Researchers suggest that wormholes may look almost identical to black holes

A group of researchers at Sofia University has found evidence that suggests the reason that a wormhole has never been observed is that they appear almost identical to black holes......»»

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Soil in midwestern US is eroding 10 to 1,000 times faster than it forms, study finds

In a discovery that has repercussions for everything from domestic agricultural policy to global food security and the plans to mitigate climate change, researchers at the University of Massachusetts recently announced that the rate of soil erosion i.....»»

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Ancient stone tools from China provide earliest evidence of rice harvesting

A new Dartmouth College-led study analyzing stone tools from southern China provides the earliest evidence of rice harvesting, dating to as early as 10,000 years ago. The researchers identified two methods of harvesting rice, which helped initiate ri.....»»

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The secret to STEM diversity may lie in peer mentorship

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently published a paper in Nature Communications showing that when first-year female STEM students are mentored by student peers, the positive ripple effect lasts throughout their undergraduat.....»»

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A commercial real estate agent"s gender does matter—to the seller

Does gender matter in commercial real estate transactions? Not in the outcome of the sale, but gender plays a role because of a common affinity bias among property owners, according to a study by researchers at The University of Alabama......»»

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20-inch foldable MacBook rumored to launch as soon as 2026

Rumors from the supply chain suggest that Apple will roll out OLED not just to the iPad, but also to a folding MacBook Pro as soon as 2026.A folding MacBook could be 20.25-inches unfoldedRumors surrounding a folding Apple product have been circulatin.....»»

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Marsquakes, recent volcanism suggest Mars still has a mantle plume

Elysium Planitia may be best explained by the same process that powers Yellowstone. Enlarge / One of the rifts in the Cerebrus Fossae area, potentially created by the stretching of the crust driven by a mantle plume. (credit: NAS.....»»

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Best MagSafe wallets for the 2022 holiday season

The MagSafe launch with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X brought with it a new twist on iPhone accessories. Here are the best holiday options for snap-on MagSafe wallets.A black Apple MagSafe Wallet on a brown leather case. Like other accessories, several b.....»»

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This dangerous botnet might have been taken down by a simple typo

A typo in a command given out to infected devices ended up crashing the botnet, researchers say......»»

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Meet the (protein) neighbors: New method lets researchers detect proteins in close proximity in single cells

Today, most methods to determine the proteins inside a cell rely on a crude census—scientists usually grind a large group of cells up before characterizing their genetic material. But just as a population of 100 single people differs in many ways f.....»»

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Can virtual reality play a role in veterinary education? Researchers think so

You're a fourth-year veterinary student, and it's Day 2 of your emergency clinic rotation......»»

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Researchers develop nano-based technology to fight osteoporosis

University of Central Florida researchers have created unique technology for treating osteoporosis that uses nanobubbles to deliver treatment to targeted areas of a person's body......»»

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Researchers introduce method of coloring microscopic coral larvae to aid tracking for conservation and reef restoration

A new, low-cost staining method enables visual tracking of coral larvae as they disperse and settle in coral reefs, according to a study by Christopher Doropoulos and George Roff at CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere, Australia, published December 6 in PLOS B.....»»

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Microstructured fiber measures the size of nanoparticles

Researchers at Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (Leibniz IPHT) developed a new glass fiber design that enables exceptionally long observations of a large number of individual, freely moving nanoparticles in a liquid. This allows the size dist.....»»

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Following insect "footprints" to improve crop resilience and monitor pollinator biodiversity

Bees and other insects leave behind tiny "footprints" of environmental DNA on plants each time they visit, giving researchers a way of tracking where insects have been, and offering clues on how to help them flourish......»»

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Turning video on and seeing others may boost remote class experience

Turning the camera on during a remote class—and seeing more students with their own cameras on—may improve factors critical to a better class experience, according to a team of Penn State researchers......»»

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Researchers, community partners tackle health threats from "forever chemicals"

Nearly every person in the United States has been exposed to per- and polyfluorinated alky substances (PFAS) at some point in their life. These "forever chemicals" are the focus of a targeted investigation by University of Kentucky Superfund Research.....»»

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Novel two-dimensional homogeneous bias device induced under moderate pressure

In a study published in Advanced Materials, researchers from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in cooperation with researchers from University of Science and Technology of China have developed a new type of t.....»»

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The oldest-known members of an evolutionary group that includes all living lizards and their closest extinct relatives

Yale researchers have identified the oldest-known, definitive members of the lizard crown group that includes all living lizards and their closest extinct relatives......»»

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"Black widow" PSR J1544+4937 investigated in detail

Indian astronomers have performed long-term radio observations of a "black widow" millisecond pulsar known as PSR J1544+4937. Results of the observational campaign, published November 25 on the arXiv pre-print server, shed more light on the propertie.....»»

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Researchers adapt a Nobel Prize-winning method to design new, ultra-powerful X-ray systems

If scientists want to push the boundaries of, say, an X-ray laser, they may need to create some new technology. But occasionally there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, scientists simply come up with a new way to use it......»»

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