Rivals take on Tesla with Plug & Charge system for EVs

The Plug & Charge system is designed to emulate the ease of use Tesla's Supercharger network provides EV owners......»»

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Best mesh WiFi routers for 2022

Do you have a large home where you’re finding a lot of dead spots when it comes to WiFi? Then perhaps a mesh WiFi router system might be one that’s worth investing in, and here are some of our suggestions. The post Best mesh WiFi routers for 2022.....»»

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Warmer stream temperatures in burned-over Oregon watershed didn"t result in fewer trout

The number of trout in a southern Oregon stream system showed no decline one year after a fire burned almost the entire watershed, including riparian zone trees that had helped maintain optimal stream temperatures for the cold-water fish......»»

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Zelensky and Musk in row over Ukraine "peace plan poll"

The Tesla boss asked followers to vote on his ideas to end Russia's invasion, prompting criticism......»»

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Tesla"s logistical challenges overshadow record deliveries

The EV maker said "it is becoming increasingly challenging to secure vehicle transportation capacity and at a reasonable cost," but some analysts were also concerned about demand for high-ticket items due to the weakening global economy......»»

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Here are nearly 150 EVs, plug-in hybrids headed to U.S. dealerships through 2026

A number of brands now intend to go fully electric later this decade, while others are still several years away from introducing their first EV......»»

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Lexus returns as ‘Black Panther’ sponsor — this time to plug an EV

A new ad plugs the brand’s first EV and includes members of Wakanda’s all-female Royal Guard......»»

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BYD sales hit fresh record as Chinese consumers embrace hybrids

BYD notched up a 7th consecutive monthly sales record for electric and hybrid vehicles in September, selling just over 200,000 units for the first time, and comfortably beating clean car global behemoth Tesla for deliveries in the third quarter......»»

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Tesla builds Dojo supercomputer with in-house chips

While Tesla's full self-driving features have yet to overcome some technical hurdles and regulatory restrictions, its AI team has demonstrated impressive work at Tesla's AI Day 2022......»»

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SOAR Telescope catches Dimorphos"s expanding comet-like tail after DART spacecraft impact

NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft intentionally crashed into Dimorphos, the asteroid moonlet in the double-asteroid system of Didymos, on Monday, 26 September 2022. This was the first planetary defense test in which an impact.....»»

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Kandji gives boost to Apple mobile device management security

Mobile device management provider Kandji has launched Device Harmony, a platform that aims to add more security to an MDM system that will benefit both enterprise IT and InfoSec teams.Kandji's Device Harmony is built on the belief that existing MDM s.....»»

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Kim Kardashian pays $1.26m over crypto "pump and dump"

Kim Kardashian agrees to pay $1.26m after regulators charge her in EthereumMax case......»»

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Kim Kardashian charged over crypto "pump and dump" case

Kim Kardashian agrees to pay $1.26m after regulators charge her in EthereumMax case......»»

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Asia EV50: Denso to eliminate car accidents by improved ADAS

Denso, one of the largest automotive tier-1 system integrators and car parts manufacturers, has committed to sharpening ADAS capabilities for future vehicles......»»

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Speculation over Tesla"s possible return to TSMC for advanced self-driving chips

TSMC held its in-person Technology Symposium with a virtual event in parallel for the first time in 2022, showcasing its industry-leading advanced logic technology, specialty technology, and TSMC 3DFabric advanced system integration service. Tesla wa.....»»

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Tesla deliveries miss estimates, slowed by logistic snarls

Tesla's worldwide deliveries missed forecasts in the third quarter and the company warned of challenges in getting its cars to customers, suggesting that supply-chain snarls remain a blight......»»

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NASA’s Space Launch System rocket undamaged by hurricane, will launch next month

With hurricane Ian having moved past Florida, NASA has confirmed that its SLS rocket was not damaged and has set a new date for the next launch attempt......»»

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The Problem With Mental Health Bots

With human therapists in short supply, AI chatbots are trying to plug the gap—but it’s not clear how well they work......»»

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Tesla hopes full self-driving beta will be out globally by the end of 2022

Tesla says it has shipped the Full Self Driving Beta package to over 160,000 customers so far and has also made significant upgrades to its training system......»»

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Tesla shows off unfinished humanoid robot prototypes at AI Day 2022

First Optimus prototype walked onto stage, waved. Another one needed support and slumped over. Enlarge / The walking Optimus prototype demonstrated at the AI Day 2022 event. (credit: Tesla) Today at Tesla's "AI Day" event, Tes.....»»

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Tesla"s robot waves but can"t walk, yet. Elon Musk plans to make millions of them

The eagerly awaited reveal of Tesla's prototype robots was part of what Musk has described as an effort to have the company seen as a leader in fields like artificial intelligence, not just a company that makes "cool cars.".....»»

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