Researchers invent new gene-editing tool

Researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago have discovered a new gene-editing technique that allows for the programming of sequential cuts—or edits—over time......»»

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New Technique Reveals Centuries of Secrets in Locked Letters

M.I.T. researchers have devised a virtual-reality technique that lets them read old letters that were mailed not in envelopes but in the writing paper itself after being folded into elaborate enclosures. From a report: In 1587, hours before her behea.....»»

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Hackers Release a New Jailbreak Tool For Almost Every iPhone

An iPhone hacking team has released a new jailbreak tool for almost every iPhone, including the most recent models, by using the same vulnerability that Apple last month said was under active attack by hackers. TechCrunch reports: The Unc0ver team re.....»»

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Heart disease is in the eye of the beholder

Researchers have identified a potential new marker that shows cardiovascular disease may be present in a patient using an optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan -- a non-invasive diagnostic tool commonly used in ophthalmology and optometry clinics t.....»»

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COVID-19 spread tracked via a rapid, large-scale early wastewater surveillance alert system

Detecting COVID-19 outbreaks before they spread could help contain the virus and curb new cases within a community. In a new study, researchers describe a mostly automated early alert system that uses high-throughput analysis of wastewater samples to.....»»

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Nanoparticle-delivered COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows promise in preclinical studies

Researchers have developed a promising new COVID-19 vaccine candidate that utilizes nanotechnology and has shown strong efficacy in preclinical disease models. According to a new study, the vaccine produced potent neutralizing antibodies among precli.....»»

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COVID-19 can kill heart muscle cells, interfere with contraction

A new study provides evidence that COVID-19 patients' heart damage is caused by the virus invading and replicating inside heart muscle cells, leading to cell death and interfering with heart muscle contraction. The researchers used stem cells to engi.....»»

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Study explores link between forestry management and pesticides in aquatic species

Pesticides used in forestry may threaten species in downstream rivers and estuaries, but little is known about the extent to which this occurs. A new study by researchers at Portland State University found mussels, clams and oysters in watersheds alo.....»»

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Researchers detects chiral structures using vortex light

Recently, the Laboratory of Micro and Nano Engineering, School of Engineering Science, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) has made important progress in the field of structural chirality detection research using vortex light, and fo.....»»

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New cell line could lead to more reliable vaccine development to fight costly pig virus

Vaccines are an important tool in fighting porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), but the fast-mutating virus that causes the disease sometimes requires the production of autogenous vaccines tailored to particular variants......»»

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Researchers uncover how some animals sense the gritty texture of their food

There's more to taste than flavor. Let ice cream melt, and the next time you take it out of the freezer you'll find its texture icy instead of the smooth, creamy confection you're used to. Though its flavor hasn't changed, most people would agree the.....»»

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Wolf social group dynamics matter for infectious disease spread, models suggest

By modeling wolves in Yellowstone National Park, researchers have discovered that how a population is organized into social groups affects the spread of infectious diseases within the population. The findings may be applicable to any social species a.....»»

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Study finds the fuel efficiency of one car may be cancelled by your next car purchase

In a recent collaborative study led by the University of Maryland (UMD), researchers find that consumers tend to buy something less fuel efficient than they normally would for their second car after springing for an eco-friendly vehicle. While this s.....»»

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Researchers develop new strategy for efficient OLED active matrix displays

In a new publication in the scientific journal Nature Materials, researchers of the Institute for Applied Physics at TU Dresden introduce a novel device concept towards high-efficient and low-voltage vertical organic lighting-emitting transistors. Wi.....»»

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Ultracold atom interferometry in space

In 2017, a team of researchers led by Leibniz University Hannover succeeded in generating Bose-Einstein condensates in space within the scope of the MAIUS-1 rocket mission. Bose-Einstein condensates describe a highly unusual state of matter close to.....»»

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3-D images of fabric "sandwich" can help measure textile friction

To quantify exactly how itchy a wool sweater might be when worn directly against the skin, or how soft a blanket spread on your bed can be, North Carolina State University researchers developed a method of measuring fabric's roughness using 3-D imagi.....»»

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Scientists use lipid nanoparticles to precisely target gene editing to the liver

Scientists developed a highly efficient, targeted method for delivering gene editing machinery to specific tissues and organs, demonstrating the treatment of high cholesterol by targeting genes in the liver of mice, reducing cholesterol for over 3 mo.....»»

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MIT’s insect-sized drones are built to survive collisions

Insects are a lot of things – but fragile they’re not. Sure, most can’t withstand the full force of a human foot, but for their size, they’re evolve to be extremely rugged and resilient. Insect-sized technology, on the other hand, is gene.....»»

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Designing soft materials that mimic biological functions

Northwestern Engineering researchers have developed a theoretical model to design soft materials that demonstrate autonomous oscillating properties that mimic biological functions. The work could advance the design of responsive materials used to del.....»»

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Mouse sperm generated in rats

Making gametes such as sperm and eggs from pluripotent stem cells—primitive cells that can make all the tissues—greatly contributes to efficient reproduction of livestock animals and future assisted reproductive medicine. Researchers pave the way.....»»

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Ultra-fast electron measurement provides important findings for the solar industry

Using a new method, physicists from TU Freiberg, in cooperation with researchers from Berkeley and Hamburg, are for the first time analyzing at the femtosecond scale the processes in a model system for organic solar cells. This can be used to develop.....»»

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