Researchers develop new strategy for efficient OLED active matrix displays

In a new publication in the scientific journal Nature Materials, researchers of the Institute for Applied Physics at TU Dresden introduce a novel device concept towards high-efficient and low-voltage vertical organic lighting-emitting transistors. Wi.....»»

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Call of Duty Outbreak Zombies: Beginner’s guide

Outbreak Zombies is the most expansive undead experience fans have ever seen. Here's our full Outbreak Zombies strategy guide for COD Black Ops: Cold War......»»

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What Happens When You Have a Heart Attack on the Way To Mars?

If your heart stops en route to Mars, rest assured that researchers have considered how to carry out CPR in space. (One option is to plant your feet on the ceiling and extend your arms downwards to compress the patient's chest.) From a report: Astron.....»»

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New GeForce drivers welcome Mortal Shell with RTX update

The latest GeForce drivers (466.11) boost performance up to 130% at 4K on Mortal Shell with DLSS enabled. Plus updates for more G-Sync displays, Reflex for Valorant, and AI noise removal in OBS Studio......»»

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RNA holds the reins in bacteria: Researchers observe RNA controlling protein synthesis

To better understand how RNA in bacteria gives rise to protein—and along the way, target these processes in the design of new antibiotics—researchers are turning their attention to the unique way this process happens in bacteria......»»

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Retracing his steps: Professor guides researchers as they replicate his fieldwork 50 years later

Half a century had passed, but UC Santa Barbara Professor Armand Kuris was sure he'd been here before. In fact, he was completely certain. After all, he had detailed notes of the location, written carefully in India ink when he was still a graduate s.....»»

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Little swirling mysteries: New research uncovers dynamics of ultrasmall, ultrafast groups of atoms

Our high-speed, high-bandwidth world constantly requires new ways to process and store information. Semiconductors and magnetic materials have made up the bulk of data storage devices for decades. In recent years, however, researchers and engineers h.....»»

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Impacts of coronavirus lockdowns: New study collects data on pollutants in the atmosphere

One consequence of the coronavirus pandemic has been global restrictions on mobility. This, in turn, has had an effect on pollution levels in the atmosphere. Researchers from across the world are using this unique opportunity to take measurements, co.....»»

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Plant biologists help develop guide for science outreach

What are scientists passionate about? What do they actually do, and why does it matter? Answering questions like these is often part of public outreach efforts that, through demystifying the world of science for non-scientists, can increase appreciat.....»»

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Climate change is making it harder to good cup of coffee

Ethiopia may produce less specialty coffee and more rather bland tasting varieties in the future. This is the result of a new study by an international team of researchers that looked at the peculiar effects climate change has on Africa's largest cof.....»»

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A Tribute to L. Dennis Shapiro, Who Helped Develop the Life Alert Personal Emergency-Response System

He was an avid philanthropist who donated to the IEEE Foundation and other programs .entry-content .tisubhead { color: #999999; font-family: verdana; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; letter-spacing: 1px; margin-bottom.....»»

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Inside the US’ epic first-quarter venture capital results

We're diving into the data with help from Sarah Kunst of Cleo Capital, Jenny Lefcourt of Freestyle Capital, Iris Choi of Floodgate and Laela Sturdy of CapitalG. It’s no surprise that the venture capital market was incredibly active in.....»»

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The new Sony Xperia 1 III is the world"s first phone with a 4K 120Hz OLED display

The new Xperia phones might be difficult to tell apart from their predecessors since they carry the same tall and narrow form factor with an almost identical aesthetic. However, they now pack beefier internals, including 5G-capable Qualcomm chips acr.....»»

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Did This Scorching-Hot Planet Lose—and Regain—an Atmosphere?

A veritable hellscape of an exoplanet is challenging researchers’ assumptions about what types of worlds host atmospheres......»»

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Transforming circles into squares: Researchers reconfigure material topology on the microscale

Reconfigurable materials can do amazing things. Flat sheets transform into a face. An extruded cube transforms into dozens of different shapes. But there's one thing a reconfigurable material has yet to be able to change: its underlying topology. A r.....»»

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Potential-dependent switch aids water-splitting using cobalt-oxide catalysts

Using abundant cobalt and a unique experimental approach to probe ways to speed a sluggish catalytic reaction to harvest hydrogen from water, researchers from Boston College and Yale University discovered a mechanistic switch in the oxygen evolution.....»»

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New study reveals charge transfer at interface of spinel oxide and ceria during carbon monoxide oxidation

A recent study has unveiled the reason behind the exceptional catalytic performance of non-noble metal-base mixed catalysts. This is thanks to a new synthetic strategy for the production of cube-shaped catalysts that could further simplify the struct.....»»

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Mystery canine illness identified as animal coronavirus

An outbreak of vomiting among dogs has been traced back to a type of animal coronavirus by researchers......»»

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Ocean temperature reconstructed over the last 700,000 years

Researchers from the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Bern reconstructed for the first mean ocean temperatures over the last 700,000 years using ice core data. The new knowledge serves to improve our understanding of t.....»»

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100 million more IoT devices are exposed—and they won’t be the last

Name:Wreck flaws in TCP/IP have global implications. Enlarge (credit: Elena Lacey) Over the last few years, researchers have found a shocking number of vulnerabilities in seemingly basic code that underpins how devices communicate with the Int.....»»

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Upstack raises $50M for its platform and advisory to help businesses plan and buy for digital transformation

Digital transformation has been one of the biggest catchphrases of the past year, with many an organization forced to reckon with aging IT, a lack of digital strategy, or simply the challenges of growth after being faced with newly-remote workforces,.....»»

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