rolling out new solutions for healthcare providers and senior living centers. The solutions, w.....»»

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Asia suffered hottest year on record in 2020: UN

Asia suffered its hottest year on record in 2020, the United Nations said Tuesday ahead of the COP26 summit, with extreme weather taking a heavy toll on the continent's development......»»

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China Locks Down Thousands in North to Contain Growing Outbreak

China locked down a county that has seen the most Covid-19 cases in the nation's latest delta outbreak, as an initial flareup in the northwest quickly spirals into a nationwide surge. From a report: Ejin, a county in China's Inner Mongolia region, as.....»»

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CPU Benchmarks: Pre-Release Intel Alder Lake Chip Beats Apple"s M1 Max

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: The reign of Apple's M1 SoC at the top of the Geekbench speed benchmarks may soon be over with the impending arrival of Intel's 12th-generation Alder Lake mobile processors. Hardware site Wccftech appea.....»»

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Indie Dev Finds That Linux Users Generate More, Better Bug Reports

An indie developer has found an interesting observation: Though only 5.8% of his game's buyers were playing on Linux, they generated over 38% of the bug reports. Not because the Linux platform was buggier, either. Only 3 of the roughly 400 bug report.....»»

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Your Brain Uses "Autocorrect" To Decipher Language and AI Just Helped Us Prove It, New Study Says

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Debrief: How do we how know to speak and to read? These essential questions led to new research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that uses AI models to examine how and why our brains understa.....»»

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