Researchers fabricate cobalt copper catalysts for methane on metal-organic framework

The world is highly dependent on fossil fuels to power its industry and transportation. These fossil fuels lead to excessive carbon dioxide emission, which contributes to global warming and ocean acidification. One way to reduce this excessive carbon.....»»

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Keeping cool: A common refrigerant shows promise for metal recycling

It's not uncommon in the scientific world for a process to have many unique applications. For example, Idaho National Laboratory researchers have taken a water treatment technology and adapted it for another environmentally important function—selec.....»»

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Meta is using AI to generate videos from just a few words

Artificial intelligence is getting better and better at generating an image in response to a handful of words, with publicly available AI image generators such as DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion. Now, Meta researchers are taking AI a step further: they.....»»

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Researchers detect the first definitive proof of elusive sea level fingerprints

When ice sheets melt, something strange and highly counterintuitive happens to sea levels......»»

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Flaring allows more methane into the atmosphere than we thought

Oil and gas producers rely on flaring to limit the venting of natural gas from their facilities, but new research led by the University of Michigan shows that in the real world, this practice is far less effective than estimated—releasing five tim.....»»

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More than superfood: Researchers study use of duckweed

In Asia, duckweed has been used as a food for a long time. The research group CritMET: Critical Metals for Enabling Technologies at Jacobs University Bremen recently discovered that duckweed is not only rich in nutrients, it also stores rare earths t.....»»

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Agricultural rewilding can help restore the environment and support production of high-welfare food, researchers say

Rewilding landscapes using elements of farming practice can help to restore ecosystems and produce high-welfare, high-quality food, researchers say......»»

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Wave sensors deployed to improve hurricane forecasts

Researchers dropped technology developed at the University of Washington off the coast of Florida on Monday to measure ocean waves in the path of Hurricane Ian. The test is one part of a broad effort to improve forecasts for these fast-moving and dea.....»»

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Scientists find link between fast-melting Arctic ice and ocean acidification

An international team of researchers have sounded new alarm bells about the changing chemistry of the western region of the Arctic Ocean after discovering acidity levels increasing three to four times faster than ocean waters elsewhere......»»

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Baltic Sea pipeline leak damages marine life and climate

Methane escaping from the damaged Nord Stream pipelines that run between Russia and Europe is likely to result in the biggest known gas leak to take place over a short period of time and highlights the problem of large methane escapes elsewhere aroun.....»»

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A glaring error in methane flaring

Three million cars’ worth of emissions could be cut by addressing inefficiency. Enlarge (credit: HHakim) A common practice in the oil industry called flaring is believed to cut down on methane emissions by burning waste.....»»

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Climate Change Is Burying Archaeological Sites Under Tons of Sand

Desertification can wear down ancient ruins or hide them under dunes—leaving researchers scrambling to keep track of where they’re buried......»»

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Virtual Labrador could help researchers tackle dog bites

A virtual reality dog could one day be used as an educational tool to help prevent dog bites, thanks to an innovative project led by researchers at the University of Liverpool......»»

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Mystery of extinct New Zealand fish unraveled

Nearly 100 years after its last confirmed sighting, University of Otago researchers have revealed the genealogical story of the upokororo or New Zealand grayling......»»

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Hackmanite also changes color upon exposure to nuclear radiation: Memory trace enables new applications

Researchers at the University of Turku, Finland, have long studied the color-changing properties of the natural mineral hackmanite upon exposure to UV radiation or X-rays. Now, the research group is studying the reactions of synthetic hackmanite to n.....»»

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Almost 60% of secondary school students in public schools can identify fake news

More than half of Spain's Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO, in its Spanish acronym) students can distinguish between fake and real news. This is one of the conclusions of a study carried out by researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.....»»

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Researchers identify mechanism responsible for temperature and salinity "staircases" in Arctic Ocean

Researchers at the University of Toronto have identified the mechanism responsible for the formation of temperature and salinity "staircases" in the Arctic Ocean, resolving a mystery that has confounded oceanographers and climatologists alike for mor.....»»

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Never-before-seen malware has infected hundreds of Linux and Windows devices

Small office routers? FreeBSD machines? Enterprise servers? Chaos infects them all. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Researchers have revealed a never-before-seen piece of cross-platform malware that has infected a wide range of.....»»

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Coyotes in New York City do not need to rely on human food

Researchers in New York City have analyzed the DNA of urban coyotes and discovered that the coyotes eat a variety of native prey species and supplement this diet with human-sourced food items. The study is published in PeerJ......»»

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Twenty years of research on relationship maintenance: More diversity is needed

Relationship researchers often test their hypotheses on real people. But are their samples actually representative of diverse populations? A new study from the University of Illinois evaluates 20 years of research on relationship maintenance and find.....»»

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Two new discoveries shed light on the mystery of how cells manage stress

In new research recently published in the journal Cell Reports, a team of scientists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst delved into the mysteries of how cells weather stress. Using bacterial cells, the researchers discovered that a damage-r.....»»

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