RNA analysis unravels the cues for feline fertility and brings hope for endangered wild cats

Creating living embryos using artificial reproduction technologies provides a promising avenue to rescue mammalian species at risk of extinction. In order to grow in vitro a sufficient number of female gametes fit for fertilization, scientists have t.....»»

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Shape-shifting Ebola virus protein exploits human RNA to change shape

The human genome contains the instructions to make tens of thousands of proteins. Each protein folds into a precise shape—and biologists are taught that defined shape dictates the protein's destined function. Tens of thousands of singular shapes dr.....»»

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Dynamical machine learning accurately reconstructs volume interiors with limited-angle data

Tomographic reconstruction of an object's interior volume from limited angular views is a challenging problem with practical applications in biological imaging, failure analysis of integrated circuits, etc. A team at MIT presents a dynamical machine.....»»

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Protein can release trapped histones in the cell

In the cell nucleus, histones play a crucial role packaging DNA into chromatin. Histones are however very sticky to both DNA and RNA, so to ensure they are transported to the cell nucleus after synthesis and bind to the right portion of DNA to organi.....»»

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New Quest 2 software brings wireless PC streaming, updated ‘office’ mode

After a relatively quiet couple of months from Oculus on the software front, Facebook’s VR unit is sharing some details on new functionality coming to its Quest 2 standalone headset. The features, which include wireless Oculus Link support, .....»»

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Airborne laser scanning of gaps in Amazon rainforest helps explain tree mortality

A group of researchers led by Brazilians has used an innovative model to map gaps in the Amazon rainforest and identify factors that contribute to tree mortality. Water stress, soil fertility, and anthropic forest degradation have the most influence.....»»

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Scaling up genome editing in tiny worms

Understanding the effects of specific mutations in gene regulatory regions—the sections of DNA and RNA that turn genes on and off—is important to unraveling how the genome works, as well as normal development and disease. But studying a large var.....»»

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The DNA of lettuce unraveled: 6000 years from weed to beloved vegetable

Iceberg lettuce, oakleaf lettuce, romaine, and all other lettuces that we eat nowadays, descend from wild plants that were modified 6000 years ago in the Caucasus so that plant oil could be harvested from the seeds. After the ancient Greek and Romans.....»»

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Upcoming blue Nintendo Switch Lite model takes color cues from GameCube

Nintendo has announced a new blue Switch Lite, set for launch later this spring. It will be available for $200 and will release alongside Miitopia......»»

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 vs. Surface Laptop 3: Everything new

Microsoft has announced a new version of the Surface Laptop. The Surface Laptop 4 brings some small but significant steps over the Surface Laptop 3......»»

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Billions of Smartphone Owners Will Soon Be Authorizing Payments Using Facial Recognition

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: The next few years will see billions of users regularly using facial recognition technology to secure payments made through their smartphone, tablets or smartwatches, according to new analysis carried o.....»»

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Getlabs, an at-home medical labs company, launches with a $3 million raise

When you’re not feeling well and your doctor asks you to get labs drawn, you know that can increase the time between a diagnosis and care. But Getlabs, a company that brings the lab to you with its at-home, blood-drawing service, is aiming to elimi.....»»

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A novel, quick, and easy system for genetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2

Researchers from Osaka University and Hokkaido University develop a system for analyzing mutations in SARS-CoV-2 that is much simpler and faster than existing methods......»»

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From pickup basketball to market domination: My wild ride with Coupang

Coupang early investor Ben Sun shares an inside look into the growth of the Korean e-commerce giant, and explains how founder Bom Kim led a pivot when the company was already an established business Ben Sun Contributor.....»»

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Get an unbelievable Envy laptop deal right now during the HP Spring Sale

The HP Spring Sale is here, and you can take advantage of deals such as a $150 discount on the HP Envy 17, which brings the laptop's price down to just $800......»»

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Single cell sequencing unravels molecular identity of rare renal cell types

Jaakko Patrakka and his research group at the Department of Laboratory Medicine have together with Professor Rickard Sandberg's group at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology got a publication accepted in Nature Communications about single cel.....»»

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Conservationists may be unintentionally spreading pathogens between threatened animal populations

Moving endangered species to new locations is often used as part of species conservation strategies, and can help to restore degraded ecosystems. But scientists say there is a high risk that these relocations are accidentally spreading diseases and p.....»»

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Rhino population in Nepal grows in conservation boost

Nepal's population of endangered one-horned rhinoceros has grown by more than a hundred over the past six years, officials said, with campaigners hailing the increase as a conservation "milestone"......»»

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A new documentary highlights the visionary behind space settlement

"I see before us two basic choices." Enlarge / Physicist Gerry O'Neill popularized the notion of space settlement. (credit: Subtractive) A new movie brings to life the legacy of a physicist who has played an influential—but largely unheralde.....»»

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A ‘Last Hope’ Experiment Finds Evidence for Unknown Particles

Long-awaited news from Fermilab’s Muon g-2 team may resolve a tantalizing conflict between nature and theory. But a separate calculation clouds the picture......»»

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Hope, Resilience & Healing in the COVID-19 Era: A Virtual Conference Report

Well-being and health cannot solely rely upon symptomatic treatment. In fact, “good health” cannot be truly achieved unless the root causes of dis-eases are addressed. Even more ideal is the approach of preventative and integrative medicine, in w.....»»

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