Quantified at large scale: Underlying drivers of understory biomass and its allocation

Biomass or carbon storage in forest ecosystems is generally used to quantify ecosystem productivity and the ability to sequester carbon. Previous efforts have evaluated the relationships between environmental factors (especially stand structure) and.....»»

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NASA lets you meet its Mars rover and helicopter here on Earth

NASA is offering space fans the chance to come face to face with full-scale models of its trailblazing Mars Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter......»»

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What causes disease outbreaks?

Since 1974, contaminated water has been the most common driver of large-scale zoonotic infectious disease outbreaks, according to new research from the Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases (CEID) at the University of Georgia. The next two gr.....»»

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Why some of Darwin"s finch nestlings have yellow beaks

Carotenoids are the underlying pigment for much of the enormous variety of color found across birds and form the basis for the colors red, yellow and orange. In a study published in Current Biology, researchers from Uppsala University and Princeton U.....»»

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Hardscrabble plants stake large territory amid toxic soils

Borneo's Mount Kinabalu stands as a geologic monument to plant diversity, laying claim to thousands of species—including the world's largest flower, a grapevine-sapping parasite that grows 3-plus feet wide and draws pollinating flies with a stench.....»»

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Common insecticide linked to extreme decline in freshwater insects

The widely used pesticide thiacloprid can cause a large-scale decline in freshwater insects. This was discovered by researchers from the Living Lab in Leiden. For three months they counted the flying insects in the 36 ditches of the lab. Their resear.....»»

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Critical tests for NASA’s large rocket remain as launch day edges closer

"We’re absolutely committed to taking it a step at a time." Enlarge / The Orion spacecraft for NASA’s Artemis I mission is lifted above the Space Launch System rocket in the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center. (credi.....»»

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Tesla pulls Full Self-Driving update after sudden braking spooks drivers

Automaker released another new version of its controversial software today. Enlarge / The front view of Tesla's new Model 3 car on display is seen on Friday, January 26, 2018, at the Tesla store in Washington, DC. (credit: Salwan Georg.....»»

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Atomic-scale "lasagna" keeps heat at bay

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have found new ways of controlling how heat flows through thin materials by stacking atomically thin layers of atoms into van der Waals heterostructures. By comparing different stacks of different materi.....»»

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Archaeologists in Iraq find ancient wine press, carvings

Archaeologists in Iraq revealed Sunday their discovery of a large-scale wine factory from the rule of the Assyrian kings 2,700 years ago, along with stunning monumental rock-carved royal reliefs......»»

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MYB70 transcription factor modulates Arabidopsis seed germination and root development

Crosstalk among Abscisic acid (ABA), auxin, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) plays critical roles in modulating seed germination, root growth, and suberization. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms remain largely elusive......»»

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Hubble Space Telescope captures a peculiar pair of galaxies

This week's image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows an odd couple: One large spiral galaxy and its diminutive companion......»»

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Best power banks 2021: portable chargers to keep your gadgets going

Whether you're after a slim power bank for phones or a large bank to juice up your tablet, here are the top portable chargers......»»

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AmigaOS Is Still Getting Updates and Upgrades

Mike Bouma (Slashdot reader #85,252) writes: A-EON Technology Ltd has released Enhancer Software Release 2.1 for AmigaOS4.1 FE update 2, which itself was released on 23 December 2020. It's an OS enhancement package with large amounts of updated and u.....»»

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Study says tech firms underreport their carbon footprint

Large technology companies such as SAP, IBM and Google are underreporting their greenhouse gas emissions at a time of heightened scrutiny over the role of corporations in driving climate change, a study released Friday claimed......»»

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Young drivers snapping "selfies" at the wheel

Teens and young adults are snapping "selfies," or self-portraits, while driving and posting them online......»»

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Pro­jection of extre­me rain­fall impro­ved

Mapping the effects of mostly small-scale but extreme rainfall events in global climate models poses major challenges. Computer models that are used to simulate the global climate, for example in the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate.....»»

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Historical analysis finds no precedent for the rate of coal, gas power decline needed to limit climate change to 1.5C

Limiting climate change to the 1.5°C target set by the Paris Climate Agreement will likely require coal and gas power use to decline at rates that are unprecedented for any large country, an analysis of decadal episodes of fossil fuel decline in 105.....»»

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New chiral nanostructures to extend the material platform

A research team transferred chirality from the molecular scale to a microscale to extend material platforms and applications. The optical activity from this novel chiral material encompasses to short-wave infrared region......»»

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Microorganisms are sensitive to large-scale climate change in Antarctica

For a long time, scientists assumed that microorganisms, due to their broad distribution patterns, were much less affected by such climatic changes than plants and animals that often present very limited distribution areas. By examining fossils of An.....»»

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How PCB makers can succeed in Southeast Asia, according to Apex CEO Chou Jui-Hsiang

It has been nearly three years since the US-China trade war pushed the electronics supply chain toward Southeast Asia. In addition to the movement of large assembly and installation manufacturers to Southeast Asia, whether or not other component manu.....»»

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