Powerbeats headphones are under $100 at Amazon right now – get ’em quick!

With legendary bass, the H1 chip from Apple, and earhooks to keep them in place, these are awesome workout headphones......»»

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John McAfee faces fraud and money laundering charges in crypto "pump-and-dump" scheme

The US District Court case, unsealed on Friday, charges John David McAfee and Jimmy Gale Watson Jr with racketeering-related crimes. If convicted on all counts, the two could face up to 100 years in prison......»»

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Best cheap Powerbeats Pro deals for March 2021

Some of the hottest earphones available right now are the Powerbeats Pro from Beats by Dre, and we've hunted down the very best deals on them......»»

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These unbelievable Beats headphone deals have to be a mistake

You can now save up to $68 with these jaw-dropping sales on the Beats Studio3 and the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones at Amazon......»»

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Microsoft"s $10 Billion Pentagon Deal at Risk Amid Amazon Fight

Microsoft is in danger of losing a contract to provide $10 billion of cloud computing services to the Pentagon, a deal the government has threatened to scrap altogether after years of legal squabbling. From a report: The U.S. Defense Department said.....»»

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Razer unveils its Anzu smart glasses featuring integrated speakers

Audio-enabled glasses aren't new; Bose's Frames sunglasses have been around for a couple of years now, and Amazon's Echo Frames launched in 2020. Razer's version comes with two interchangeable lenses: a clear pair that blocks 35 percent of blue light.....»»

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Turntide Technologies Rethinks Electric Motors To Slash Energy Consumption In Buildings

FrankOVD shares a report from TechCrunch: [F]irms backed by Robert Downey Jr. and Bill Gates are joining investors like Amazon and iPod inventor Tony Fadell to pour money into a company called Turntide Technologies that believes it has the next great.....»»

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Jeep’s new Wagoneer will be first car with Amazon Fire TV

Jeep’s upcoming Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs will offer Amazon’s Fire TV streaming platform as part of the package when the vehicles hit the road in 2022......»»

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A new asynchronous video startup, Weet, is helping employees communicate on their own schedule

For founder Najette Fellache, coming to the Bay Area a few years ago from Nantes, France was a way to grow a company she’d founded and which was already beginning to count major U.S. corporations like GE, Tesla, Amazon, and Medtronics as custom.....»»

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Facebook rainforest ads: Inquiry ordered into Amazon land sales

A Supreme Court judge in Brazil orders an investigation following the BBC's report into the trade......»»

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Hurry! iPad Air dropped to its lowest price ever at Amazon today

A faster, more powerful iPad that's sleeker and lighter than ever, this is an iPad for a user who wants it all......»»

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Asynchronous video startup Weet just launched to cement bonds, and know-how, within companies

For founder Najette Fellache, coming to the Bay Area a few years ago from Nantes, France was a way to grow a company she’d founded and which was already was beginning to count major U.S. corporations like GE, Tesla, Amazon, and Medtronics as cu.....»»

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Amazon opens till-less grocery store in London

Amazon Fresh, a till-less grocery store, opens in London.....»»

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Amazon changes logo following complaints it looks like Hitler

The unlikely-sounding scenario came after Amazon launched its main shopping-app logo in January, replacing the previous shopping trolley icon. It was supposed to resemble one of the company's parcels with a piece of torn tape at the top. Strangely, s.....»»

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Recommended for you: Role, impact of tools behind automated product picks explored

As you scroll through Amazon looking for the perfect product, or flip through titles on Netflix searching for a movie to fit your mood, auto-generated recommendations can help you find exactly what you're looking for among extensive offerings......»»

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Microplastics found in 100% of sampled Pennsylvania waterways, study shows

Studies released this week suggest microplastics—tiny polymer fragments—are ubiquitous in local waterways, even finding their way into the guts and digestive tracts of the prized blue crabs that populate the Delaware Bay......»»

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This frog has lungs that act like noise-canceling headphones, study shows

To succeed in mating, many male frogs sit in one place and call to their potential mates. But this raises an important question familiar to anyone trying to listen to someone talking at a busy cocktail party: how does a female hear and then find a ch.....»»

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Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer to get Amazon Fire TV for Auto

The utility vehicles, tasked with pushing Jeep upstream, will be technological showcases for the adventure brand and function as rolling entrainment hubs with the inclusion of Fire TV for Auto......»»

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Honda to sell limited batch of Level 3 self-driving cars

Honda's plan to sell 100 Legend sedans fitted with the technology would be a step toward the automaker's goal of being the first company to mass-produce a Level 3 car......»»

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Jungle Scout raises $110M, acquires Downstream Impact to help 3rd parties sell on marketplaces like Amazon

There has been a rapid proliferation of roll-up companies armed with wallets full of money to consolidate promising smaller merchants that sell on Amazon and other marketplaces, the idea being to create economies of scale to help them sell more effec.....»»

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Amazon Fresh till-less grocery store opens in London

The shop will stock hundreds of new own-brand items including locally-sourced milk and desserts......»»

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