Renesas to scale up chip supply for VinFast EVs

VinFast has expanded its tie-up with Renesas Electronics under which Renesas will provide a broader range of products including SoCs, microcontrollers, analog and power semiconductors, as well as technical support, for VinFast's electric vehicles (EV.....»»

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ODMs expect server shipments to rise in 2023, but be weaker than 2022

Server ODMs mostly expect their shipments to increase in 2023, but at a scale smaller than in 2022, according to industry sources. Quanta Computer anticipates double-digit year-on-year growth in 2023, said company senior vice president Mike Yang......»»

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Apple"s M1 Max MacBook Pro 14-inch with 32GB RAM dips to $2,445, plus $70 off AppleCare

Save $454 on the high-end 14-inch MacBook Pro configuration with Apple's M1 Max chip and 32GB of memory, with units in stock and ready to ship with free expedited delivery.This 14-inch MacBook Pro is loaded.Apple's MacBook Pro 14-inch with the M1 Max.....»»

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20-inch foldable MacBook rumored to launch as soon as 2026

Rumors from the supply chain suggest that Apple will roll out OLED not just to the iPad, but also to a folding MacBook Pro as soon as 2026.A folding MacBook could be 20.25-inches unfoldedRumors surrounding a folding Apple product have been circulatin.....»»

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Apple Silicon made in America – explaining the conflicting reports [Comment]

Apple CEO Tim Cook said yesterday that TSCM Arizona plants would see Apple Silicon made in America. This appeared to contradict earlier reports that the US plants would always remain a step behind the most advanced chip tech TSMC uses in Taiwan. On.....»»

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Taiwanese chip giant invests $40bn in US plant

Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC triples its investment amid a chip shortage and the US and China tech war......»»

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Biden joins Tim Cook to hail TSMC"s US$40 billion US chip venture

US president Joe Biden celebrated TSMC's plans to increase its investments in Arizona to US$40 billion and construct a second factory, with companies like Apple eager to source more chips from the US......»»

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Vietnamese EV maker VinFast files for US IPO

VinFast, an electric carmaker backed by Vietnam's richest man trying to take on Elon Musk's Tesla Inc, has filed for an initial public offering in the US just as it prepares to deliver its first SUVs to California customers later this month......»»

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Automotive chip IDMs could hardly pass all extra costs to carmakers

With foundries' price negotiations with IDMs and tier-1 suppliers for 2023 reaching an end, foundries are unlikely to cut their prices and the chip vendors will have difficulties passing the extra costs fully to their automaker clients......»»

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iPhone chip-maker TSMC invests $40bn in Arizona plants

The Taiwan chipmaker triples its US investment amid a chip shortage and the US and China tech war......»»

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Automotive chip supply likely to stay short before 2024

Automotive chip shortages, despite improving recently, are unlikely to be fully resolved before 2024 as supply growth is unable to catch up with the rapid increase in demand, according to sources from the automotive supply chain......»»

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UAW presses automakers to move supply chain out of Xinjiang

A new report on Tuesday suggests that nearly every major automaker has significant exposure to products made with forced labor in China's Xinjiang region......»»

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Apple Car on track for 2026 release, under $100K price, custom chip, and no full self-driving at launch

Over the last couple of years, we’ve heard different estimates of when Apple Car might finally make it to market which have ranged from 2024 to 2028. Now the latest report predicts a debut in 2026 with a custom Apple Silicon chip, no self-driving,.....»»

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VinFast plans U.S. IPO

EV maker said it will convert to a Singapore public limited company and will be known as VinFast Auto Ltd., while the number of shares to be offered and the price range for the proposed offering have not been set......»»

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How tree species link fungal partners across a large-scale forest ecosystem

In a study published in Science China Life Sciences, a team surveyed hyper-diverse fungal communities in approximately 500 paired leaf and soil samples, which were associated with 55 tree species that are located over 2,000-km span of mountain forest.....»»

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Rotten meat could be easier to detect thanks to new biosensor system

The supply chain that brings meat to market worldwide is highly complex and usually very efficient. But when disruptions in one part of the world can result in transportation delays an ocean and a continent away, meat spoilage becomes a very real ris.....»»

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Examining the promotion of Arabidopsis immune responses by a rhizosphere fungus

Plants can form diverse intimate relationships with beneficial mycorrhizal, endophytic and or rhizosphere fungi for nutrient trades. It is now known that plants can transfer carbon sources like fatty acids to fungi while the fungi mediate the supply.....»»

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Telescope-inspired microscope sees molecules in 6D

A new technology, inspired in part by the design of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), uses mirror segments to sort and collect light on the microscopic scale, and capture images of molecules with a new level of resolution: position and orientati.....»»

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TSMC triples Arizona chip factory investment to $40 billion

Before the first Arizona TSMC fab opens its doors in 2024, the company has already committed to building a second — and has announced that it will spend $40 billion on it.TSMC investing $40 billion in Arizona fabsTSMC originally committed $12 billi.....»»

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MCU to be more widely adopted in automotive application

The top MCU vendors with the highest MCU shipments in 2021 were NXP, followed by Renesas, ST, Infineon, and Microchip – the five vendors accounting for 76% of the total MCU shipments in 2021, according to data provided by Omdia Research......»»

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IDMs see clear auto IGBT order visibility through 2023

The supply of automotive IGBT continues to fall short of demand, and international IDMs have seen clear order visibility throughout 2023, while Chinese semiconductor companies are also stepping up the development and production of IGBT and other powe.....»»

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